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(When you leave me?)

Lu Jingli sent his brother a wink, but unfortunately Lu Ting Xiao only glanced at him and proceeded to ignore him.

Turning to Ning Xi, he replied, “Lin Zhizhi.”

Lu Jingli, “……”

You make me feel sad! Is this because your wife fed me together with you? The retaliation is too quick!

When Ning Xi heard this she was taken aback, “Lin Zh-zh-zh-zh-zh-zhi? As in the Lin Zhizhi who became famous internationally due to producing the movie star Leng Manyun? The one who refuses to take on new artists?”

Of course she would take you! Lu Jingli thought bitterly in his heart. All because of Lu Ting Xiao’s command. Last night he had flown to H city to persuade her to come back!

“Because of Leng Manyun withdrawing from the public eye.” Lu Ting Xiao answered her as if it was just a coincidence that Lin Zhizhi happened to accept Ning Xi. Truthfully, Lin Zhizhi was actually on temporary leave before finding a new artist.

Ning Xi looked scared: “So then the rumors are true. Leng Manyun is really retiring?”

Lu Ting Xiao nodded: “Yes, she has decided to settle down.”

Ning Xi’s face is one of regret. “It’s a pity. She was at her peak when she chose to marry and have a child. Otherwise, she could have, most likely, broken Song Lin’s Grand Slam record for actresses and gotten twelve trophies!”

Getting the Grand Slam has been her ultimate goal!

Ning Xi shrugged and said, “However, each person has their own personal goals and others shouldn’t judge! But has Lin Zhizhi really agreed to take me? I heard that her personality is very strict?”

“Yes, and you still have to go through her test in order for her to determine how she will train you,” Lu Ting Xiao replied.

“Oh, okay. I will do my best!” Hearing Lu Ting Xiao say that there would be a test calmed Ning Xi down a bit.

Lu Jingli listening to the two speak couldn’t help but click his tongue. His brother brains were clearly set on Ning Xi. Every time she had a bit of trouble, he went above and overboard to eliminate the problem as to not give her any pressure.

He was clearly infatuated with her! Looking at the growing feelings of trust and attachment in his brother, he felt that the day he could openly call her sister-in-law was not far away. Of course he was in total support of this, then he could always eat this kind of delicious meal!

Presumably because today had been so busy, Little Treasure slept early that night. Ning Xi only had to coax him for less than five minutes before he sweetly fell asleep. Ning Xi patted the little guy before gently placing a kiss on his forehead and heading out the door.

Lu Ting Xiao was leaning against the railing outside the door. Hearing the sound of it opening, he turned towards her and raised his eyebrows.

“Is Little Treasure sleeping?”

“Yes, he is sleeping quite soundly”, Ning Xi replied.

“Today, you’ve worked really hard.”

“No matter how hard, I’m happy to do it”.

“Today was the first time Little Treasure ate two bowls of rice” Lu Ting said with a very pleased expression.

Ning Xi laughed, “It’s rare for Little Treasure to stay and help with making the meal. As long as I’m not busy, we can often cook together and make delicious food.”

Lu Ting Xiao frowned, then refused “No.”

“Why not?”, Ning Xi asked puzzled.

Lu Ting Xiao looked at her with a melancholy air. “If you keep giving him such delicious food, when you leave me how am I supposed to feed him?”

‘When you leave me’, how do I …this sentence was just filled with ordinary words, but the meaning hit her heart like a hammer…



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