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(Confrontation (4)

Her hurt wrist rippled with pain again, and Gu Lingsha almost want to cry out in pain, yet she held it back!

As painful as it was, she could handle it. This little sting was nothing to her. After going through such excruciating suffering, she had already trained for powerful endurance and strength.

“Kill me if you can. I’m not afraid of dying!” Gu Lingsha coughed in a dismal state. Her head of beautiful long hair was damp. Even though there was still a hint of fear in her eyes, she was unyielding.

“I didn’t know that you were like this, Gu Lingsha, but if, as you say, I am a despicable person, how could I only have one trick up my sleeves? Obviously, I wouldn’t kill you. After all, I am one who appreciates life too.”

Mu Yuchen looked down at her. His eyes were filled with gloom. “But if I hand these things to the media, how do you think you’ll end up? Or what would Qi Lei think of you? I’m afraid Wang Qin wouldn’t let you off so easily, would she?”

Mu Yuchen smiled mysteriously and reached out to take the folder Ah Mo handed him. He took two photos out from inside and brought it to Gu Lingsha.

Taking them for a closer look, Gu Lingsha’s expression immediately distorted and turned pale!

Those pictures were of her and Qi Qiming being intimate. Actually, those photos were not true. They were just taken from a unique angle, so it looked extremely real. Like the one before her, Qi Qiming was talking to her with his head tilted and one hand on her shoulder. It looked like the two of them were being affectionate.

“Nonsense! This isn’t real! How dare you frame me? Where did you get these pictures! Where!?”

Gu Lingsha’s expression sank. Her beautiful eyes were furious. Instantly, she tore those pictures to shreds and threw it at Mu Yuchen!

“I’m just beating someone at their own game, Miss Gu. Why are you so worried?”

On the side, Ah Mo held her down as he chuckled coldly and took the folder Mu Yuchen handed him. He was not gentle at all as he let go of Gu Lingsha.

“This is rubbish! Uncle Qi and I are innocent. How dare you recklessly smear our names!? Mu Yuchen, if you dare start rumors, I won’t let go of you! I definitely won’t!”

Gu Lingsha’s eyes widened and were red as she looked at Mu Yuchen through gritted teeth!

If these pictures were leaked, forget about her reputation being destroyed. Even Qi Qiming would be affected, and everyone knew he was currently fighting to the death with Wang Qin now. He had finally gotten the upper hand. If these were to be leaked, Qi Kai’s shares would probably be affected!

This man was straight up cruel!

He went big once he gunned for it!

Mu Yuchen did not care about Gu Lingsha’s anger at all. He smiled with an apathetic expression, and elegantly fixed his slightly wrinkled sleeve. “Su Nan’s innocent. You thought that Su Nan pushed you because you were dizzy. Those policemen saw it wrongly. Tomorrow, I want to see the police revoke the case. Otherwise, you know that I can do far worse than this. I believe that with Qi Qiming’s capabilities, he can definitely pacify this without a sound.”

“You’re threatening me!” Gu Lingsha clenched her fists tightly as she said through gritted teeth.

Mu Yuchen turned away nonchalantly with a smile. “That’s right. You can think so. Go and tell Qi Qiming, or perhaps that person that has been manipulating you in the dark so that they can play the game, and I would play with you, but they have to know the rules. If they don’t, I can teach them a lesson!” he said, then slowly walked down the stairs. He looked at Gu Lingsha who had fallen on the stairs with her fists clenched tightly. Smiling nonchalantly, he then walked past her while a black-suited bodyguard quickly went up with an umbrella.

Just as Mu Yuchen’s figure was about to vanish in the rain, Gu Lingsha suddenly shouted at his back, “Mu Yuchen! Back then, was it your idea to let Lingtian stay?”

Mu Yuchen did not slow down. The one who answered indifferently her was Ah Mo instead. “What do you think? Do you think I was really willing to try marrying you for three months? Are you worthy?”

“What do you mean I’m not worthy?! Mu Lingmo, you’re just a lowly orphan. If you can marry Mu Lingshi, why can’t I be a proper heiress compared to you? It’s best if you consider your words when you speak. The ironic thing is Mu Yuchen even spoke about rules! Do you understand them?”

Gu Lingsha could not handle such provocation. Even an outstanding man like Qi Feng idolized her. While Lingtian took extremely good care of her, here she was being loathed. The rage and dissatisfaction were clearly hard to stop.

“You’d better go back and discuss with Qi Qiming how to pacify this matter. Otherwise, I’m afraid that tomorrow you will see those unknown stories about you and Qi Qiming in all the papers and magazines…”

Ah Mo pretended he did not hear her as he grinned coldly and took a picture out from the folder before tossing it at Gu Lingsha. “We learned this from you. Master says he’s honored that he had caught the essence and used it on you. Well, the effects should be great.”

Then, Ah Mo followed Mu Yuchen.

Inside the cold booth, Gu Lingsha was left in a pathetic state. He picked up the picture that fell before her to study it. Then, her eyes instantly turned cold, and her pale face could not conceal a pained expression. The chill she felt all over was mixed with intense pain. She could not help but feel dazed.

She held her little face in anguish and the suffering that suppressed in her chest almost flooded out.

All these years, not only had she suffered the pain of loss, but she even had many nightmares. Every time she closed her eyes, she would see that scene of the badly mutilated body that flashed in her mind.

The instant the car had flown out, Mu Lingtian jumped to her and protected her with his body. Next, a splash of red sprinkled across her face…

Those broken scenes kept on getting interweaved in her mind. With that suffocating fear of a near-death experience, she still had lingering fears. She would always be awoken by those nightmares at night. She would hear Mu Lingtian’s painful cries in her nightmares, screaming for her to save him, and her poor child, and Wei Wei…

The more Gu Lingsha thought about it, the more she was afraid. She shrunk into a fetal position, engulfed by the hazy rain, and with the sound of the river lapping against the banks, she almost broke down!

All of this was Mu Yuchen’s fault!

Why did she have to suffer from all of this pain? Why could he continue living peacefully and happily?




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