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(Apron Play)

After so many twists and turns, the three finally arrived home smoothly.

After carrying the big grocery bags into the kitchen, the first thing to do is not to cook, but to take a bath. Three people who have varying degrees of sticky layers of glitters, sequins and small diamond pieces.

Just walking down the road, they would be sinfully dropping tens of thousands of dollars, which led to Ning Xi paying attention to where each foot fell. After showering, Ning Xi deliberately changed into more convenient mobile clothing, her posture was one of going to war.

“Need some help?” Lu Ting Xiao and Little Treasure were both downstairs too.

Ning Xi holding the freshly washed little bun and rubbed him lovingly. “Call the servants over to help me start cooking. You two go and watch TV and wait to eat. You just got cleaned, don’t get dirty!”

“There are no servants today, they are all on holiday”, Lu Ting Xiao said.

“Holiday?” Ning Xi thought to let Little Treasure get personally involved then.

“Now that you came over, do you have an apron? I forgot to get one when we went out!”

“There should be”, Lu Ting Xiao replied. From the recently bought bag of groceries, he pulled out a plastic package. After opening it, there are three aprons of the same style inside. Two large and one small.

“Huh? When did you buy this?” Ning Xi asked looking surprised.

“A little girl selling crabs gave this to us.”

“Uh, ok……” really now, who gives that kind of thing!

Ning Xi took the little apron piece while speaking to little bun “Little Treasure come over, I’ll help you wear your apron.”

Little Treasure with an expression of great anticipation held his small hands out.

After Ning Xi helped him put it on, tying a cute bow she leans back and sighs “Darling, even while wearing an apron you still look so cute!”

Her voice fading, she turned to see Lu Ting Xiao; wearing a casual clothes with a bright pink apron over it……surprisingly he still looks quite handsome. This kind of unexpected contrast of a man and Moe (Japanese for cute) is too great!

“No, no…. I can’t suppress the urge to take pictures! “ Ning Xi said but she couldn’t decide the pose to choose.

From time to time she handed different tomatoes to little bun and ribs to tall bun to use as props.

Posing the cute little bun next to the cool looking tall bun should be a very illegal picture. (too attractive). They have different frames, but are very loving. [Literal translation]

“Do you want me to take a photo of you?” Lu Ting Xiao suddenly asked.

“Ah? I don’t have…….”

“I’ll help you with Little Treasure”, Lu Ting Xiao said while walking over and helping her put on her apron.

Little Treasure has been unable to wait and rushes towards Ning Xi.

In fact, Ning Xi’s private heart doesn’t want to leave too many traces and memories, but she is helpless and cannot stand the longing in Little Treasure’s eyes.

Well, there’s no point in thinking about it so much! At present, they’re wine drunk. So let’s leave tomorrow’s worry for tomorrow.

Ning Xi and the little bun’s style is more consistent. The small bun does a lot of lovely, funny poses while she does the action ones.

For example, she let Little Bun hold a lot of lotus roots and make a shock wave position while she, Ning Xi pretends to be hit like a fly……

They played so much that she forgot she came down to cook!

“I’ll say, Lu Ting Xiao, you are simply a ten all around! Even the pictures you take are so nice! The light composition is too perfect!”

Ning Xi turned the phone around, in the photo Little Treasure face looks amazing. She really wanted to use it as her phone background ah……but she can’t.

After all, he has a special identity and she is usually very careful not to disclose any information about Little Treasure. If she had such a lovely son, she would show him off to everyone everyday.



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