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(Disappointed (2)

Qi Lei could not help but feel troubled. He lifted a hand to massage the fatigued space between his brows as his eyes dimmed a little. After a while, he nodded and said in a deep voice, “Got it. You go out first. Right, remember to send a bouquet of violets to Shasha.”

“Master Qi, aren’t you going to visit Miss Gu today? She asked about you this morning,” Yang Sheng asked softly.

Qi Lei lowered his gaze to hide the faint loneliness in his eyes. “No, I’m a little busy these few days. Tell her to take care.”

“Yes, Master Qi! Master Qi, today is Master Yi’s birthday. Do you want to…”

“No, just help me prepare a gift and send it over. Next time, don’t trouble me with these little things. You can go out now!”

Without waiting for Yang Sheng to finish, Qi Lei suddenly flipped out frustratedly and tossed the pencil in his hand aside. He shot Yang Sheng a cold glare, causing the latter to tremble slightly in fright. He quickly bowed and left the office swiftly.

Yet, Yang Sheng was puzzled.

Did Master Qi not used to like these lively occasions? Why did he suddenly notice that Master Qi seemed to be acting differently in these past few months? He rarely stepped foot in all those pleasure-seeking, bustling places anymore. Now, apart from going to work and going home, he rarely went elsewhere. Otherwise, he would be at the city library. He really did not know when Master Qi had begun to be so serious and hardworking.

However, VP Wang was proud to see him like this.

After Yang Sheng left, Qi Lei took a deep breath and controlled the emotions that were about to flood from his chest. He smiled a little self-mockingly and was about to pick up his pencil to continue the unfinished work when unexpectedly, his phone buzzed.

He picked it up. The call had just gone through when a cold voice came from the other end. “Come to my office.”

Before Qi Lei could answer, the other end had already hung up.

Qi Lei’s gaze was gloomy as he stared at the phone that had already returned a busy signal. He smiled coldly and nonchalantly tossed the phone back before he continued to pick up the pencil and got to work again as if he did not receive that call.

Nonetheless, a short while later, Qi Qiming’s secretary personally came to get him. “Second Master Qi, CEO Qi would like to make a trip to his office.”

Her cold voice was just like Qi Qiming’s and lacked the slightest hint of warmth at all.

Qi Lei then went coldly.

When he pushed the door open to enter, Qi Qiming was sitting at his desk, watching the swimming fishes in the tank with his back facing him.

“What do you need me for, CEO Qi?”

Qi Lei stopped before the desk with a demonic smile pasted on his handsome face, he looked to Qi Qiming, his tone was light, that smile still had a frivolous tone to it.

Qi Qiming frowned as unhappiness flashed in his eyes. He said with a deep voice, “I heard that you’ve been getting along quite well with Glory World’s Director Xi, haven’t you?”

The corner of Qi Lei’s lips immediately curled up as he laughed softly. “You have to be careful with your words. If someone else heard it, that wouldn’t do you any good. After all, she is the wife of Glory World’s Chairman. What you mean by getting along quite well is just a transactional interaction. You should say that I have business dealings with the couple, and now they are friends that I can eat and drink with.”

As Qi Lei said this, he walked to sit down leisurely on the sofa and then shouted for his secretary outside to bring him a cup of coffee.

Upon hearing that, Qi Qiming’s gaze darkened and he said coldly, “Don’t you understand what kind of relationship the Mu family has with us Qis? Your brother’s mishap is all because of Mu Yuchen. You have to remember that…”

“Enough, old man, you don’t have to use these incidents. The mishap happened to Qi Feng and not to me. Every debt has its debtor. If you want to take revenge, then you can go look for Mu Yuchen yourself. What does it have to do with me?”

Before Qi Qiming could finish, Qi Lei had already carelessly cut him off. “These grudges only involve you all. I’m just an outsider, and I don’t want to be a weapon that you can use. I can’t do it. It’s best if you don’t waste your time on me.”

“What are you saying, you unfilial son? Try saying it again!” Qi Qiming’s entire face had clouded over by now. When he was at the receiving end of such disrespectful behavior, he was furious!

Still, Qi Lei ignored his fury and sneered. “You’ve said these things a thousand times and they’re still the same. Even if you’re not sick of it, I am. I never hoped for anything from you. The Qi family’s prospects are tremendous. If you really don’t like me, you can just make up an excuse to kick me out. Why do we have to loathe each other? Don’t look at me all indignantly. I know that you hate my mother and me too. You’re really such a bastard! Since you hate my mother so much, you shouldn’t have slept with her. If you hadn’t slept with her, then you wouldn’t have had me. Now, we wouldn’t have been in such a mess either. I heard you even called my mother cheap. I’m sure after that you were cursing yourself for being even cheaper, right?”

“Shut up, you unfilial son!”

Before Qi Lei could finish, Qi Qiming had already flung a glass at him. His face was twisted in disgust.

Qi Lei smacked the glass that flew towards him away. With a crash, the glass shattered all over the floor. The demonic smile on his face grew wider. “Are you that ashamed of being angry? If you’re a man, then you should own up to your actions. I must’ve destroyed the ancestral tombs in my last life to have a father like you, and that’s how I ended up being reincarnated here. I know that Qi Feng isn’t dead. Since you support Qi Feng so much, I’ve got no opinion. I just hope that you won’t drag me into all of your problems. Can you fulfill this one request?”

Qi Lei did not care about Qi Qiming’s darkened expression. Instead, he looked up and stared at him. “I just want to work quietly and comfortably live life. This shouldn’t be too tough a request, should it? And my mother’s just a woman who’s been married to you for decades now. She’s never asked you about all your affairs outside, and she’s never humiliated you. I just don’t understand it. As her husband, can’t you just yield sometimes? Would it really kill you?”

His words made Qi Qiming’s dangerous expression even more tensed. He was about to say something when Qi Lei had already gotten up with waning interest.

“Okay, I don’t want to talk about these things anymore. If you really want to leave Qi Kai for Qi Feng, then do it. I won’t fight for it. Just don’t make life hard for my mother anymore. She’s just a woman who hasn’t had it easy. She’s never enjoyed much since she married you. I hope that you can let her go. It’s fine if you divorce her too. If you’re worried, I can write a letter of guarantee to give up on my right to the inheritance. Next time, if it’s nothing urgent, don’t keep asking me to come up here. I really don’t like your space.”

He glanced at Qi Qiming without a care although his face still had that faint, charming smile of his.

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