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Xi Mushan did not say another word. When Xi Xinyi snapped back to her senses, the sound of a car starting was heard. Gradually, the sound grew distant until she could hear nothing apart from the cool breeze that rustled past.

Xi Xinyi felt her heart ache. She could not help but quietly squat down as she buried her head in her hands to calm down for a long while. when she looked up again, her eyes had reddened. she seemed to be in a sorry state while being wan and sallow as well. Evidently, she had not been having it good in recent times.

She had called Han Yifeng many times, but not one call ever went through. He had long changed his number. Even when she called the place they stayed at before that, the occupants had changed. This was when she realized that Han Yifeng was thoroughly cutting her off this time. She probably could not call for his return any more. Apart from the anger and suffering she felt, the love she once had gradually turned to resentment.

At this moment, Xi Xinyi would not have known that just not too far behind her, a black car was parked by the roadside, and Gu Lingsha was apathetically seated in the front passenger seat, taking all of this in. Her exquisite appearance revealed a sneer with some degree of disdain.

This morning, when Xi Xinyi went to Qi Kai, she was there at the same time too. She overheard her trying to look for Xi Mushan, so she set her heart on it then and there.

Xi Mushan… Of course, she was quite familiar with this name. He was the previous mayor of City Z of whom she had heard much about. In fact, she did not forget that Xi Mushan was Xi Xiaye’s father. Upon seeing that Xi Xinyi’s expression was out of place, she quietly followed her and saw this scene!

She thought to herself that Xi Xinyi was probably heartbroken, and a person like her under such circumstances would be much easier for her to use.

The sneer on Gu Lingsha’s face became even more obvious as she looked at Xi Xinyi who was hugging herself tightly with enjoyment.

After a while, Xi Xinyi sniffed and stood up powerlessly. She took one final look at West Park before dragging her heavy feet to walk towards her car that she had parked at the roadside.

Yet, just as she reached the corner turn of the pavement, she noticed a luxurious Bentley driving slowly towards her. The Bentley stopped steadily by the roadside, and the car door at the backseat opened, revealing an elegant dark figure that slowly got down from the car.

Her black coat hid her whole body. She still had waist-length hair and wore sunglasses. She seemed to be holding a few crimson words that said ‘fortune’.

Xi Xiaye!

When she took a better look at the figure in front of her, Xi Xinyi was shocked.

She came!

Xi Xinyi’s gaze instantly turned sharp. She subconsciously stopped walking and watched without batting an eyelid at Xi Xiaye who was slowly getting closer.

Xi Xinyi was not the only one shocked. Gu Lingsha, who was in the car beside Xi Xinyi, was bewildered too!

it was Xi Xiaye!

The two sisters…

Gu Lingsha quietly watched Xi Xiaye walk over and Xi Xinyi who stood unmoving. The coldness in her eyes flashed. She could not help but be delighted!

God was on her side!

Mu Yuchen, I told you, you would feel my pain too. Look, has the opportunity not just presented itself?

When she saw Xi Xinyi before her, Xi Xiaye paused too, yet it was just an instant before she quickly pulled her gaze away and picked up her pace as she continued to walk ahead. She wanted to quietly walk past Xi Xinyi.

“Xi Xiaye!” Xi Xinyi subconsciously turned to her side and called out for Xi Xiaye. Her voice was dense with mixed emotions. She thought that if she gave in for a while and talked to Xi Xiaye, perhaps…

However, before she could say anything, just as the words “Xi Xiaye” came out, she could already feel herself being pushed hard from behind. Caught off-guard, she staggered forward, unable to stop herself!

Xi Xiaye only felt a strong wind whistle past her ear. Before she could react, she instantly felt like she was falling before she crumpled hard to the ground, and then she felt the coldness as excruciating pain smothered her!

Xi Xinyi screeched because she had been cushioned by Xi Xiaye as she fell hard on her!


Xi Xiaye did not have time to feel the pain flood her senses. She reflexively tried to protect her baby bump with both trembling hands as she could feel like something seemed to be drained from her belly…

She clenched her fists in panic while fear surged in her. In an instant, her clear eyes were colored with misty despair. Bitter fear filled her throat and she almost could not shout while her mind went blank!

Xi Xinyi’s both hands held Xi Xiaye’s baby bump tightly. Only she knew how hard she had hit into her. In horror, she quickly got up and widened her eyes at Xi Xiaye. She only felt warm wetness on her fingertips. Panicking, she subconsciously looked over. This was when she realized…


Bright red blood…

They were all over her fingers…

Xi Xinyi was extremely frightened. She trembled all over as she looked at the blood stains on her finger and said incoherently in panic, “No, no, it wasn’t me… It wasn’t me! Someone pushed me! Someone pushed me! It wasn’t me…”

As she screeched, she turned to look behind her to find that it was already empty. There was no one!

However, she remembered clearly that a black car was parked right behind her earlier! It was the person in the car that pushed her. That was how she had knocked into Xi Xiaye!

It was not her fault!

Not her fault at all!

It was the person in the car. Who was it? Who was it?

Xi Xiaye painfully clutched her belly. She finally found her voice after much effort, and her raspy voice sounded desperate. “My child… Zitong… Zitong… Save it. Save my child, Zitong…”

Ji Zitong was reversing her car when she saw this scene before her. She was dumbfounded.

“Director Xi!” She quickly rushed up to her and kicked the dazed Xi Xinyi to the side as she lifted Xi Xiaye up in a panic.

“Zitong, hurry… Hurry! Quickly send me to the hospital… My child, I can’t lose it!”

Xi Xiaye was panting and begging with much difficulty. Her pale face was already sweating as she painfully gripped onto Ji Zitong’s sleeve.




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