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Qi Qiming’s expression was terrible. His pupils dilated as he glared at the cheeky Qi Lei. Just as he was about to say something, Qi Lei shrugged and turned towards the door to walk out.

Qi Qiming stood up and just watched as Qi Lei disappear outside the door. His gaze was complicated. However, disgust filled his eyes suddenly when he thought about Wang Qin, and his expression turned cold again.

When Qi Lei walked out, he saw Wang Qin standing aside calmly. A faint light flashed past in her eyes. She seemed worked up, a little smug, and slightly irritated altogether. There were a lot of mixed feelings within her, so she was not sure what to say at the moment.

Qi Lei just took a short pause before continuing to move forward again.

She turned towards Qi Lei and called out to him, “Xiao Lei!”

Qi Lei did not reply or stop. He marched into the elevator and took a deep breath as the door closed. Then, he slowly closed his eyes.

Startled, Wang Qin’s eyes darkened as she took a deep breath. Moments later, she returned to her usual self before entering Qi Qiming’s office.

Inside the office, Qi Qiming was gazing at the door quietly. His eyes darkened when he saw Wang Qin enter, and he sat down.

“Why did you ask Xiao Lei to see you?” Wang Qin stood before Qi Qiming’s table and asked while giving him a cold stare.

Qi Qiming just glanced at her before turning his back to her. “What now? As CEO of Qi Kai, can’t I ask a subordinate to report the company’s progress to me? Don’t forget. Do you think you would have had a son without me?”

Qi Qiming’s voice sounded annoyed, making Wang Qin’s expression shadow quickly. “Qi Qiming, you’re such a bastard!”

Instead of getting angry, Qi Qiming started laughing. He turned his chair around and studied Wang Qin who wore a cold expression. Standing up, he stared at her over the table. “Did you make him give me that speech? Give up on inheriting Qi Kai? Do you think I’m stupid? You’re such a greedy, self-absorbed woman. You were giving me such a hard time at the meeting two days ago. Do you think I’ll believe two of you now?”

Wang Qin cackled as her tone turned sarcastic. “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but I know you won’t just let it slide. Qi Feng will never be able to take over Qi Kai as long as I’m alive! I would rather destroy everything than let you bastards enjoy it!”

Qi Qiming clenched his fists as veins popped up on his forehead. He walked over towards her. In response, she took a step back but he was quicker as he grabbed her jaw and ruthlessly said, “Repeat what you said just now!”

Wang Qin did not cower even though her jaw was in pain. “I’ll say it as many times as you want. I’ll never allow you bastards to enjoy these while my son loses everything. Kill me if you can!”

Qi Qiming let out a cold laugh and nodded. “Great, just great! Wang Qin, I almost forgot that you’ve never taken me seriously, you evil woman! I’ll see what you can do now! Witch!”

Before Wang Qin could react, he grabbed her collar and dragged her inside the resting lounge by the side.

Wang Qin’s face turned pale as her eyes were filled with anger. “Qi Qiming! What are you doing? If you do that again I’m going to kill— Ah!”

Her scream drowned inside the room along with the sound of something falling over.

An hour later, on the sofa inside the resting room, Wang Qin was lying down while panting. Her clothes and hair were a mess. Qi Qiming shot her a distant glance as he picked up his clothes.


As Qi Qiming was buttoning his shirt, Wang Qin slapped his face! She sat up and glared at his face in disgust. “Qi Qiming, you disgust me!”

Qi Qiming’s eyes darkened as he touched his cheek. He instantly returned a slap to Wang Qin, and her face swelled up. The hatred in Wang Qin’s eyes grew even stronger.

“Why didn’t you say anything just now!? You dirty witch! Do you think I don’t know that you were involved in the accident back then? Otherwise, how could Qi Lei have gotten away with it? You’re even on good terms with Glory World now! Did you plan it with Mu Yuchen? You just want to kill them in order for your son to take over Qi Kai?” Qi Qiming grabbed her jaw and demanded.

“Qi Qiming, don’t accuse me! The incident has been proven to be just an accident. The case files are at the police station! You can go and check them. I have nothing to do with it!” Wang Qin clenched her teeth.

“Didn’t you marry into the Qi family these past decades for the sake of our inheritance? Hmph!”

“I’ve never hidden my intentions of getting the Qi family’s inheritance! But those rightfully belong to Xiao Lei! Qi Feng is just an illegitimate child! Even your father said that. You’re just bullying us! Who does Qi Feng think he is? What right does he have to take Xiao Lei’s possessions? You treated him as your son, but isn’t my son yours as well? What did I do wrong to deserve this?”

Wang Qin released her anger as she grabbed Qi Qiming’s collar. Her eyes were filled with hatred and pain.

“Do you want to know what you did wrong? You were wrong to marry me! I’m the one who’s in control, yet you try to control me? Witch! Who do you think you are? Qi Lei is unlucky to have you as his mother! The wife of the CEO of Qi Kai? You’re not worthy!”

“Qi Qiming, one day, I’ll make you surrender to me! Let me go!” Wang Qin struggled as she tried to push Qi Qiming, who was still on top of her, away.




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