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(Reunion (3)

Xi Xiaye smiled. “Great, then I’ll call you Xiao Rui from now on, and you shan’t call me ‘Aunty’ anymore. You have to call me ‘Mother’, and you’ll call this handsome uncle ‘Father’. Xiao Rui, you’ll also have grandparents too, okay?”

Mu Zirui nodded obediently. He dropped his defenses after meeting them several times and was quite fond of Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen.

“Then, what should you be calling us now?” While Xi Xiaye was patient with the child, she was also full of expectations.

Mu Zirui looked at Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye uncertainly. Moments later, he started saying softly, “Father… Mother…”

Xi Xiaye’s heart softened as she heard his childish voice. She glanced at the man beside her with her eyes all glittery.

“This kind, old man is your great-grandfather. Come over and greet him,” Xi Xiaye introduced.

Mu Zirui looked over and saw Shen Yue giving him a smile while drinking tea beside the coffee table. He then called out to Shen Yue’s delight, “Great-grandfather!”

Shen Yue nodded his head and gave Mu Zirui a red packet. “Good! This kid looks smart. I like him. Here, take this.”

Mu Zirui glanced at Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. After seeing them nod, he took the red packet graciously. “Thank you, Great-grandfather!”

“That’s my sweet child! Come, I’ll bring you to take a look at your room.”

Shen Yue had always liked kids, and it had been a long time since the Shen Residence was so lively. With another little one being there, he did feel a little more hopeful. In time, he would be able to spend time with the child and teach him lots of things so that he could fill up the regret of not being able to do the same with Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye was relieved when they both walked away together. “I knew Grandfather would love him.”

Mu Yuchen nodded with a smile.

The two of them went straight to the airport after a simple lunch at the Shen residence. Mu Zirui and Shen Yue stayed at home. He wanted to teach the child how to play chess, but unexpectedly, he already knew how to, much to Shen Yue’s joy.

As the car was on its way to the airport, Xi Xiaye kept checking the time on her phone.

“By the way, the long holiday starts next weekend, right? About the company’s anniversary dinner…” She suddenly remembered.

“It will be on Friday, and the holiday will start on Saturday. I’ll get things done in the next two days, and then we’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the time.”

“Mmm, I’m just thinking that we should have our reunion dinner at Maple Residence. With my parents back together, it will be a full reunion this time and I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

“Anything you wish.”

The airport was extremely crowded due to the peak period. The frequency of the flights from City A to City Z, as well as many other cities, was increased to fulfill the demands.

Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna had already touched down when Xi Xiaye called Xi Mushan. They were on their way out through the VIP tunnel.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were waiting for them at the exit.

As Xi Xiaye was getting impatient, Mu Yuchen nudged her. “They’re here!”

Xi Xiaye looked in front and saw them.

Shen Wenna was wrapped in a simple and comfortable coat. Inside, she was wearing a knee-length dress. She had a pair of large sunglasses with a puppy in her hands, appearing elegant as usual.

Beside her was Xi Mushan wearing a black coat with a dark-colored suit on the inside. He was dragging a suitcase in one hand as he glanced over at Shen Wenna occasionally with a gentle gaze.

A perfect couple!

That was how Xi Xiaye felt about her parents.

“Mr. Mu, do you think I’ll be as beautiful as Mother when I reach her age?” Xi Xiaye turned over and asked.

“Of course, how dare you question Mrs. Mu’s beauty?” Mu Yuchen smiled as he casually took his arm off her shoulder. She smiled before she moved forward.

“Father, Mother!”


Shen Wenna left Little Apple with Xi Mushan and then took off her glasses.

“Mother, can you really see now?”

Shen Wenna hugged Xi Xiaye. “Mmm, I can! It must’ve been tough for you, Xiaye. How’s everything? My grandchild is getting so big now.”

As Shen Wenna was giving Xi Xiaye a warm hug, she touched Xi Xiaye’s baby bump.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “There’s another one at home too. I’m sure Grandpa and you guys won’t feel lonely anymore.”

“It’s Xiao Rui, right? Ah Chen told me and your father about it during our call.” Shen Wenna patted Xi Xiaye’s shoulder and then turned around to look at Xi Mushan.

“Ah Chen, Xiaye!” Xi Mushan came over as well.

“Father, Mother, welcome back! Grandpa got the servants to prepare food at home to welcome you two back. The weather is freezing right now, so let’s head back home.” Mu Yuchen grabbed the suitcases from Xi Mushan.

“Alright, let’s talk at home then. Little Apple, come and see your parents. It’s spoilt by staying with us for too long. It doesn’t even greet people now.” Shen Wenna smiled.

“So, this small fella is Little Apple?”

“Mmm, Ah Chen sent it over. Things were easier thanks to it.”

The sky had just turned dark when they arrived at the Shen residence. Dinner was ready and the whole family sat around the dining table.

Shen Yue did not give Xi Mushan any trouble. Instead, he was busy getting food for Mu Zirui. It was obvious to see that he was pretty fond of this child.

The dinner went on harmoniously.

Mu Yuchen and Shen Yue went into the study room to talk after dinner while Xi Xiaye, Xi Mushan, and Shen Wenna were watching TV in the living room. Mu Zirui was playing with Little Apple.

The house became much livelier with two little ones around. Mu Zirui was adapting well and had gotten used to things around here after a day. He was happily playing with Little Apple now.




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