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(Disappointed (1)

Early the next morning, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were just as how they were before he left. They woke up together, and after a simple breakfast, the husband and wife made their way to the office.

When Mu Yuchen personally walked Xi Xiaye to her office, the staff in the Planning Department saw the Chairman accompanying her. They were very excited for a long time. They barely caught a glimpse of their Chairman Mu, so it was rare for someone like him to be at their department in person.

However, all of that was thanks to their Director Xi who allowed them to have the honor of witnessing their Prince Charming in action.

“You’re only allowed to work for an hour. Arrange the matters, then come upstairs. I’ll tell Li Si to get you.” Mu Yuchen helped her to her chair, and then put her handbag onto the table.

“It’s fine. You go up too. There are many things piled up on your desk. I’ll have to make a trip to VP Zhang Lan. Let’s meet at noon.”

Xi Xiaye pushed him away. She felt like this man was treating her like a fragile ceramic doll right then.

He lifted a hand to fix her slightly messy hair as he asked, “What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll get them to prepare it for you.”

When Xi Xiaye heard his question, she thought about it quietly and turned to look at the misty drizzle outside her window. She touched her belly and suddenly turned to look at him pitifully. “I want to eat hot pot, the one I brought you to the other time. I haven’t been there in so long.”

“We’ll go over after we leave work earlier at noon. Is Ms. Ji not coming to work today?”

“She’s been working hard for many days in a row, and you’re back anyway, so I told her to rest well for two days. She hasn’t been in a great mood these past two days. I heard something happened at home. She seemed anxious.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Let her rest for two days then. Okay, I’ll go up first. Just call me if there’s anything.”

Xi Xiaye nodded obediently, then Mu Yuchen planted a kiss on her forehead before leaving her office.

“Master, we received news from the police station. Gu Lingsha has decided not to look into the matter anymore. She said she fell down the stairs herself, and that it had nothing to do with Miss Su Nan.”

Mu Yuchen had just walked into his office and sat down at his desk when Li Si carefully came over to report the latest piece of news.

Mu Yuchen leisurely stroked the cufflink on his sleeve as he nodded calmly. “Contact the people in Hospital T. Get them to see if there’s any way we can get Ruan Heng to regain consciousness. If it really can’t be done, get them to try contacting other hospitals around or hospitals abroad. As long as we can get Ruan Heng to regain consciousness, I’ll do my best to satisfy any condition.”

Li Si nodded. He hesitated for a moment, then said, “Master, Master Qi from Qi Kai has also been paying attention to Mr. Ruan’s condition. He’s been running around the hospital. I heard that he even personally met with the Vice President of Hospital T, hoping that he can find a way to help Mr. Ruan. In fact, I heard that he personally persuaded Gu Lingsha not to go after Miss Su Nan.”

Mu Yuchen reached out to take a document from the side. He asked as he browsed through it, “Has he been visiting Gu Lingsha often at the hospital?”

Li Si shook his head. “I heard Ah Mo say that he doesn’t go often. He just told his assistant, Yang Sheng, to watch over her. Instead, he did visit Mr. Ruan a few times.”

“Help me ask him out. Get him to make a trip to my office.” One could not read any expression on Mu Yuchen’s face as he just calmly said this. With his gaze lowered, he began to read through the document in his hand.

“Got it, Master! Right, Master, Ah Mo told me to hand you this. He wants me to ask you about how we should handle it.”

As Li Si said this, he handed the folder over, Mu Yuchen just looked up at him for a glance. He thought about it momentarily and then replied nonchalantly, “Give it all to Gu Lingsha. Tell her that I hope this will be the only time.”

“Yes, Master! I’ll go right away!” Li Si responded, then quickly retreated.

When Yang Sheng knocked on Qi Lei’s office, Qi Lei was focused on working on a proposal.

“Master Qi, last night, Chairman Mu got Ah Mo to take Miss Gu away from the hospital,” said Yang Sheng carefully as he walked to Qi Lei’s side.

At that moment, Qi Lei was sketching on a blueprint with a ruler in his hand. When he heard Yang Sheng, he paused and then continued what he was doing. He drew a straight line on the blueprint as he asked, “Old friends catching up?”

Yang Sheng shook his head. “Master Qi, it’s probably about Miss Su Nan’s matter. This morning, I heard that the whole incident was a misunderstanding. Now, it’s said that it was Miss Gu who fell by herself. Also, last night, Miss Gu returned to the hospital in CEO Qi’s car, and CEO Qi has even especially arranged for two bodyguards to ensure her safety now.”

“Mu Yuchen? He’s back?” Qi Lei finally stopped what he was doing and looked up at Yang Sheng in shock.

“Yes, last night, he returned to City Z. Earlier, his assistant, Li Si, even called to make an appointment with you. Chairman Mu’s wondering whether you’re free to make a trip to Glory World tomorrow. He has some things to talk to you about.”

Qi Lei nodded. “Just tell him okay. Wasn’t the old man having dinner at the Qi residence to entertain his gang of scoundrels? How did he know Mu Yuchen went looking for Shasha?”

“Master Qi, didn’t you forget that CEO Qi arranged two bodyguards for Miss Gu?” Yang Sheng reminded.

Qi Lei’s handsome brows suddenly furrowed into a knot while he pondered for a while. Then, he said calmly, “Since when did Shasha become so close to the old man? Didn’t my mother make you think of ways to spy on the old man’s office phone or get a copy of his handphone chip? Did we find out anything?”

“Master Qi, it isn’t easy. If CEO Qi isn’t in the office, he doesn’t permit anyone to enter, and this is on top of Master Qi’s vigilance. Our people can’t get close to him at all. Recently, Yue Hai has even been speaking rudely to VP Wang. It looks like they are really disregarding VP Wang more and more. Master Qi, you might as well save Glory World as your bargaining chip. If you can get the Fuhua project, then that would be fantastic, especially if CEO Shen personally appoints you to be in charge.”

Concern rose within Qi Lei. Based on the current situation, Wang Qin was at a disadvantage. One could have foretold that from the banquet then. They had hardly made it with Glory World when Qi Qiming brought the Gu family out. Given the relationship between the Gus and the Qis, advancing mutually would be a guarantee.

Both were of equal importance. He really did not know what Qi Qiming was up to!




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