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When Ji Zitong saw this, her heart burned with anguish. She quickly carried her up and walked to the car. Frantically, she settled Xi Xiaye in the front passenger seat swiftly and buckled her safety belt.

“Director Xi, hold on. I’ll send you to the hospital right away.”

Then, she started the car.

Meanwhile, Xi Xinyi, who had been kicked by Ji Zitong, had yet to regain her senses. When she turned to look, she only managed to see the car vanish around the corner!

On the ground before her, only the sheets with the word ‘fortune’ that were torn up remained.

Xi Xinyi was frightened. She stared down at the crimson blood on her trembling fingers. After a while, she took a deep breath and tried hard to calm the surging shock in her. She looked around her.

She remembered very clearly that a car had been parked behind her earlier. The person in the car had shoved her very hard, and that was how…

Who was it?

Xi Xinyi tried hard to find any traces, yet this road only bypassed West Park, so there would not usually be any passerby. Where was she going to find the car from earlier? And the person?

Xi Xinyi suddenly felt so nervous that she was about to break down. Her mind immediately flashed with the word of advice Mu Yuchen had once given her!


She could not just become a black sheep. She was a victim too!

When she thought about this, Xi Xinyi could not help but hold her head of messy hair and shriek. Then, she got into her car frantically and drove ahead too.

It was close to evening right now. The warm sunlight gradually dissipated.

When his phone buzzed, Mu Yuchen was driving back to Maple Residence. He slowed down his car and answered the call, “It’s me.”

Ji Zitong did not have time to explain much on her end. She just said, “Chairman Mu, it’s me, Ji Zitong. Director Xi got into an accident. We’re rushing to Hospital T now. Come over quickly. It doesn’t look too good! We’re in a really bad traffic jam. We probably won’t make it even if we call an ambulance.”

Mu Yuchen could seem to hear her holding back from crying! His chest suddenly tightened with an ache as his whole body turned rigid.

He took a deep breath, and managed to maintain a bit of calmness as he asked softly, “Where are you two now?”

“We’re near the Da Yu flyover. I have my GPS on. Chairman Mu, quickly rush over, I’m afraid… Director Xi won’t be able to make it….”

Da Yu flyover!

Mu Yuchen did not even wait for Ji Zitong to finish when he suddenly braked and quickly spun his car around.

It hurt!

Her whole body hurt and Xi Xiaye was in a daze. She only knew to clench her teeth right now as she silently protected her belly and forced herself not to fall asleep. She only knew that they had waited for the arrival of this child, so no matter what, she could not lose it!

Ji Zitong’s anxious and concerned voice continued to be heard as she struggled hard to listen and suffered even more.

It was not sure how long passed. In her daze, she suddenly seemed to smell a faint and familiar fragrance. She was pulled into a warm embrace, but she did not open her eyes. Instead, she reached out to hold onto the person’s shirt tightly. Instantly, tears fell like rain.

When she opened her misty and teary eyes and saw the traffic jam ahead, her hopeless cries surged like a storm. She seemed to be holding tightly onto her last sliver of hope as she cried in a raspy voice, “Save it…Mu Yuchen, save our child… I can’t lose it… Save it. It must live. I beg you to save it… Mu Yuchen, save it…”

Mu Yuchen looked down at her struggling in pain. In that one instant, his eyes turned hot as coals and they could not help but redden. He quickly pulled her into his arms and blocked out the cold wind. His deep and raspy voice said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m right here. You and the baby will be fine. Hold on. It will all be fine!”

He then carried her away from the sea of cars.

“Chairman Mu, take the Ying Bin Avenue! The fastest ambulance is from there!” Ji Zitong abandoned the car and rushed into the crowd with Mu Yuchen as she quickly paved the way ahead!

“Excuse me, make way, please. Please make way! Please make way! Please!”

Ji Zitong only wore a thin shirt. She had taken off the coat that she wore for Xi Xiaye. Amidst the rustling cold wind, anxious cries were heard as the crowd on the sidewalk all quickly made way.

Mu Yuchen did not know how long he carried his woman and ran. He only knew that for the first time, he felt that the person in his embrace carried a lot of weight. It was so much weight that he dared not look down at her, so much that when he heard her quietly cry, he felt his entire heart constrict in extreme pain, and he felt suffocated.

They rushed through a few streets until they reached the entrance of the hospital when they saw the ambulance drive out.

“Doctor! Doctor, save her! Hurry, call your best doctors here!”

“Gynaecology right away. Call the gynecologist!”

“Prepare for operation right away. Hurry!”

“Mister, you can’t go in. Please wait outside. Please trust us!”

“Chairman Mu! Chairman Mu!”

Xi Xiaye only heard the jumble of panicked voices by her ear as she felt her hand holding on tightly to Mu Yuchen’s shirt being pulled away.

“Xiaye, I’ll wait for you to get out safely!” Mu Yuchen only had time to say these final words before Xi Xiaye was wheeled into the operating theatre.

When he saw the operating theatre doors close, Mu Yuchen fell limp in fatigue. He subconsciously held onto the wall behind him, and the wall immediately had five fingerprints!

“Chairman Mu! Are you okay?”

Ji Zitong quickly went up as Mu Yuchen propped himself up with one hand on the wall. He lifted a hand to stop her while his handsome face was extremely pale. His dark eyes gathered with endless concern and pain too as he turned and took one look at the tightly shut operating theatre doors. After a while, he turned to Ji Zitong and asked grimly, “What happened? How did she suddenly end up like this?”

Ji Zitong was frightened by Mu Yuchen’s hostile and stern voice. She sighed and then maintained composure as she said, “Director Xi wanted to return to West Park and take a look. At the same time, she wanted to put up some New Year couplets to add some warmth. Unexpectedly, we bumped into Xi Xinyi. I was just parking the car. When I returned, I saw that Xi Xinyi had pushed Director Xi to the ground…”

“That means it was Xi Xinyi! Is she so fearless of death?” Mu Yuchen’s gloomy and cold voice came. His dark eyes became even more dreary and unfriendly in an instant.

“No! No, it wasn’t me! Chairman Mu, I didn’t push her! Someone pushed me from behind… Aah…”

Xi Xinyi had chased them from behind. Before she could finish, Mu Yuchen lost control and gripped her thin and fair neck with one hand!




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