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(Can’t Fall In Love)

After introducing her to the small assistant, Lin Zhizhi gave her a bunch of keys, “This is your company arranged apartment. You need to move here as soon as possible.”

Ning Xi glimpsed the words engraved on the key: Pearl River Apartments.

F**k! The company arranged to have a newcomer like her live in the Pearl River Apartments?

In this city, the most expensive villas are at the Platinum Palace and the most expensive apartments are at the Pearl River Apartments. Both of them are the Lu Group’s housing developments. She remembered that Ning Xuelo also lived at the Pearl River Apartments.

Golden Age is really rich and powerful!

Ning Xi replied somewhat embarrassed, “Thank you Lin Zhizhi, but…I cannot move in yet…”

Lin Zhihzi glanced at her, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Ning Xi seeing that she misunderstood and thought she was living with her boyfriend. Immediately she tried to explain, “No, it’s not because of a boyfriend! I promised a friend that I would stay with them for a certain period of time. After that is finished, I will move immediately. I assure you it will not affect my work, and where I live now is also very private!”

“I don’t want to interfere too much in your private affairs. But there are some conditions that I need you to adhere to so they won’t cause problems later. The first one is at this stage, you can’t fall in love. You understand why right?” Lu Zhizhi asked.

She had single-handedly brought up Leng Manyun from scratch and then because of a man, she suddenly retired. This was a big blow to her.

Fighting together as teammates, and having her partner abandon her halfway left her extremely disheartened.

“Lin Zhizhi, at this point I can assure you, all I want to do now is become the best actress.” Ning Xi replied in a firm tone.

Lin Zhizhi only looked at her with a blank expression.

When a woman encounters love, her head and mind is giddy. Even if she made one hundred promises, they would be in vain.

Lin Zhizhi then continued to tell her about some of the company’s rules and regulations, then handed her a document.

“Today, Starlight Entertainment will hold a press conference. Their main intention is to declare their ban on you. Our’s will be here at nine o’clock tomorrow. These are the notes for the conference and answers for questions journalist may ask you. Look through it when you go back.”

Ning Xi took the file, “Lin Zhizhi, rest assured that I will do my best!”

Although Lin Zhizhi always has a cold face and a harsh appearance, Ning Xi did not feel uncomfortable. In fact, she felt quite secure.

This company takes care of all the arrangements, allowing their artists to only concentrate on acting to the best of their ability. Completely different from what she was used to.

Lin Zhizhi saw that the girl’s eyes were full of gratitude and determination. Her favorability increased by a few points.

Although Lu Jingli is usually a little tricky, at least his eye for scouting people is very good. Every time he finds a person, they are not failures and end up quite successful.

“Well, you can leave now. There are some other details that I will tell you about later. If there is something you don’t understand, feel free to call us.”

“Yes! Then Lin Zhizhi, I will leave first!”

… … …

Today Ning Xi was pretty excited. Lu Ting Xiao had prepared for her a black Audi since her recent exposure is too high. If she were to continue taking the subway and was recognized, it could be very troublesome.

On the way back, Ning Xi excitedly tried the autopilot function. The car automatically positioned itself properly and started driving home. She just sat on the driver’s seat with nothing to do. Really cool! Life changing technology is pretty amazing!

At this moment, the Starlight Entertainment press conference should have ended. Ning Xi deliberately picked up her phone to open up the microblogging site and look at the online response.



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