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Qingqing's death became the catalyst for Lin Luo Chen's transformation and was also the biggest stain on his heart.

After Lin Luo Chen joined the evil cult, he had a complete change in temperament, lost all emotions and rejected love.

One day, in the middle of a battle, Lin Luo Chen unexpectedly noticed a female disciple from a certain sect, Meng Xiao Rou, who actually looked very similar to Qingqing.

As Meng Xiao Rou and the person he loved looked so similar, Lin Luo Chen didn't kill her and brought her to the cult to recuperate instead.

When the two of them got closer, Meng Xiao Rou slowly realized that Lin Luo Chen was completely different from the great devil she thought he was. After spending so much time together, she started to develop feelings for him.

Lin Luo Chen was also struggling - he knew she wasn't Qingqing, yet he couldn't help looking for Qingqing's shadow in her and he even started to like her...

The scene they were filming today was the scene where Meng Xiao Rou confessed her feelings for him.

"3, 2, 1! Action!"

Shooting began. In the woods:

The girl was dressed in a green dress. She looked delicate and adorable while the man was clad in a black robe; his icy expression was like white snow piling up on a sheet of ice.

The girl stared at the guy before her, starry-eyed. She couldn't conceal the love she had for him at all and blushed as she spoke, "Ah... Ah-Chen... I like you..."

Facing this person who was a great devil in everyone's eyes, the girl didn't have a look of disdain or hatred. There was only adoration and she brilliantly depicted a little girl deeply in love.

Following that, the camera focused on Luo Chen.

At this moment, Luo Chen revealed a surprised expression. Most importantly, he had to display an entanglement of love and hatred in addition to the helplessness and bashfulness a teen should have as if he returned to his former self.

However, at this moment, Luo Chen was still ice-cold. He merely furrowed his brows, but his expression was clearly too stiff...

"CUT!" The director threw the script in his hand. "It's the 17th time! How many times do you want to film such a simple scene? Luo Chen, are you still able to act? If not, just get lost right now!"

Luo Chen and Meng Xiao Rou's scenes hadn't been going smoothly these past few days, and today they continuously shot NG scenes for the entire day, so Song Jin Lin finally exploded.

Song Jin Lin looked very gentle and intelligent usually, but once he started filming, he became very serious and was very harsh with his scolding.

Luo Chen's face turned pale. "Sorry, director..."

"This is the last chance I'm giving you. We'll shoot other scenes first while you sort yourself out; if you NG once more, don't come back anymore!!"


Back at the resting area:

The actors in the resting area had been divided into various groups by Emperor Sky's Ling Shao Zhe.

Seeing Luo Chen being scolded and criticized by the director the entire day, a few of the small artists around Ling Shao Zhe started gossiping.

"Tsk, a new generation of idols? With this acting?! He really knows how to boast, huh!"

"Before, I thought his acting was really good, but as it turns out, he only knows how to act like he has facial paralysis. He messed up such a simple scene!"

"Someone actually compared him to our Shao Zhe. I think those outsiders are blind!"

"That's right... a has-been is precisely a has-been - he's better kept under the table!"


"Hey, you guys..." Luo Chen's assistant, Xiao Qing, was about to speak up, but Luo Chen shook his head lightly and stopped her.

He was already used to this treatment and didn't want to cause trouble for Ye-ge. Furthermore, it was really his own problem.



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