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(Fathers Prenatal Education (1)

Gu Lingsha took a deep breath and nodded as she suppressed the pain and bitterness deep inside her. She teared up slightly as she looked at the rain outside the car window.

“Every time I think about the pain and struggle both Wei Wei and Qi Feng are going through, I feel like a knife is slicing through my heart. It’s horrible. Lingtian passed away. How can he live his happy life like this?”

Qi Qiming’s expression darkened as he spoke in a heavy tone, “It’s been tough for you guys over the years.”

“Uncle Qi, forget about Su Nan. Let’s leave her alone,” Gu Lingsha said suddenly moments later.

“Leave her alone? Why? It’s such a rare chance! You underestimated Xi Xiaye’s place in Mu Yuchen’s heart. He won’t have it easy if we give his woman a hard time. Didn’t you see that Mu Yuchen abandoned his work there and rushed back immediately?” Qi Qiming put on a cold smile.

“Uncle Qi, just who is this Xi Xiaye? How is she able to influence a cold person like Mu Yuchen this much? I thought Mu Yuchen would never lay his eyes on any woman! I found out from Yue Hai that Mu Yuchen put in a lot of effort for her. Take Qi Kai’s subsidiary company, Yueying Culture Media company as an example. That’s his work, isn’t it?”

Gu Lingsha only knew Xi Xiaye was Mu Yuchen’s wife. She thought she knew enough about her so-called ex-fiancè!

No ordinary woman could move such a cold person’s heart. His two best friends were similar to him as they never took women seriously. Only women like Mu Lingshi and Su Chen’s sister, Su Yu, could pique their interest a little. That was why she disliked Su Chen and Zhou Zimo.

She had come into contact with Xi Xiaye the other day. Sure, she had an imposing manner, but so what? She was just another decoration!

“Don’t look down on Xi Xiaye! That was my negligence. I should’ve at least told you about Mu Yuchen’s condition in the past few years. Xi Xiaye is the daughter of City Z’s ex-mayor. Her father is Xi Mushan, and her mother is a professor at University A. The CEO of Yueying, Xi Xinyi, is her sister from a different mother. The Xi family was still well and alive before she married Mu Yuchen. She’s currently the Planning Director of Glory World. Mu Yinan recognized her ability, and she proved her mettle by getting to this position at such a young age.”

Qi Qiming knew about Xi Xiaye from Yue Hai. He was not paying any attention to Xi Xiaye as all his focus was placed on Mu Yuchen!

“Although I’ve never dealt with her before, I can only say that she’s not ordinary at all judging by how much attention Wang Qin is giving her lately. On the other hand, Mu Yuchen’s attention towards her is really odd. Moreover, she’s pregnant with his child now!”

“I know, Uncle Qi. I’ll keep an eye on her. Moreover, Lei seems to be concerned about her as well. I’m really worried Lei will turn on us for her sake. As for Aunt Wang, it looks like the misunderstanding between the two of you is getting worse. I’m really worried. Lei is a nice guy. He longed for your love too, Uncle Qi. If possible, I hope you can spare more time for him so that…”

“It’s Wang Qin’s fault, isn’t it? Qi Lei has never thought of me as a father, so it’s time for him to suffer! You don’t have to worry about him. If he’s at least half as understanding as Xiao Feng, it’ll be easier for me! He’s just like his mom, going against me about everything. Huh, what an unfilial child!”

Qi Qiming’s expression darkened further when Qi Lei was brought up.

“Don’t be angry, Uncle Qi. Qi Lei is still young. I’m sure he’ll change one day. You have to treat Lei better so that Aunt Wang won’t always be in conflict with you… Alright, we shouldn’t talk about these things now! Please inform the police tomorrow that I remembered I fell off the staircase accidentally and that she didn’t push me.” Gu Lingsha quickly changed the topic when she noticed Qi Qiming was getting unhappy.

Qi Qiming frowned, but Gu Lingsha continued as he was about to say something, “Su Nan is in a really tough spot. Just think that you’re acting as a kind deed for Wei Wei’s sake. I pity her since her husband is in such a state after all.”

Qi Qiming nodded. “I’ll do as you wish then.”

The car drove past quickly in the night and arrived at Maple Residence a while later.

Mu Yuchen got out of the car and straightened his outfit a little before locking the car and heading into the house.

He saw that the lights in the living room were still on as he entered the house. It must be her.

As expected, the TV in the living room was still on and Xi Xiaye was switching channels with the remote control as she sat on the sofa. She turned her head over when she heard the sound of the door opening.

“You’re back!”

When she was getting up, her hand slipped and she almost slipped back onto the sofa. He quickly rushed over and gave her a hand. His expression was strained as he scolded her, “Be careful! Stop being so clumsy when you’re pregnant!”

There was some sweat on his forehead as Xi Xiaye laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m not that weak! I heard that a lot of women in rural areas still work hard even when their due date is near.”

“That’s because they are healthy and hardly get sick, but how can you compare your frail body to theirs? You’ve become so skinny in just two months.” Mu Yuchen stared at her and helped her to sit down. His frantic tone calmed down as he touched her little face.

She smacked his hand away before taking off his windbreaker for him. “I’m not that weak. It’s fortunate enough that I’m still healthy. Where did you go? How did you get yourself all wet?”

“I just walked around. Did the little guy do anything to you today? Let me see…”




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