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(Reunion (1)

She almost forgot that this man would never fail to show his disgust towards her so openly!

While it was just like in the past, at least, things were not like this in the past!

If she knew that she was his fiancèe from the beginning, whether it was for her own or for the Gu family’s sake, she would not have become like this.

She had frequently visited the Mu family when she was little. Although Mu Yinan and Wang Hui were nice to her, he was different.

Gu Lingsha remembered when they had first met each other.

It was back in the Mu residence during one of her visits there in between summer and autumn. The chrysanthemums were in full bloom, and the first time she saw him was right beside the flower bed in the backyard.

He was wearing a casual white suit as he read while sitting on the rattan chair in the garden full of freshly bloomed flowers. She recalled being impressed by his looks and aura. He was totally different from Qi Feng.

She instantly recognized this handsome boy was the Master of Glory World. She went up and tried to greet him. However, he closed his book and stood up suddenly the moment she got close. Then, he frowned and looked at her before walking past her without saying anything.

“Are you Bro Yuchen?” she asked him as his back faced her.

He did not reply, stop or slow down.

Afterward, she found out from Mu Lingtian that Mu Yuchen had always disliked any girls that came to their house.

It made sense to her after she gave it some thought. Even her mother wanted her to befriend Mu Yuchen, and many people thought the same as well. A person like Mu Yuchen would only get close to people he wanted to. He would not bat an eye at someone he was not interested in at all.

Even after she came to the Mu residence, she hardly saw him.

He was infamous for being cold. During Mu Yinan and Wang Hui’s birthday, he would only prepare gifts and not attend the banquet. However, he was pretty close to his brothers. She did try to join them, but…

Of course, her usual prideful self would not let these feelings hold her back. Just because he did not like her did not mean the others felt the same too. Qi Feng, Qi Lei, and Lingtian treated her well. Judging by just appearances, Qi Feng was pretty great too.

In the end, she got together with Qi Feng, but soon after that, she found out from her father that she was betrothed to Mu Yuchen.

“Why? I just want to know why! What did I do to make you treat me this way? Mu Yuchen, I have my pride too!” Gu Lingsha’s face twisted furiously as she held the ball in her hand tightly. She almost lost control when she glared at him.

Mu Yuchen stopped what he was doing and looked at her. “Your so-called pride only means something to yourself. It means nothing to others.”

“Back then, if you accepted my proposal, you might’ve been the wife of the CEO of Qi Kai now. Isn’t that what you wished for?” Mu Yuchen’s eyes were icy, and he was about to walk away.

Gu Lingsha let out a bitter laugh. ‘I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Even Xi Xiaye didn’t wish to become the wife of the CEO of Glory World. Maybe you thought I betrayed you by getting together with Qi Feng, but let me tell you, Mu Yuchen, don’t you dare look down on others. Qi Feng always respected me. I’ve never done anything shameful while bearing the title as your fianceè! I heard Xi Xiaye was once very in love with Han Yifeng. Mu Yuchen, I deeply despise your bias. I shouldn’t have listened to my father! No matter what, with the past we shared and with Lingtian, you shouldn’t have treated us like that. You’ll never know how much damage you’ve done with that one wrong decision of yours!”

Gu Lingsha turned around and gave Mu Yuchen’s back a cold glare, her voice filled with pain.

“Continue to hate me then. She’s different from you. I’m the one who proposed to her. I don’t care what’s going on between Qi Feng and you, but I never agreed to that promise in the first place. Only I can decide what I want to do. Nothing will matter if I don’t give my permission. There will always be a time for payback.”

Mu Yuchen then walked past the plaza and disappeared into the crowd.

Gu Lingsha felt a sharp pain in her chest as the ball fell onto the floor once again. She covered her face with her hand as she watched him walk away.

“I will make you pay for your cruelty, Mu Yuchen, you demon!”

It had been almost six years.

In that accident, Mu Lingtian died for her and even took her child away. Qi Feng ended up injured as well. Even her body became extremely weak ever since then, and she almost lost her life when giving birth to Weiwei. The worst thing was Weiwei’s health…

They could not return to their homes and had been staying abroad. She went to Los Angeles after that while Qi Feng and Weiwei stayed in Australia.

After some time, Gu Lingsha calmed herself down and took a deep breath before picking up the ball.

She turned around and saw Qi Qiming waiting under the lamp pole in front of her. Her eyes teared up a little bit as a faint light flashed in them before she walked over.

“Uncle Qi…”

Qi Qiming nodded when he saw Gu Lingsha’s depressed expression. “That person just now was Mu Yuchen, wasn’t it?”

Gu Lingsha took a deep breath and nodded. Finally, she returned to her usual calm self. “Yes, that’s him.”

She turned back to face the direction Mu Yuchen left. “I’m sorry, Uncle Qi. I lost control!”

“It’s not your fault. Mu Yuchen is no ordinary man. You have to be careful and control yourself. Your parents would definitely hold me accountable if anything happened to you.” Qi Qiming sighed before walking towards his car.




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