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Xi Xiaye only found out about Su Nan’s condition near the evening. She guessed it was the work of her man when Su Nan called her and told her about it.

“Xiaye, I’m really lucky this time. You don’t have to worry about me. The hospital organized a team of specialists for Ruan Heng to undergo a checkup. From what they told me, they’ll be contacting the hospitals abroad if he’s still unconscious after some time. The medical technology abroad could be more advanced and maybe they can help Ruan Heng regain consciousness!”

Su Nan’s tone of voice became cheerful once again and she did not sound as lifeless as before. Xi Xiaye was pleased for her as she nodded. “Mmm, that’s great. I’m sure Ruan Heng will wake up. You have to take care of yourself and Xiao Chenxi. Ruan Heng’s parents have been pretty exhausted lately. Don’t make them worry too much.”

“Mmm, I know, Xiaye! I’m really grateful for you! Please thank Master Mu for me as well. I know he has done a lot for us. Thank you so much!”

Su Nan sobbed, “I was too reckless and lost control. I finally understand it after this incident. Xiaye, you’re stronger and braver than me. I should view you as my role model! People will only grow after going through hardships. I think I’ve never faced a challenge this tough before. I think this might be a test for me.”

Xi Xiaye had a smile on her face when she heard Su Nan’s words. “Nannan, your awareness is amazing. Just be more careful in the future.”

“Mmm, I got it. You’ll see a brand new me!”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Xi Xiaye smiled as she glanced at her phone before hanging up on the call.

“Who called? Why do you look so happy?”

When Xi Xiaye just hung up, the office door opened and the man walked in.

Xi Xiaye’s smile grew wider when she saw that familiar figure of his. She enjoyed his scent as she gazed at him for a long while. Eventually, her voice reached him. “About Su Nan and Ruan Heng… You did something, didn’t you?”

Her voice sounded like she was almost sure. She extended her cold hand and grabbed his when he stopped beside her.

Mu Yuchen smiled without saying anything. Then, he helped her to keep the files on the table away.

“I know that there’s nothing my Mr. Mu can’t do.” Xi Xiaye chuckled and then left a kiss on his cheek.

Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows as he turned around to look at her. His gaze was fixated on her lips, his intention as clear as the sky.

Xi Xiaye turned her head around and smiled, avoiding his gaze.

“Is that all I get for my hard work?” he teased.

“What else… Mmm!” As she turned around and was about to say something else, he closed in.

Startled, she then soon gave in.

He wanted to enjoy this moment longer, but there was the sound of footsteps outside the door!

When Assistant Xiao Mei came in with a bunch of documents, she stopped and was shocked to see them in the middle of being intimate!

Chairman Mu and Director Xi…

She even saw Chairman Mu’s hand inside Director Xi’s clothes…

Her eyes widened as she spun around. The two of them separated from each other. Director Xi was frantically fixing her messy outfit while Chairman Mu helped her before looking toward the door with a frown!

Xiao Mei panicked. “I’m sorry, Chairman Mu! I didn’t see or hear anything. I did knock on the door!”

Xi Xiaye coughed and glared at him. She pushed him away and looked at Xiao Mei guiltily.”What’s the matter?”

“Director Xi, these are the samples from Qi Kai. There are also two documents that require your signature. Please take a look!” Xiao Mei carefully handed the documents over.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and was about to grab them when the man swiftly took them and said, “You can leave first. Close the door.”

“Yes, Chairman Mu!” Xiao Mei was too afraid to say anything else, so she quickly bowed and closed the door after she left.

Xi Xiaye turned around and frowned at him after the door was closed. “I noticed that you hardly care about maintaining your image lately.”

Mu Yuchen seemed indifferent as he grabbed her and sat down on the chair before pulling her onto his lap. “So what if people see us? There’s nothing wrong with me being nice to my wife. They should be complimenting me as a good role model husband.”

He was getting more and more shameless. How did she not notice this before?

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him before taking the documents back from him. While she flipped through them, Mu Yuchen came closer and took a glance.

“Are you done with work? It’s not time to get off work yet.”

She glanced at him. It was winter right now and the sky would usually turn dark at around 5 p.m. However, it was not even 5 p.m. and the sky was already dark. In addition to the rain, it looked like it was late at night.

“Mmm, I finished early today. I’ll bring you for a haircut. Weren’t you complaining that your nutrients aren’t keeping up yesterday?”

He grabbed her pen. After looking through the document and checking for errors, he swiftly signed it at the bottom. His strong and powerful strokes made Xi Xiaye’s eyes brighten, and he noticed her reactions. “Do you want to learn?”

She shook her head. “There are things I would like to just appreciate. I might not appreciate it anymore after learning it. Alright, I’ll take a look at the documents from Qi Kai. Qi Lei called me before and said these materials are important. There’s a need for multiple comparisons.”

“He’s quite wholehearted about this project.”

Mu Yuchen smiled and closed the document. “We’ll look at it tonight. Pack your things and let’s go home. I’ll make you a delicious dinner later.”




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