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While Xi Xiaye knew that Wang Hui and Mu Yinan often argued, their squabbles were usually not very serious. However, this time it seemed like Mu Yinan was really incensed.

This old lady had even run away from him. How could Mu Yinan take it?

In the past, Mu Yinan was always the one to apologize first, but now it seemed that something triggered him to even say words like “sl**”.

“Grandfather, Grandmother will be staying over at Maple Residence tonight. Come over tomorrow if you need anything, and you know the consequences if you actually do that very well.” Mu Yuchen was very calm, not revealing any emotions.

“Why shouldn’t it be your grandmother coming back? I’m not going over. No! She’s too arrogant. How could she be so inconsiderate? Is Su Chen with you right now?” Mu Yinan scoffed unhappily.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Mm-hmm, he brought some wild game over.”

“Leave some for me. I’ll head over tomorrow morning. Remember to leave some for me, and don’t tell your grandmother that I called. That’s all! Bye!” Mu Yinan hung up before Mu Yuchen could reply.

Mu Yuchen frowned as he glanced at Wang Hui whose expression had turned into a storm.

Su Chen and Qi Lei were still laughing, especially the latter since this was the first time stumbling across something so interesting about the former Chairman Mu. He only knew that they were a role model couple. They really were precious!

The old Chairman Mu must have had his hands full with Wang Hui at home!

“Alright, Grandmother. I’m sure Grandfather is just joking. He won’t do it, so don’t be angry.” Xi Xiaye quickly offered some words of comfort since Wang Hui was getting angry.

“He’s provoking me! Your grandfather’s temper is getting worse and worse. I can’t stand him anymore! He gets angry so easily. If I get sick somehow, it will be his fault!” Wang Hui took a deep breath and glanced at them. Fortunately, she was still able to control her temper.

Su Chen tried to say something as well. The only most indifferent about the whole situation was Mu Yuchen. He casually put some food on Xi Xiaye’s plate and picked out the fish bones as if nothing happened just now. He was totally unfazed.

“Grandmother, the fact that Grandfather called means he cares.” Xi Xiaye closed in and whispered, “You should listen to Grandfather too.”

“How can I just let him be? You cannot let Ah Chen be like that as well. If you treat him too well, he’ll only make it worse.”

Xi Xiaye gave Mu Yuchen a mischievous smile.

That was how Wang Hui finally moved into Maple Residence. Anyway, they were well-prepared for it since she planned to move in before.

After dinner, Wang Hui dragged Xi Xiaye to chat in the living room while Mu Yuchen, Su Chen, and Qi Lei went into the study room.

Inside the huge and comfortable study room, Mu Yuchen was sitting on the sofa as Su Chen sat beside him and prepared some tea while Qi Lei sat opposite them.

“This tea is pretty fragrant.”

Su Chen liked tea. Since he knew a thing or two about them, he commented on it after taking a sip. Then, he handed Qi Lei and Mu Yuchen a cup each as well.

“My friend gave it to me. Take some back with you later.”

Su Chen waved. “It’s fine. I have too much tea at home. Pu’er tea isn’t my favorite. I prefer green tea. By the way, about Gu Lingsha…”

Su Chen suddenly stopped and looked at Qi Lei who was quietly enjoying his tea and was not really showing any expression. He then continued, “What’s with Gu Lingsha? I got a call from Li Si. I thought something happened to Xi Xiaye.”

Mu Yuchen looked down at his teacup, not replying Su Chen. Instead, Qi Lei threw Mu Yuchen a doubtful glance before looking at Su Chen again.

Since Mu Yuchen did not say anything, Su Chen hissed at Qi Lei, “You, say something!”

Qi Lei shrugged. “Say what? I’m not involved. I have no idea what happened. Why don’t you ask Xiaye about it? I’m sure she knows about it very well.”

“Don’t act dumb. Everyone knows that you were helping Gu Lingsha out when it happened. Why is Gu Lingsha back? Why didn’t she stay abroad and returned instead?”

Similar to Ah Mo, Su Chen was stunned when he found out that Gu Lingsha had returned to City Z, so his vigilance heightened.

“Is she really back for revenge? But how did we not find anything about Qi Feng at all? Is Qi Feng really dead?”

“Qi Feng is alive. That’s one thing I can be sure of!”

Qi Lei gave a firm reply, “I tested that old man this morning. All the signs point towards the fact that my father knows Qi Feng’s whereabouts. Moreover, I asked Shasha about it before as well. She told me she forgot what happened after she woke up. However, knowing Shasha, I think she’s hiding something from me.”

“Can’t you think of a way to get it out of her?” Su Chen stared at Qi Lei. “Or can’t you?”

Qi Lei shrugged his shoulders innocently without replying.

“Say something. Don’t be dumb right now!” Su Chen glanced at Mu Yuchen and said.

“I’ve seen Gu Lingsha,” Mu Yuchen casually said, “I know why she’s back. I tracked everyone she came into contact with, and Ah Mo found some of her secret call logs which I’m still investigating. I got several numbers, but I’m not sure if they are related to Qi Feng. We might have missed out on a lot in five years.”

“While the amount of work to be done is aplenty, it’s the most reliable method. Think of a way to find out where those numbers come from.”




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