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(I want to be a man’s wife)

With the three’s coordination, soon there is a table full of food.

Salt and pepper trotters, mao-tai crayfish, spicy flavored crab, roast leg of lamb, fried steak….

Most of the vegetable dishes are mostly for Ning Xi as she needs to keep fit for acting.

The meat dishes are mostly for the little bun who is still a bit thin, and Lu Ting Xiao who is usually tired from work.

Looking at the table covered with colorful dishes and tasting them, Lu Ting Xiao looks quite surprised.

“Now I believe you when you said those words,” he said to her.

“What words?”

“’I’m a good cook.”

Ning Xi laughed, “Ha, you thought I was exaggerating! Although

I’m a bit rusty, I’ve practiced for many years!”

“Do you want to start a restaurant?” Lu Ting Xiao asked puzzled.

Ning Xi’s smile is slightly bleak, “You can’t laugh at me. I don’t want to be a cook, I wanted to be that person’s wife”.

Lu Ting Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly making it difficult to detect the chill.

‘Want to be that person’s wife’,such moving words but that ‘person’ is not him.

“It was a silly and naive thought that if you seize a man through his stomach, you can catch his heart. Little did I know……”, Ning Xi suddenly stopped. She glanced at Little Treasure, saw that he was focused on staring at the soup pot. She then leaned towards Lu Ting Xiao and continued speaking in a low voice.

“But as everyone knows that three inches below the belly button is where the man’s real heart is (the thing below the belt). I did so much preparing to make his meals (preparing to be a wife) but he’d rather have Ning Xuelo accompany him to bed (to do you know what). Isn’t that very sad?”

“Sadly, he will regret it”, Lu Ting Xiao truthfully said in a comforting tone.

Ning Xi admitted that he had really comforted her and laughed lightly.

“Well, I had so much fun today so no need to mention those disappointing things. Here, this soup is finished and we should put some fried vegetables on it.”

Lu Ting Xiao glanced at the basket, “We didn’t buy any vegetables.”

“I didn’t buy any?” Ning Xi replied dumbfounded. “No cauliflower? No radishes? I can’t afford not to have any? Eating like this will make you dead tired. I want some eggplant to fry and, ah…….”

They currently have eight meat dishes, and just two vegetable dishes; a mix of sugar lotus root and a sliced tomato salad……

“Why don’t you go to Jingli’s garden to pick some?”

“What?! He has that kind of thing?”, Ning Xi asked surprised.

“Yeah, he has a vegetable greenhouse in his yard.”

“That’s great! But I’ll go since you won’t know what to pick!”

“Well I’ll look after the soup then. Take Little Treasure with you, otherwise the guard won’t know who you are.” Lu Ting Xiao told her

“No worries, we are going through the back!”


Because there are small bushes, Ning Xi carried the little bun and walked quietly into Lu Jingli’s backyard to the vegetables location.

Amazingly, the vegetables look good. The eggplant looks really juicy and fresher than those at the supermarket. Of course, it is also because they are freshly picked.

That guy Lu Jingli, just hiding here eating good things ……

Leaving the basket with Little Treasure, they suddenly heard a sharp warning sound

Ning Xi raised her head and looked around, “What’s the matter?”

Behind them came a loud shout – “Thief!!! Which little thief dares to steal my food? Eh? It is Little Treasure…and.. Ning Xi.”

Lu Jingli came out wearing pajamas and wrapped in a blanket saw the two: one small and one big looking dumbfounded.

Ning Xi picked up the vegetable basket, her mouth twitching,

“What kind of person has a vegetable garden with burglar alarms installed…how much you value it is interesting. Is there gold buried underneath?”



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