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(Consensus (2)

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought before nodding. Then, she stood up slowly and started packing her stuff. “Okay, I had hotpot for lunch, so let’s eat something simple for dinner. Grandmother is moving over in two days. Let’s see if she needs anything.”

Mu Yuchen grabbed the briefcase she handed him. “We don’t lack anything at home, so don’t worry about it. You won’t feel lonely anymore after she moves over. How’s the handover of work coming along?”

“It’ll be done this Friday. There are just some small matters left. Luckily, Vice President Zhang Lan has been working on the South River project all along. I’d have a hard time dealing with it alone. Vice President Liu is working hard on Movie City. Several capable personnel was transferred externally. We should promote some people at the end of the year,” Xi Xiaye reminded.

The company would usually promote a batch of people every two years, but having undergone a lot of expansions recently, many people were transferred externally and the issue of insufficient manpower started to arise in the headquarters.

“I’ve informed the HR Department about it. You can offer some recommendations if you find anyone suitable. Given the scale of our company, we won’t focus on expansion. Instead, we’ll stabilize the market we have right now. We can leave this to them. At the same time, I can spend more time with you.”

Mu Yuchen held the briefcase with one hand and grabbed her waist with the other as they walked out.

The two of them went shopping at the supermarket after getting a trim at a salon nearby the Grand Waves Villa area. The sky turned dark when they returned to Maple Residence. However, the whole Grand Waves Villa area was shrouded in bright light, making it look dreamy amidst the rain.

When Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye arrived home, they noticed two pairs of leather shoes on the shoe rack much to their surprise.

Sis Wang came over and took the bags from Mu Yuchen as she said, “Master, Missus, Master Su Chen just came over with a lot of stuff. Master Qi came over as well. They came in together and are now working inside the kitchen. They are actually cooking dinner together!”

“Qi Lei is here as well?” Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows in surprise as she glanced at him.

Su Chen’s appearance was not odd since she had seen his huge Land Rover parked outside. He must have arrived not too long ago, but why was Qi Lei there? And the two of them cooking? Xi Xiaye did not know when the two of them had become this close!

Mu Yuchen shot her a gentle glance before he lowered his head and whispered beside her ear, “I’ll tell you about it tonight. Have a seat first. I’ll go and take a look. Sis Wang!”

“Yes, Master!”

Sis Wang quickly helped Xi Xiaye toward the sofa. She then told a servant to prepare some warm water for Xi Xiaye to wash her hands.

When he arrived at the entrance of the kitchen, he could hear the rattling of the kitchen utensils and the tap water running.

Mu Yuchen went inside to see Su Chen casually stir-frying something while Qi Lei was focused on washing vegetables. Two of them were chatting with each other.

“Your assistant came to my department to look for the security camera footage. You seem pretty concerned about Gu Lingsha. I didn’t expect you to get worked up over one single woman with your reputation as a Casanova on the streets, Master Qi.”

Su Chen glanced at Qi Lei. “Sometimes, I really don’t know what Ah Chen is thinking. Why would he befriend you? I heard you hold a grudge against him because of Lingtian and that woman. Is that true?”

“Even Mu Yuchen doesn’t talk to me about this. Master Su is pretty concerned about Mu Yuchen, huh?” Qi Lei let out a cold laugh and shot a glance at Su Chen.

Su Chen put on a cold smile. “Of course, I’m concerned about my brother. I have a good grasp of your personality. Don’t even think that you can talk it over. I won’t say anything since it’s Ah Chen’s decision, but I just want to give you a piece of friendly advice. Ah Chen is genuine about being friends with you. However, if you were to try something funny, I will eliminate you before he even notices it! If you’re not affected by the conflict between the Mus and the Qis, I suggest that you not get involved at all.”

Qi Lei always knew that Mu Yuchen, Su Chen, and Zhou Zimo were very close to each other, and they were all important figures in City Z. Nonetheless, he did not expect Su Chen to be so protective of Mu Yuchen. Moreover Su Chen was not a person to be messed with because the Su family was very influential in the political scene, and of course, the Mu family was very powerful as well!

Qi Lei was glad that he did not make Mu Yuchen an enemy.

“I’m no busybody. I have my reasons of being here. I’m sure Master Su wouldn’t accuse me without any reason.”

“Just a preventive measure. There’s nothing to be anxious about.” Su Chen smiled. As he was about to say something else, the door behind him opened, and the two of them turned around to notice Mu Yuchen coming in.

“You’re back!” Su Chen greeted him before continued to work on his cooking. “I heard from the police the issue is solved now, but Gu Lingsha is serious business. Just one move and she made you come back from thousands of miles away. You need to be more careful. Are Xiaye’s friends alright?”

Mu Yuchen glanced at Qi Lei and nodded his head. “They are fine. Why are you guys here?”

“I got a call from Zimo and found out you rushed back here. I just came back not too long ago as well, so I decided to visit and see how things are going.” Su Chen then handed the plated food to Mu Yuchen before throwing Qi Lei a sharp glance. “I brought some wild game over to enjoy. I unexpectedly met him at the supermarket, so we both came together.”

Qi Lei put the washed potatoes on the chopping board as he replied, “Yang Sheng told me you wanted to see me tomorrow. I just came tonight since I had time. I’m leaving City Z tomorrow and will only be back several days later. I hope you don’t mind me joining in for dinner again.”



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