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(Depends on your performance)

Ye Mu Fan stared in the direction of the bedroom through the gap in the curtain. In the next second, the figure of a man and woman appeared before him without warning.

Shen Meng Qi was roughly thrown on the bed by He Jun Cheng. He then let out a low moan and pounced on her body urgently, starting a new round of conquest...

While Shen Meng Qi continued screaming in pleasure...

Ye Mu Fan looked at the innocent and pure Shen Meng Qi laying beneath He Jun Cheng's body; his face was completely blank and his mind was ringing like it just exploded inside. He couldn't comprehend what he just witnessed.

Next to him, Ye Wanwan said coldly, "Ye Mu Fan, look at this clearly... this is your true love... your so-called innocent and kind woman..."

On the bed, He Jun Cheng spoke as he moved, "Meng Qi, how is it? Am I amazing? Am I better than that useless loser Ye Mu Fan?"

"You're naughty, I already said I didn't even let Ye Mu Fan touch a finger of mine!"

"Hng, that retard obviously doesn't have the right to touch you! I was just worried that you would take the act too far - he didn't even hesitate to steal classified information from his own family for you! Speaking of which, when Ye Shao Ting went bankrupt and was chased out of the house, you were the one who stuck by his side!"

Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng were just sex partners and weren't in a real relationship, so she didn't have to hide anything from him. She scoffed. "Haha, take the act too far? I feel so disgusted whenever I see that useless weakling - how could I take the act too far?! Without the Ye family, he's a nobody. He's just a stray dog!"

"In order to get close to him before, I had to be so nice to that little b*tch Ye Wanwan and endure her nonsense. Who knew that even Ye Shao An was useless as well, making me waste all my time and energy! Their whole family is garbage!"

Hearing every word that came out of Shen Meng Qi's mouth, Ye Mu Fan's breathing became rapid. His mind buzzed and his pupils constricted.

That's impossible...


All of this is fake...


All he heard was He Jun Cheng's laughter. "Haha, but it's also unfortunate - at least that useless man had some use to us. If I had known earlier, we should've quoted a price of 78 million and 1 cent - then we would've saved $100,000! $100,000! I think selling that garbage wouldn't even fetch us a price of $100,000!"

"En... en... stop rejoicing in his misfortune already... if the Ye family wants him to go to jail... I'll see what happens to you... all those works of yours were done by him..."

He Jun Cheng's face changed slightly. "Darn it, I completely forgot about this! If he goes to jail, who's going to do the work for me?!"

He Jun Cheng put on a nefarious grin. "Little hussy, you definitely have a plan, don't you?"

Shen Meng Qi smiled. "I'm not telling you..."

"Heh, you're not going to tell me?" He Jun Cheng used more force on her. "Are you going to tell me? Are you?!"

"Ah... alright... I'll say... I'll say..." Shen Meng Qi's face was flushed and she said cheerfully, "Isn't it simple! I'll let Ye Mu Fan go home and convince his father, Ye Shao Ting, to take the blame - wouldn't that settle everything? He'll do whatever I say anyway!"

"Great idea! It's perfect! You have to remember to help me monitor his progress on designing costumes for the new drama series - I'm relying on that to win an award!"

Shen Meng Qi laid on his chest intimately. "That depends on your performance then..."



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