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(Light (4)

Shen Yue walked towards the table and rifled through the stacks of documents for a while before finally finding the one he wanted and handing it to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen sipped some tea before reading through it. A faint light flashed in his eyes before he handed it back to Shen Yue.

“It seems like they know you have intentions to work with Qi Lei.” Mu Yuchen gave the document another glance before he went on, “Grandfather, you could reconsider this based on Fuhua’s situation. While I personally recommend Qi Lei, I’ll respect your opinion.”

Shen Yue smiled. “I’ve decided on it long ago. Ask Qi Lei out again after the New Year. We’ll talk about the collaboration details. Things are getting busy now, so the newer projects need to wait.”

“Alright, I’ll let him know.”

After Mu Yuchen and Shen Yue talked about the details on the South River project, they even had lunch together before Mu Yuchen returned to Glory World.

Just then, Xi Mushan called him from Los Angeles. His voice was filled with joy. “Ah Chen, it’s all thanks to you that your mother is able to see again. We’re very grateful for you. Doctor Harrison gave your mother a thorough examination this afternoon. He said she’s recovering very well and should be able to leave the day after tomorrow.”

Mu Yuchen leaned back against the chair as he let out a sigh of relief. He turned around and looked out the window at the vast blue sky with a smile. “That’s great. Please send my regards to Mother. I’ll tell Ah Mo to prepare the plane tickets for you two to come back. Let’s gather as a family then. Xiaye misses the two of you a lot.”

Xi Mushan was watching the TV as he sat down on the sofa while Shen Wenna had already gone to sleep.

“Thank you so much. How is Xiaye doing? I heard from her mother that she’s been experiencing some leg cramps at night.” Xi Mushan was concerned.

“Don’t worry. I’ll watch out for it. Father, you should focus on taking care of Mother. By the way, after you return, you should stay with Mother at the school for a while. I’ve sent people to refurbish Mother’s apartment at the school, so you guys can stay there after returning.”

Actually, Mu Yuchen ordered Li Si to work on this very soon after he got back. He knew he had to help them out a little.

Xi Mushan was very touched. Mu Yuchen had done so, so much for them! He was not their son, but he acted like one.

“As for work, you guys should discuss it among yourself since Mother has recovered. Things will get busy as the year-end approaches and Xiaye isn’t in her best condition to move around now. I’m afraid I might not be able to help much afterwards. Let Li Si know if you need anything. He’ll do his best to assist you,” Mu Yuchen said humbly.

“Noted, take care of Xiaye. We’ll be back soon. Tell her not to worry about us.”


Their brief conversation ended swiftly.

Mu Yuchen felt lighter after he hung up on the call.

As he was deep in thought, he heard a notification sound from his laptop. He came back to his senses and looked at the laptop screen. Then, he clicked on the email notification to see a document of Li Si’s investigation about the child named “Xiao Ye”.

He glanced through it before closing the email.

Xi Xiaye was very fond of the child. When they visited the Shen Residence recently, they went to the orphanage as well. He could only follow her wishes. Anyway, it was not a bad idea to have another child at home. That way, she would not bug him for another child.

In the past, he did not really like children, but after he married her, he slowly started to change because of her. He longed to have a child with her and wanted to stay by her side.

In the evening, Mu Yuchen left work slightly earlier than usual. Li Si rushed over.

“Master, are we heading back to Maple Residence?” Li Si asked after they were inside the car.

“Head to New Era Plaza, the Children City.”

It was time to prepare their baby room. He got the servants to clear out a room on the second floor just beside their bedroom. It would be done after some decoration, but as a father, he would have to do something about it himself.

Li Si instantly understood what Mu Yuchen was trying to do. He quickly mentioned, “Master, there’s a pretty well-known store there. Missus wanted to go before, but Elder Madam was too worried to let her go. In the end, the visit didn’t happen.”

“We’ll go there then,” Mu Yuchen said briefly.

They soon arrived at the New Era Plaza. Because it was the end of the year, many people were doing their year-end shopping, so it was kind of crowded.

Mu Yuchen got down from the car and looked at the plaza. Suddenly, he heard the chime of a bell. He then noticed a transparent little ball beside his foot with several purple chime-bells inside. They would make a sound every time the ball rolled.

He bent down and was about to pick up the ball when unexpectedly, another hand reached out for it too. Before he could react, a pleasant fragrance wafted before his nose and their hands met.

He frowned and quickly looked up to see Gu Lingsha’s face right before him. There was an indescribable sadness in her blue eyes that appeared a little swollen.

Mu Yuchen’s first reaction was to pull his hand back and stand up. His eyes were filled with disgust. Even though the contempt faded quickly, Gu Lingsha saw everything.


Li Si noticed Mu Yuchen’s expression was odd, so he quickly took out a clean wet tissue for Mu Yuchen who grabbed it and cleaned his hands thoroughly before giving it back.

Gu Lingsha’s expression turned stormy.




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