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(Your Entire Family is Handsome)

Forget it. It would be a pain to explain so Ning Xi didn’t waste her breath. “Auntie, give me one fish!”

“Alrighty!” The auntie used the scale in a very honest manner and even gave Ning Xi quite the discount.

After selling the fish, that auntie looked at the man standing next to Ning Xi, carrying a child, “Missus, you’re so lucky! Your husband and son are both so handsome!”

Even though he was standing in a wet market, holding a kid in his arms, Lu Tingxiao’s bearing remained as extraordinary as ever. It must be some sort of innate talent.

“Haha, is that really so? But I’m really handsome as well!” Ning Xi joked.

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re all handsome! Especially this little darling of yours. He really makes people want to spoil him! He’s completely inherited all of your best traits, and your husband’s as well! Come, I’ll give you a smaller fish as a free gift!”

Ning Xi subconsciously touched her face. He had inherited the best of her and Lu Tingxiao?

It seemed like this wasn’t the first time she had heard something like this…

Following that, Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure practically turned into the focal points of the wet market. No matter where they went shopping, all the shop owners would gift them something. Green onions, garlic, eggs, fish, and shrimp, they got a little bit of everything. Ning Xi’s basket was almost filled to the brim.

Ning Xi felt like she had just discovered a new method to get rich. She spoke with excitement, “I really didn’t expect that we’d get so many benefits just by bringing Little Treasure along! Let’s bring Little Treasure next time too!”

Little Treasure nodded a few times.

Lu Tingxiao: “Okay.”

Finally, the three returned home in triumph.

Ning Xi was in a great mood on the way back. When they were halfway there, she suddenly recalled something and shouted, “Lu Tingxiao, do you know where my apartment building is? Turn left at the next intersection!”

“I do. Do you want to go back?” Lu Tingxiao drove the car to her apartment building with familiar ease, even though he had only come by once before.

“Yup, yup. I’m going to grab my super secret spice mix! Wait a moment for me, you two!”


When Ning Xi ran into the apartment building, she quickly grabbed the spice mix and came back down. When she passed by the lobby, the young lady at the front desk urgently stopped her, “Hey! Wait! Aren’t you Ning Xi? You have two express deliveries, they’ve been left here for quite a few days. Do you still want them?”

After speaking, she sized up Ning Xi without restraint as if seeking something to gossip about. She thought that Ning Xi had probably become a kept woman a while ago since she hadn’t returned for so long,…

However, Ning Xi didn’t notice the young lady’s measuring gaze. She simply grabbed the two boxes and walked out.

When she walked to the entrance, she could see that Little Treasure was leaning against the window waiting anxiously, even from a distance.

Ning Xi’s gaze turned warm. A second later, three men wearing black suddenly barged into her sight. With just a single glance, she could tell that they had come with ill intentions and they were charging straight towards her…

Ning Xi’s eyes flashed with trained vigilance. She immediately set down the objects in her hands and ripped apart her skirt with force. Next, she directed a kick at one of the men who had charged over.

That person had completely let down his guard, so the kick sent his entire body flying into the air. The two men next to him stared blankly for a good moment before recovering their senses. Their expressions turned vicious as they rushed to attack her even more ferociously…

Ning Xi’s outfit today was too ladylike so all of her movements were restrained. She couldn’t settle those two immediately.

While she was fighting with the two men, another man charged over from behind her. He trapped her arm with his hand and tried to use a rope to tie her up.

Ning Xi was about to strike back when that man suddenly released her arm and let out a bloodcurdling 

She could even hear a cracking sound as the man’s arm broke…

Ning Xi’s gaze moved along that person’s arm, only to see that Lu Tingxiao had rushed over from the car at some point in time and was currently wearing a frosty expression. He was emitting a murderous aura and his hand was exerting some strength as he gripped that person’s wrist steadily…




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