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(Fathers Prenatal Education (2)

He took off his wet windbreaker as she wished. Then, he closed in and his hand caressed her baby bump. He could the faint warmth through her skin. Stroking the bump, he chuckled. “This little thing is luckier than I am.”

When Xi Xiaye heard his comment, she immediately glanced at him puzzledly with her brows raised. She waited for him to explain, yet he only gave her a meaningful look.

Perhaps because it could feel its father’s warmth, the little fella in Xi Xiaye suddenly moved, and the father-to-be could very obviously feel the movements. His handsome eyebrows went up as he looked delightedly at her. A dazzling smile flashed on his face as he gushed, “It moved!”

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes and set aside his windbreaker. Then, he gently covered the back of his hands. “It has been doing that for a while. It can now hear your voice and feel your movements. You’ve been absent for two months, so it probably can’t recognize you now.”

“How could it not? Haven’t I been by its side a few months ago? It can’t be that forgetful. Let me take a look…”

“You have to speak to it. That way, it can recognize your voice,” Xi Xiaye reminded.

Mu Yuchen stared at the baby bump for a long while, and then looked up at her. He did not say anything for a long while.

“Hurry. I’ve been going to these maternity stores and I see other fathers-to-be all eager, unlike you at all. From tonight onwards, you have to read stories and sing songs to it… Look, I’ve already bought storybooks!”

When Xi Xiaye finished, Mu Yuchen was stunned!

Storytelling was fine. No problem!

But singing…

He glanced at the so-called storybook she handed him. They were “1001 Arabian Nights”, “Aladdin” and so on.

His child would not want to listen to such silly stories!

He took them and then tossed them aside. Then, he leaned down and gently tapped Xiaye’s belly, speaking seriously, “Baby, I’m your father. I haven’t seen you for more than two months now, and I miss you. It’s my fault for neglecting you and letting you suffer from your mother with low EQ using such stories to torment your ears. From now on, with me around, you don’t have to listen to your mother. Just listen to Father… because Father is a good person.”

Master Mu had just finished when he suddenly felt a cold aura from behind him. He subconsciously glanced up at Xi Xiaye and realized that she was glaring at him. He silently thought about it for a while, then continued with his head lowered as he caressed the belly again. Helplessly, he continued, “Your mother’s pretty good too. When I wasn’t home, listen to her.”

When the little thing in the belly got all excited, they would react even more when they felt its movement. Right then, it was causing quite a ruckus. Mu Yuchen could seem to see it reaching out with a little fist through that loose sleeping gown. It was probably baring fangs and brandishing claws from the inside.

Xi Xiaye pulled his hand away and shielded her belly. “I suddenly wish for this one to be a baby boy. He’ll be close to me, so at least, when you bully me, he’ll protect me. If it’s a daughter, then she’ll definitely obey you more.”

“What foolish thoughts do you have? When have I ever bullied you? Missus, when the child is born, we have to be more democratic. It’s pretty good being their friend too. You shouldn’t be too clingy to the child. I’m worried that you’ll spoil it, especially if it’s a boy. Got it?”

Master Mu was clearly hinting, ‘Missus, your focus should still be on me. The baby’s just secondary.’

Of course, he would not say that. He would never.

“I don’t want to. How do you know I’d spoil them? I want to gain experience and lessons, raising our child to be a gentle and cultivated, wise person. In fact, he must be close to us as parents. Apart from being blood-related, we should be a mentor and a friend that he or she can talk to and have heart-to-heart chats with.”

As Xi Xiaye spoke, her tone turned gentle. She tugged at Mu Yuchen’s hand. “So, I hope you will do the same too.”

He smiled and slid up to pat her head before pulling her into his embrace as he softly said, “Your wish is obviously my command, but I must state that you should just leave the child’s education to me. Your thoughts should be more focused on me. The relationship between us as parents is the most important to the child’s growth.”

She blinked her dazzling eyes and looked up from his embrace, as she asked gently, “Well, then, Mr. Mu, do you think we’re happy right now?”

He smiled without a word and lowered his head to give her a soft peck on the lips before carrying her steadily and walking towards the stairs. “What do you think?”

She smiled and put her arms around his shoulders. After some thought, she then said evenly, “My happiness began with a certain someone…”

He paused and gazed down, his eyes locked on her bright and loving face. He grinned evilly. “Who’s that certain someone you’re referring to?”

“Who do you think?” Xi Xiaye raised her brows and smiled faintly at him.

Joy flashed across Mu Yuchen’s handsome face. He hugged her tightly and chuckled. “Who else could it be but me?”

“Mr. Mu, this time you’ve misunderstood. I’m talking about the little thing inside me.”




With the sound of a cry, then came the sound of the door closing.

They returned to the room and messed around for a bit before Mu Yuchen went to shower while Xi Xiaye fulfilled her potential of being a good wife and prepared his sleeping robe for him. She put away the clothes that he had taken off and tossed them onto the chair.

When Mu Yuchen got out of the shower, Xi Xiaye was not in the bedroom anymore. His clothes were set aside on the rack by the door. He swiftly put them on and then walked to the study room.

Indeed, inside the study room, Xi Xiaye was tidying the desk. When she saw him come in, she said, “The stuff that I’ve been working on here is quite complex. I might need a little more time to arrange everything. Help me write my applicate for maternity leave. It’d be good for the Planning Department to be prepared in advance.”

“I’m worried that you’d be too busy rushing for the year-end. Just let me know if there’s anything else undone. You can just let me know any details that I’ve missed out. You’ve been working hard. The quarterly meeting concluded rather well. I should add your name in for an award at the end of this year.”

He chuckled, and then reached out to take the book in her hand before putting it back onto the shelf.

“What award? I’m afraid I’d be super pregnant by then. It won’t be convenient for me to be there in person. But if it isn’t valuable, I won’t accept it!”




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