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( My Future Sister-in-Law)

“What did you just put in my mouth? It must be poisoned.” Lu Jingli immediately wanted to spit it out but his face changed quickly.

“FML! Delicious! What is this? Crispy on the outside but melts as you bite it! Too delicious! How can food be so delicious?”

“There is no man’s stomach that I can’t catch with this right?” Ning Xi asked as she sat with folded arms, waiting.

Lu Jingli nods enthusiastically “This is great! If I could have such a wife that could cook like this, I would make sure to be home for dinner everyday!”

Lu Jingli sends a knowing look towards his brother. It seems that marrying Ning Xi is the only option.

“Don’t you have to go bury your little babies now?” Ning Xi asked playfully.

Lu Jingli looked at her seriously: “No, no. Your pot is the best destination for them! From now on, use as many of them as you want! Just feed me too when you cook! Ah, this crayfish is delicious. This steak too! What kind of spices did you put in this?”

Lu Jingli continued: “I’ve tasted a lot of food, but I’ve never eaten such unique taste before.”

“It’s my own special seasoning. How can I tell you the recipe? Hey. Hey, stop! You’ve had enough! Leave food for the rest of us, we’ve been busy all day and haven’t had some to eat yet!” Ning Xi cautioned Jingli.

“Wait! Don’t start yet! I want to take a picture to send to a couple of my friends. This food looks too delicious. I really didn’t know you could cook like this Sister-in-law”. Lu Jingli then whipped out his phone and circled the table taking a lot of photos.

He then went on the family Weibo page and posted: ‘Look! Everyone! My future sister-in-law’s cooking is really delicious! Thieves are really envious of my brother!”

“What did you send?” Ning Xi asked curiously, trying to peek at his phone

Lu Jingli immediately put his phone away, “It’s a secret! How can you easily spy on other people, what about my privacy?”

“Who cares about your privacy! I see that you have a group chat, too!” Ning Xi took out her phone, opened WeChat and added Lu Jingli to her friends.

As a result, it didn’t work out as Ning Xi expected.

“Lu Jingli, what did you write at the end of that photo? I can’t see anything! You also set my name to invisible!” (I’m guessing you can edit how people’s names are displayed, and he set hers invisible so the family members cannot see it and stalk her.)

“You can’t tell me what to write!” Lu Jingli replied. “It’s my right!”

“And they are my cooked dishes in the photo!” Ning Xi retorted.

Watching the two noisy people argue, Lu Ting Xiao quietly pulled out his phone and opened up Lu Jingli’s post. When he read the words ‘my future sister-in-law’, he understood why Jingli wouldn’t show it to Ning Xi.

Lu Ting Xiao noticed that within a few minutes, a large amount of comments had shown up.

Mo Ling Days: I can rely on you! Didn’t I tell you last time? Is that real food? Such skill! I didn’t know Lu Ting Xiao prefered homely type of girl as his wife.

Qing Mu Wind: I’m surprised, she knows how to cook? I believe, she will become a good wife and mother.

Lu Father: Yes.

Lu Mother: Oh yes, this girl is really good! These days, lots of girls don’t know how to cook. Is that my Little Treasure’s hand in the corner? It’s getting nice and fat. Good!

Some of the other comments praised Lu Ting Xiao’s good fortune. Others asked when he was bringing her to meet the family, or when can they come to the house to see her.

“By the way Little XiXi, your manager has been decided!” Lu Jingli quickly changed the topic.

Ning Xi was immediately distracted from the pictures: “Really? Who is it?”

“I’m not going to tell you. However,…if you promise me a meal I will!” Lu Jingli tried to bargain.

Ning Xi glared at him, then turned to Lu Ting Xiao: “Lu Ting Xiao, who is it?”

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