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(Long Live Elder)

Wang Hui stood there by the door while the butler beside her carried two huge luggage bags.

Xi Xiaye had a few more months of pregnancy to go, so it was time for Wang Hui to come over and take care of her. She had already informed Xi Xiaye about her intention a few days ago when Mu Yuchen got back. All the company matters would be passed to him while she rested at ease. Xi Xiaye agreed to that too.

That was why Wang Hui immediately packed up her things to stay at Maple Residence. Sis Wang had previously packed a lot of things as well.

However, she was not quite sure of the current situation. While Su Chen being there was not odd, why was this Qi Lei there too?

Previously, Qi Lei and Xi Xiaye had some scandals that made it to the papers. In fact, Wang Hui had some impression of Qi Lei from before, so she could immediately recognize him!

Could it be as the newspaper had said?

Had Qi Lei and Ah Chen become good friends?


Wang Hui did not believe that!

She did not forget the effect of the incident from five years ago had on them. The relationship between the Mus and the Qis were tense. Qi Lei caused quite a lot of trouble for Mu Yuchen back then too. Even though they had never interacted face-to-face, Wang Hui’s impression of him was not positive at all!

“Grandmother? Why did you rush over so late?” Xi Xiaye spoke up first. She glanced at Mu Yuchen who remained calm before subconsciously getting up.

“Grandma Mu, long time no see. Wow, you look younger now!” greeted Su Chen after he stopped what he was doing.

“Sis Wang, please prepare a set of cutlery for Grandmother.” Mu Yuchen got up to pull open the chair at the seat beside him.

“I see that it’s quite lively here. Su Chen, I just called your family earlier. Your Elder was nagging about when you’d be home. They were thinking about introducing a girl to you, yet you came back without a sound or a word! You’re quite capable now, aren’t you?!”

Wang Hui handed the bags in her hand to the servants that came up to her. As she walked over, she ordered the butler to bring the things to the room.

However, she did not sit at the chair that Mu Yuchen had pulled open for her. Instead, she sat on the chair beside Qi Lei, her sharp eyes fixated on the latter. Even Qi Lei could not help but shudder at that manner. He subconsciously shivered in trepidation!

He knew that the Mu family’s Elder Madam had been in the army and had an extraordinary presence. Years ago, the Elder of the Mu family was famous for being a player in City Z. After that, he fell into this woman’s hands, and her iron fist was ruthless, so Qi Lei immediately became on guard.

Judging by those pair of sharp and narrowed eyes, Qi Lei could tell that Wang Hui had a strong fighting spirit. He could not help but sigh to himself. As he was about to say something, Wang Hui spoke up first. With that insincere smile on her face, Qi Lei was nerve-wracked at this sight.

“Isn’t this Master Qi? What brings you here?”

Qi Lei tensed up. He quickly got up and forced a laugh. “Just the northern wind. All hail Elder Madam Mu!” That demonic smile lingered on his handsome face as usual. Then, he even subconsciously did a bow!

That very accurate gesture of salutation with his smile looked discordant. Xi Xiaye could not help but giggle out loud.

Wang Hui’s graying brows raised as she looked at Qi Lei in shock. Then, she asked amusedly, “What did you just say?”

“The great Elder Madam Mu, I, Qi Lei, bow to you!” Qi Lei said with a playful smile.

Wang Hui was about to say something when Mu Yuchen suddenly said, “Master Qi is my guest. It’s already quite late. Grandmother, why did you rush over? Have you had dinner?”

When she heard Mu Yuchen, Wang Hui then turned to him, meeting his deep and unfathomable gaze. Moments after she seemed to have understood something, she eased off a little and said, “Never mind. I fought with your grandfather. I was annoyed, so I rushed out of the house.”

As Wang Hui said this, she took the cutlery Sis Wang handed her.

“Grandmother Mu, you fought with Grandfather Mu again?”

Su Chen looked at Wang Hui in amusement. He knew that this pair of elders from the Mu family seemed to have been fighting their whole lives, but from the way they were, they seemed to be more loving the more they fought.

Wang Hui waved her hand and said gloomily, “Your Grandfather Mu’s too egoistic. The dish he made was clearly not appetizing. It’s far too different from restaurant standards. I made a comment, and he became angry. What kind of person does that? Why can’t he be criticized? I was commenting because I think highly of him. If he can’t do it, then he can’t. What’s he so angry about?!”

Upon hearing that, Su Chen laughed, and then looked pitifully at Mu Yuchen.

It was these petty things again, but he could already predict what was going to happen after this!

Indeed, just as Su Chen had this thought, the phone on the coffee table by the sofa suddenly buzzed.

Sis Wang went to pick it up. It was from the Mu residence.

“Master, it’s the Elder! He’s telling you to answer it.”

When Sis Wang finished, Mu Yuchen had already taken the napkin from the side and elegantly wiped his mouth before reaching his hand out to her.

“Grandfather, it’s me.” Mu Yuchen’s deep voice was heard.

“Your grandmother went to you, didn’t she?” Mu Yinan’s voice came, and Mu Yuchen could clearly hear that it contained unhappiness.

“Mmm, she just arrived and is having dinner. Have you had dinner, Grandfather?”

Mu Yinan scoffed at this. Clearly, he was still angry. “Tell your grandmother that I’ve pulled out all of her marigolds on the balcony! Pulled them all out! And don’t think that I will be feeding that parrot for her. Also, I won’t be going home to sleep tonight either. I’m going to the hot springs with CEO Meng, the one with sl**s! There are sl**s! I’ll be there the whole night!”

Elder Chairman Mu emphasized those last few words for effect. In fact, he said it very loudly too, so not only did Xi Xiaye hear it clearly from the side, but even Qi Lei and Su Chen heard him!

Qi Lei spat out a mouthful of alcohol when he heard it!

He choked a bit and coughed profusely for a while before flashing Mu Yuchen a thumbs-up. He could not help but laugh. “Amazing! Elder Mu is awe-inspiring and truly valiant!”

Su Chen already convulsed with laughter as he shouted at Mu Yuchen, “Hahaha… Grandfather Mu, don’t forget to bring me along! Grandfather Mu, let’s be bros!”

Wang Hui’s aged face instantly became as dark as the bottom of a pot. She gripped her chopsticks tightly and said through gritted teeth, “How dare he?! Rebelling now!”

Then, Wang Hui slammed her chopsticks onto the table. Even Xi Xiaye was frightened by her stern manner, but in the end, she could not help but purse her lips. It was tough to hold back her laughter!




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