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(Confrontation (3)

The lights by the river were very dim. Amidst the swaying wind and rain, the biting gale that whistled past was exceptionally chilly. Gu Lingsha pulled the coat around her tighter as she followed Ah Mo. They walked through the misty rain before they reached the booth very quickly.

At the staircase of the booth, a few black-suited bodyguards were standing there expressionlessly. She looked up and saw a dark figure standing by the guardrail, the hem of his windbreaker fluttering in the wind. His tall figure looked bleak and indifferent.

“Master, she’s here.” Ah Mo’s deep voice was heard.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand gently and nodded. Ah Mo knowingly waved the bodyguards aside.

Gu Lingsha looked up. Because she was cold, she was still shivering as she carefully protected her injured arm. She stared unmovingly at the stiff back. After a while, she slowly walked up the stairs. A complicated light flashed in her beautiful eyes, and her voice could not conceal the coldness in her voice. “It’s you!”

“It’s been a while.” Mu Yuchen’s lukewarm voice was heard unhurriedly.

“It has been a while! We haven’t seen each other for five years, right?” Gu Lingsha walked a few steps to Mu Yuchen, then stopped and sneered. “It’s been five years. I heard that you’ve been looking for me. Should I feel honored that you have been thinking of me?”

Mu Yuchen did not answer. He just stood frozen as he tapped the railings before him. Then, he looked down at the silver waves bobbing on the surface of the river while hostility gathered between his brows.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? I don’t think you told them to bring me here just for you to stand there!” Gu Lingsha’s tone was a little aggressive, as she stared at Mu Yuchen.

He fell silent for a moment. Then, his deep voice suddenly came, but he did not turn to look at Gu Lingsha. “The past is between us. It’s got nothing to do with anyone else. Don’t drag others in. Su Nan didn’t push you. You fell down the stairs yourself.”

When Gu Lingsha heard his accusation, a cold smile flashed across her exquisitely beautiful face. “What? You just don’t want me to go after Su Nan? Or does your heart hurt seeing Xi Xiaye all wan and sallow, and you can’t bear it? How surprising that Mu Yuchen would have such a day too! I thought that you should at least be apologetic right now, or ask me about what happened years ago!”

Just as she wished, Mu Yuchen asked calmly, “Where’s Qi Feng?”

Gu Lingsha sneered again with hatred in her beautiful eyes. “Gone! Like Lingtian, he’s gone!”

“Is that so?” When Gu Lingsha said that, Mu Yuchen finally turned around slowly. His profound eyes looked exceptionally icy underneath the dim lights. Gu Lingsha could not help but be stunned at this sight. His noble and handsome face was apathetic as always. “All of this is your fault! Are you happy now?”

Mu Yuchen smiled with an indifferent expression. “So, this time you’ve come back for revenge? With Qi Qiming’s help?”

“Huh, revenge? Do you know what you’ve done that makes me want revenge? Mu Yuchen, I’ve never met a more despicable and cruel person than you! The funny thing is, you don’t seem to have reflected on those horrible things you did. I admit that I was wrong too, but you dare say that all you did was right? It was all caused by your indifference and cold-bloodedness!”

Gu Lingsha did not hide her pained expression. When she thought about Lingtian, Qi Feng, and her child that she was forced to give up on, she was torn with grief. The pain was suffocating.

“My fault? I was just agreeing to the Gu family’s strong wishes, and fulfilling the promise of our marriage contract. Weren’t you begging to join the Mu family then too?” Mu Yuchen smiled with disdain. Underneath the flickering lights, it made the cold smile on his face even more obvious. “I remember back then when you were with Qi Feng, I did let you two be together. It’s not like I, Mu Yuchen, have to marry you. When I was still serving the army, I already told you two it very clearly.”

As he said this, her expression stiffened slightly.

“I did give you two a chance, but you just didn’t want it. You went away with Qi Feng while being my fiancèe. On account of the Mu and the Gu families’ relationship, I could forgive you once, but you failed to appreciate my kindness. You had to ruin this relationship and put all the blame on me, so please ask yourself, is there anything as convenient as this?

“Since that is so, why did you agree to my father and were willing to stay, yet afterward you…”

Gu Lingsha’s intense eyes fell onto Mu Yuchen. The rain made it chilly and her voice was broken by the cold wind, yet you could still hear the way she endured the struggle and pain from her tone.

“If I didn’t agree to it, would Gu Qihao be willing to just let things go? Weren’t you lot already intent on being connected to the Mu family by marriage?”

Mu Yuchen looked at Gu Lingsha disapprovingly. “If you’re back to take revenge for these things, you can always come for me. Don’t involve Xiaye or anyone else around her. Otherwise, you’ll meet the consequences.”

“And if I don’t? You have your brother’s blood on your hands, so what right do you have to say this to me? Don’t forget that if it weren’t for you, the tragedy wouldn’t have happened! While you just lay all the fault on me and Qi Feng, you don’t even know what happened! Huh, what a joke! What is there for me to say to someone as cruel as you? Since you can guess the reason for my return, I don’t have to hide it either. I’ll make you regret treating me that way years ago!” Gu Lingsha calmed down now, and she looked at Mu Yuchen with a disdainful smile.

“Are you?”

Mu Yuchen looked at her with interest, then gave Ah Mo a glance. Without him needing to make a sound, Ah Mo and the rest had already come up, and held her back without a word, dragging her down the stairs by the river…


Gu Lingsha only felt herself freeze. The cold river water recklessly invaded all of her being, and she almost could not breathe. Struggling desperately, in that one instant, she almost felt herself inches away from death!


“Cough cough!”

When the suffocation was about to drown her, the hand that pushed her down from above pulled her back up, and she vomited out a lot of water in a sorry state as she coughed uncontrollably. Her eyes were filled with the fear of death.

“Now, are you clear about who you’re talking to?” Ah Mo’s cold voice brushed past her ears, and Gu Lingsha quivered again.




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