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(Confrontation (5)

When Mu Yuchen reached the car, several sources of light came from the quiet path ahead. The strong lights came closer as there was a loud screeching of brakes.

“Master!” Ah Mo came forward and stood before Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen just looked at the cars as he squinted.

Soon, he could see the two black cars with the help of the dim street lamps. Ah Mo tensed up as he glanced back at the bodyguards. The four of them surrounded Mu Yuchen as they looked at the cars vigilantly.

The car lights were left switched on. Mu Yuchen waved and signaled Ah Mo who looked forward alertly before glancing back at him. “Master, it’s dangerous!”

“It’s alright.” Mu Yuchen stepped forward and looked calmly at the person walking towards them.

“Master, it’s Qi Qiming!”

Ah Mo frowned the moment he saw who was coming. “They are here for Gu Lingsha!”

Mu Yuchen did not say anything. He just looked at Qi Qiming as he came closer. A smile spread across his face when Qi Qiming was roughly five steps away from him. “What a coincidence to see you here, CEO Qi. It’s truly a pleasure.”

Qi Qiming’s eyes darkened. “Pleasure? I don’t think so! Chairman Mu, you have the interest to stay out in the rain, huh? The hospital called me in the middle of the night, informing me that you took my people away without my permission. Isn’t that a little rude? Ms. Gu is a VIP of the Qi family. I have to be responsible if anything happens to her.”

“We’re just old friends reuniting. How can you say that?”

Mu Yuchen smiled. “I can see that CEO Qi is concerned about Ms. Gu. Is there going to be any celebration in the Qi family? Please let me know if there is. No matter what, Qi Kai and Glory World are partners now. I’ll definitely prepare a gift for you.”

Mu Yuchen gave Qi Qiming an elegant nod, but before Qi Qiming could reply, he continued, “It’s getting late. The scenery around here is great. Please help yourself, CEO Qi!”

He then went into the car. Ah Mo and the others hopped into the car swiftly as well.

Qi Qiming watched as the car drive away. He only realized the meaning of Mu Yuchen’s words moments later. His expression darkened as he said coldly, “Cheeky brat! Go and take a look at Ms. Gu quickly!”

“Yes, CEO Qi!” the two bodyguards replied before walking towards the sheltered booth.

A while later, the two of them came back with a weak Gu Lingsha.

Gu Lingsha struggled out of their grip when she arrived before Qi Qiming. Although her outfit was completely drenched, it could not cover her stunning beauty.

“Lingsha, are you alright?” Qi Qiming looked at Gu Lingsha with concern.

Gu Lingsha shook her head as she put on a bitter smile. “I’m sorry, Uncle Qi. I’ve made you worried. I’m fine…”

Before she could finish her sentence, cold wind invaded her lungs and she started hacking profusely. Qi Qiming glanced at the bodyguard beside him, and the bodyguard quickly went into the car to grab a blanket and put over Gu Lingsha.

“I’ll make sure Mu Yuchen pays for this! You haven’t fully recovered yet. Get in the car now. I can’t face your parents if you condition gets worse!” Qi Qiming’s eyes looked concerned.

Gu Lingsha endured the surrounding cold and the pain on her shoulder. She took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, thank you, Uncle Qi!” She then quickly boarded the car.

Qi Qiming ordered the chauffeur to increase the temperature of the air conditioning before they moved.

Qi Qiming turned towards Gu Lingsha and asked, “What did Mu Yuchen talk to you about?”

“Nothing much. Please don’t worry about it. He just asked me about the car accident five years ago! Lingtian’s death must’ve been a big impact on him. I heard he never gave up searching for Qi Feng and me! Moreover, I heard that he went abroad after that accident and only returned to City Z last year.”

“I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for him. I know he has been tracking me from a while ago. He found your tracks because of my carelessness. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been found so quickly.” Qi Qiming blamed himself.

Gu Lingsha shook her head and gave Qi Qiming a grateful glance. “You don’t have to blame yourself, Uncle Qi. I decided to come back anyway. It’s all good now. By the way, how’re Qi Feng and Wei Wei?”

“Things are pretty tough lately and I can’t go to see them personally. I got a call yesterday. Wei Wei got admitted into the hospital again. I’m sure it’ll be fine with Qi Feng by her side, but she asked for you when she woke up.” Qi Qiming sighed.

Gu Lingsha’s face turned pale as she seemed heartbroken. “It’s all my fault. I’ll find a way to go and see her again after her condition has stabilized.”

Qi Qiming nodded as his expression looked grim. “It’ll be fine with Xiao Feng there. It’s a quiet place and I’m sure it’ll help with the recovery. It’s about time for Xiao Feng’s checkup too. The chances of his recovery depend on this. Wang Qin has been keeping an eye on me, so I can’t get away. It’ll be extremely disadvantageous for Xiao Feng if she finds out about him. I’m afraid I’ll be forced to stay in City Z for a while. You shouldn’t take any reckless action as well. Mu Yuchen is keeping an eye on you, so be careful.”

“I know. Don’t worry, Uncle Qi! I hope there’s a chance this time. Otherwise…” Gu Lingsha’s eyes were filled with pain. “Otherwise, I really don’t know what else to do! Qi Feng is a prideful person. It’s been very difficult for him to get through all these years, and with Wei Wei’s condition…”

“Alright, don’t feel too sad about it. Mu Yuchen will taste suffering some day. Some day!” Qi Qiming patted Gu Lingsha on the shoulder and comforted her.




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