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( He's an idiot!)

"That depends on your performance then..."

How could He Jun Cheng bear this provocation? He immediately howled deeply and pounced on her...

The bedroom was once again filled with nauseating sounds...

At this current moment, Ye Mu Fan listened to the conversation between Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng and his face was drained of color. His eyes were a terrifying shade of red and his body was trembling violently.

He Jun Cheng stroked Shen Meng Qi's body greedily. "Baby, what's that on your neck? It's in the way!"

Shen Meng Qi spoke with contempt like she was looking at something disgusting. "Eh, this? A piece of sh*t that Ye Mu Fan gave me! Haha, you know what? That trash wants to marry me - what a joke!"

He Jun Cheng chuckled. "Hahaha... he's really an idiot! He's already wearing a green hat, yet he's still staying up late to design for me!"

"Haha..." Shen Meng Qi was so amused that she couldn't stop giggling.

He Jun Cheng yanked the necklace off Shen Meng Qi's neck and threw it on the floor.

That delicate and beautiful necklace broke in the middle and fell to the ground with a resounding "dong" akin to smashing one's heart and leaving a large hole dripping with blood.

Ye Mu Fan stared at that necklace with his eye socket split open and his face was as dark as the night outside.

It was as if his entire being was soaking in the ice-cold sea and blood was dripping from his hands but he was still standing there in a daze, staring at the scene of Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng having illicit sexual relations...

In his head, images of him meeting Shen Meng Qi for the first time flashed by.

The first time he met her, her shy and innocent little face...

When they got closer, her elated and excited expression...

Her gentle and warm encouragement when he was at his lowest...

But at this moment, the unbearable scene in the bedroom overtook all those memories and the images in his mind crumbled into pieces...

Ye Mu Fan's stomach churned heavily; his entire world was a complete mess...

Why... why didn't I realize sooner...


That's right...

Wanwan was right...

I'm an idiot...

I'm downright stupid...

In the next second, there was a loud bang. Ye Mu Fan kicked the glass door so hard that it fell to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces...

"AH AH AH——" On the spacious bed, this sudden noise frightened Shen Meng Qi that she screamed loudly.

Hu Jun Cheng reached a critical juncture and was so scared that he went soft. He immediately covered his private parts in a panic and looked towards the balcony. "DAMN IT! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHO IS THAT?"

Shen Meng Qi and Hu Jun Cheng followed the noise and turned in that direction. All they saw was that half the balcony door was kicked over and a tall figure stood next to it.

The man stood there with his head hung low, his body emitting a cold aura.

The two of them looked at him for a long while before figuring out who he was.

After they took a good look at him, Shen Meng Qi's expression changed and she quickly covered herself with the blanket. "Mu... Mu Fan-ge..."

"Ye Mu Fan?" He Jun Cheng's expression changed as well.

The two of them were shocked when another person appeared behind the door. It was Ye Wanwan.

When they saw that Ye Wanwan was there as well, Shen Meng Qi was even more surprised. "You... why would the both of you..."



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