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(Reunion (2)

On Mu Yuchen’s end, Li Si spoke to him as he was walking through the plaza, “Master, it’s Qi Qiming. He seems to be close to Gu Lingsha.”

Li Si turned around and watched the black car that drove away slowly while he felt worried.

Mu Yuchen’s face seemed cold and expressionless.

Li Si did not say anything else and just walked in front. A while later, they arrived at the store. Mu Yuchen was watching through the windows for a moment before he then walked inside when he saw the lady inside giving orders to her employees.

Su Yu!

It was Su Chen’s sister!

No wonder Li Si had recommended this store. Su Yu owned it! She seemed to have sent him an invitation to her store opening, but he told Ah Mo to send gifts only because he was abroad for work then.

Su Yu was surprised to see Mu Yuchen. She quickly invited him upstairs and prepared him a cup of tea.

“It’s due soon?” asked Su Yu as she grabbed a chair for herself and sat down opposite him.

“In about two months.” Mu Yuchen sipped some tea, unable to hide his anticipation in his eyes. He glanced at the toys around him before continuing. “I want to get things prepared beforehand. That’s why I’m here.”

“For the baby’s room?” Su Yu smiled, taking a deep breath. “I can see that you’ve changed a lot. Alright, since I’m here, I’ll be kind and help you design it. Happy?”

“What happened to your boutique?” Mu Yuchen asked.

“I left it to my husband now since his law firm is doing horribly. I’ve been asking him to stop doing it and work with me on the boutique and this store. It’s been two years since he went traveling without me and I don’t even want to talk to him now.” Su Yu sounded helpless.

Su Yu was a typical modern woman over the age of thirty but she appeared only around twenty. She had built her own career, and her daughter was now attending a boarding school. She would spend time traveling around aside from working in her store and was always high-spirited and energetic.

He would be relieved if his woman could be more relaxed like her.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Please visit Maple Residence and take a look at the room then. Grandmother is staying over now. I’d be able to rest easy if you’d handle it personally. By the way, please get something warmer as the primary color.”

“Sure, I have more experience than you in this. Just give me more tips when I’m done. It’s been some time since I last worked myself.” Su Yu smiled as she leaned against the back of her chair. “By the way, did you see that bastard Su Chen recently? I got a call from Grandfather last night ranting that he hasn’t been home for a very long time.”

“It’s a busy time for him at the end of the year. Su Chen isn’t the disobedient child we knew before. I suppose your grandfather should learn to control himself if it isn’t something that violates his life principles.” Mu Yuchen was concerned about Su Chen. Having a dominant grandfather at home must be tough.

Elder Su was in the military veteran as well as being a very headstrong person. He felt like he had a say to everything that happened in the family. Sometimes, even Mu Yuchen pitied Su Chen’s situation. It was no wonder that he would like to stay as far as possible from home.

Su Yu gave him a bitter smile. “That’s just how he is, a little stubborn, but in the end, he’s doing it for our own good. He’s so old already anyway, and we don’t want him to get triggered. He’s used to always being in control, so how can we expect him to change now?”

“I heard from Su Chen during our call a few days ago that Elder Su invited a girl over for dinner, didn’t he?” Mu Yuchen asked.

Su Yu nodded. “Mmm, but Su Chen never came back, so the girl left disappointed. What do you think my grandfather’s expression looked like?”

She sounded really helpless. “Ah Chen, I know that he listens to you. Please give him some advice if possible. You promised me this the last time, and Zimo as well. I’m just so worried about all of you. Last time, I told him I’d introduce him to someone, but he totally ignored me.”

“I’m sure they’ll handle it themselves. You can’t worry too much about them, but I’ll try my best.”

Mu Yuchen put down his teacup. Then, he stood up and went towards the staircase. “Give me a call when you’re coming. Have a meal at my place too. Xiaye is alone at home anyway. By the way, you can come and visit anytime you want.” He soon disappeared down the staircase.

Su Yu put on a helpless smile as she shook her head.

He was cold as usual. She wondered how Xi Xiaye could take it. Su Yu could not stand him. She could not even try to appeal to him.

Of course, she had never seen him at home with Mrs. Mu…

Su Yu acted fast and went over to Maple Residence the next day. Unfortunately, Xi Xiaye stayed over at the Shen Residence as she went back to prepare the place after knowing that Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan were coming back.

On the fourth day, Mu Yuchen woke up early in the morning as usual, and this time, Xi Xiaye woke up with him too. They went to Shen Residence quickly as Li Si was bringing Xiao Ye over from the orphanage later, and they would be picking Shen Wenna up at the airport in the afternoon.

Li Si brought Xiao Ye over right after they had breakfast.

“Master, according to the information, this child is a local. His parents passed away and he came from a good family, but…” Li Si started on his report.

“Mmm, I’ve looked through what you sent me. There’s no need to worry about other things. Knowing his background is good enough,” Mu Yuchen interrupted Li Si as he walked towards the child. Xi Xiaye dragged him over to sit down on the sofa.

“Mu Ziru. This is your new name from now on. Isn’t that nice?” Xi Xiaye was holding his little hand as she asked quietly.

Mu Yuchen had given this name.

The child was startled for a moment. He then looked at Xi Xiaye and nodded by way of permission.




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