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(As Long As Shes Safe And Sound (1)

Xi Xinyi’s voice stopped abruptly. Her beautiful face looked pained as she struggled for a bit, and then her mind felt stifled from a lack of oxygen. She stared at Mu Yuchen’s pair of cold eyes in terror.

“Chairman Mu! Calm down! Chairman Mu!” Ji Zitong quickly went up to hold Mu Yuchen back. “Chairman Mu, don’t be rash! Let go of her. Otherwise…”

Mu Yuchen then slowly let go. He stared at Xi Xinyi and said sternly, “Since you’d like to die so badly, I’ll grant you your wish!”

He then pushed Xi Xinyi to the side roughly. Caught off-guard, she fell to the ground in a sorry manner. She panted through huge breaths and her face reddened while Mu Yuchen had already taken out his phone and was about to make a call.

Xi Xinyi was stunned to see that. She quickly went up to him, half-crawling and pulling his pants leg. “No, Chairman Mu! Don’t! I really didn’t push Xiaye. Hear me out! Hear me out, please! It really wasn’t me!”

“Get lost!” Mu Yuchen cruelly pulled his leg back.

“It really wasn’t me! Someone pushed me from the car. I’m a victim too. I am self-aware. I wouldn’t dare offend you, Chairman Mu. Can you not distinguish right from wrong?” Xi Xinyi’s wronged and infuriated voice cried out loudly.

Mu Yuchen then stopped what he was doing. He was about to say something when the sound of hurried footsteps came from the walkway ahead. It was the gynecologist, Dr. Huang, with another doctor and two nurses.

“Chairman Mu!”

Dr. Huang was Xi Xiaye’s usual doctor. Naturally, they recognized Mu Yuchen too.

Mu Yuchen nodded as he slowly calmed the worry and uneasiness in his heart and said solemnly, “Please do the best for my wife, Dr. Huang.”

“I will do my best. Don’t worry, Chairman Mu.” Then, Dr. Huang swiftly entered the operating theatre.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to his forehead as he leaned against the cold wall listlessly. He did not move, and the phone in his pocket buzzed many times, yet he did not pick it up.

Xi Xinyi was scared witless. She dared not move around either, so she could only stand up while trembling with the support of the wall. Sitting was not an option either. She just looked at Mu Yuchen terrified, and then stared at the operating theatre.

Earlier, the way he looked like he wished he could murder her had really scared her. She almost forgot that this man had always been merciless. Had she not seen it for herself the last time?

On both counts, it was for Xi Xiaye! This time, he had even lost control!

Xi Xinyi was so resentful that her teeth clenched together. The last time, she was really innocent, and this time, even more so!

Which witch had pushed her and made her take on such blame? If she found out who it was, she would kill them!

Xi Xinyi gritted her teeth and cursed the person who pushed her.

After a long while, the doors to the operating theatre suddenly opened. A nurse walked out from inside. Mu Yuchen quickly went up and asked worriedly, “How is she?”

“The pregnant woman suffered from a huge impact, largely affecting the fetus. I’m afraid it will be a premature delivery. We need to do a blood transfusion now!” the nurse explained simply while another nurse was already delivering blood plasma over.

Soon, the door to the operating theatre closed once again.

Ji Zitong then felt a little cold. She glanced at Mu Yuchen who remained silent without a word, and then out at the sky which had long darkened. The cold wind sped outside as someone began to set fireworks off in the night sky outside.

It was New Year’s Eve tonight, yet unexpectedly…

Ji Zitong sighed. Then, she blinked and looked at the door of the operating theatre that was tightly shut. After a while, she turned and looked out at the fireworks that continued to go off. She quietly closed her eyes.

She was pondering whether to give Maple Residence a call when her phone rang unexpectedly. She took it out to see that it was from Maple Residence.

“Chairman Mu, it’s a call from Maple Residence.” Ji Zitong looked to Mu Yuchen for instruction, yet he remained silent. He was leaning gently against the cold wall with his eyes shut as he quietly waited.

Ji Zitong then picked up the phone at her own liberty and explained the situation to Zhuang Shurong.

Within an hour, Zhuang Shurong and Mu Tangchuan, as well as Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna, rushed over. They had a bag of clothes for Xi Xiaye to change into and baby clothes that had long been prepared. Li Si came over too.

“Father! It wasn’t me. I really didn’t push her! I’m afraid! No matter what, I wouldn’t have taken it out on the child in Xi Xiaye, I’m a mother as well, Father, Aunt, please believe me. I really didn’t push her! It was the person in the car behind me that shoved me! It wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me!”

Xi Xinyi was probably extremely terrified. The moment she saw Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna, she quickly went up to them to explain in a panic.

“What is happening? This is the hospital. Don’t be all weepy. It’s the New Year. What bad luck!”

The stern and resounding voice of a woman was heard. It came with a manner that could not be denied.

It was Zhuang Shurong’s voice!

Zhuang Shurong shot Xi Xinyi a stern look, much to her shock.

No matter what it was, being reprimanded by someone like Zhuang Shurong shut her right up.

Ji Zitong explained the whole situation simply to everyone. Shen Wenna’s face was as pale as a sheet, and she felt limp. Thankfully, Xi Mushan held her in time.

“If something happens to Xiaye, I won’t let you off easily! Xiaye…” Shen Wenna covered her face as she looked at the operating theatre. She pushed Xi Mushan away. “You go away too. Don’t touch me!”

When she saw that Mu Yuchen kept quiet without moving, Zhuang Shurong went up to him worriedly. She was about to say a few words but Mu Yuchen’s deep and raspy came first.

“Li Si, go investigate the matter and bring this woman along. If it was really her, send her to jail first before anything.”

“Yes, Master!”

“It wasn’t me! Chairman Mu! It really wasn’t me! Father, Father! Save me, it wasn’t me!” As much as Xi Xinyi shouted, Li Si had already called for someone to pull her down.

“Chen Er, don’t be too worried. God helps the worthy ones. She will be fine. Have a seat first. I didn’t dare to tell the news to your grandparents and Grandpa. I was worried their imaginations would run wild.”

Seeing Mu Yuchen like this, Zhuang Shurong felt her heart ache too.

“It’s fine,” answered Mu Yuchen apathetically, his deep gaze containing a hint of pain as he continued to stare at the operating theatre.




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