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(Consensus (4)

Especially after that squabble with Qi Qiming that morning, the fact that he could hear these words right now moved him.

Qi Lei did not think he was someone who could be easily touched. Had Xi Xiaye’s words today came from someone else, he might not think of it as anything, but since it was her who said these things to him personally, he did not feel doubtful at all. Instead, he could not help but feel something surge inside him.

“Of course, apart from hoping that we can be friends, whether it’s from the perspective of a business partner or as a friend, we hope that you can redeem yourself. We have to walk outside to face the sun. Fate is like that too. Back then, I was silly. I thought that if I worked harder, I’d be able to salvage some things. In the end, I realized that I’d never actually gotten anything, so there was no so-called ‘loss’. Master Qi, you’re a smart person. I’m sure you don’t need me to spell out the rest,” said Xi Xiaye softly as she looked at him calmly.

Qi Lei lowered his gaze, pondering it momentarily, and then nodded. “I know about your past too, and I know all those things you did for Han Yifeng. Sadly, Han Yifeng wasn’t lucky enough. The fact that you can honestly tell me about these things means that you must’ve gotten over it personally, but I heard that he was so sad that he left City Z. When he left, he even brought Xi Xinyi’s son away with him. Xi Xinyi almost broke down. She frequently gets angry at the office, and many people daren’t go against her. Before Han Yifeng left, he probably went to look for you, didn’t he?”

“He did, and he apologized to me sincerely. Back then, I thought it was a little disappointing too. Someone that I had once put unlimited hope on to had, in the end, become another friend. Sometimes, you can’t help but lament about life. It is just so. But I hope he’s doing well.” Xi Xiaye surprisingly dissected the past.

“I’m grateful that he was still clear-headed in the end for not going against me with Xi Xinyi. This means that he does still have a moral compass within him and that he didn’t lose his true self. He firmly left with the child, wanting to give the child an innocent future, a brand new beginning. Just because of this alone, I should let go of everything, forgive him, and respect him,” Xi Xiaye spoke very calmly. When she said this, she did not reveal any emotions either. The light in her eyes was as calm as water.

Qi Lei’s heart could not help but pause. After a while, he lamented, “Xiaye, every time after I speak to you and your husband, I find myself much more cheered up. You’re as big-hearted as the sea. In terms of manner and generosity, I probably can’t compare to you.”

He thought that the indescribable appeal about her was probably this. Indifferent as the breeze, as calm as water, cold on the outside, warm in the heart.

“You don’t have to be humble. Mu Yuchen’s told me that you’re actually very smart. You just don’t want to fight for it. But just because you don’t fight for it, that doesn’t mean things will be at peace, such as Xi Xinyi and me… I’m grateful that fate has been on my side. If all of my misfortunes from before were meant to exchange for the simple happiness I have today, I suddenly feel like all those have actually become insignificant.”

When he heard Xi Xiaye, Qi Lei immediately smiled. He suddenly looked at her in amusement. “I suddenly find that you can’t stray far from talking about Mu Yuchen. Is he that great?”

Upon hearing that, Xi Xiaye instantly raised her brows and said like she was unaware, “Do I?”

Qi Lei smiled and nodded. “Of course, you do!”

Xi Xiaye smiled and then lowered her gaze, yet there was a sly light in her eyes. “Well, then I guess I do.”

“Do what?”

Before Xi Xiaye finished, a gentle voice suddenly came. She subconsciously turned, and the man already leaned down to plant a kiss on her forehead before straightening to look at Qi Lei across them.

Xi Xiaye reached out to gently remove the tie that he had simply pulled away as she laughed. “Nothing. I was just telling Master Qi that he should fully show off his personal charm and find a good woman.”

When Qi Lei heard that, he immediately rolled his eyes. “I’m still very young. I won’t fall into the cemetery of love so soon.”

Mu Yuchen glanced nonchalantly at him, and then scorned annoyingly, “You can try finding one, but you won’t find someone comparable to my wife.”

“Pfft, only Mu Yuchen’s wife is the national goddess now, huh? I’ve been irritated by you for a while now. I don’t see you being more handsome than me! What trick do you know about how to pick up girls?”

Qi Lei was extremely miserable. When he mentioned these tricks, he was confident that Mu Yuchen definitely could not compare to him. Most girls liked men such as him who knew when to come and when to leave and had thoughts to share, not cold ones like Mu Yuchen.

After he said that, he found it a little inappropriate, so he turned to look at Xi Xiaye apologetically. “Xiaye, I’m not saying anything about you! If I said you were very beautiful and charming, I’m afraid that your man will be shameless.”

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips into a smile and glanced at Mu Yuchen. She turned to whisper in his ear, “Look, it’s not just me who thinks that about you. You should really reflect on it tonight.”

“When do I even have time to reflect?”

“Why not?”

“Didn’t we say we were doing prenatal education for the baby?”

The atmosphere in the villa became rather lively.

However, as long as people like Qi Lei and Su Chen were around, it would not be quiet. Besides, Mu Yuchen’s cold humor only added to the atmosphere.

The meal was soon ready, and then the few of them sat around at the table.

“Xiaye, go bring a few bottles of good wine from the cellar. I know that Ah Chen brought back quite a lot of good quality whiskey from abroad. They will go in vain if they don’t accompany this dish.”

Su Chen loved alcohol, and he was quite a good drinker too. This time, going over to taste some good alcohol was one of his intentions.

“Quality whiskey? Is there a year? Xiaye, bring a few bottles over. I’ll bring two bottles back! I’ve been quite liking this flavor recently!”

When Su Chen said that, Qi Lei immediately waved at Xi Xiaye without any reservations, treating the place as if it were his home.

Upon hearing that, Xi Xiaye paused. There was a hint of a smile contained in her lips as she looked at Mu Yuchen. Meanwhile, he calmly helped her walk over and chivalrously pulled open the chair for her before ordering Sis Wang, “Sis Wang, please bring the four bottles on the second level of the shelf over.”

Mu Yuchen kept a lot of good alcohol in his personal cellar. However, after he married Xi Xiaye, he rarely drank, especially when she got pregnant. Even if he did drink sometimes, it would be with Su Chen and the rest, or when he was socializing for business.

“Okay, Master Mu!” Sis Wang respectfully responded, and then went to get the wine.

By the time the wine was brought up, the few of them had begun feasting. They were all quite casually chatting, much to the surprise of Wang Hui who had rushed over!




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