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(Confrontation (2)

Gu Lingsha stopped the moment she heard Ah Mo. She looked at him coldly and said, “Let me down. I can walk on my own!”

Ah Mo shot her a cold glance before signaling the bodyguards again. They then released Gu Lingsha.

“Please go ahead!” Ah Mo said coldly before heading forward.

Gu Lingsha’s expression turned cold as she glanced at Ah Mo. While the two bodyguards behind her did not move, she went forward with a cold smile on her face.

She did not think they would be able to just take her out of the hospital like this!

As expected, after turning the corner at the end of the corridor, Ah Mo walked towards the elevator, but two black figures blocked his path. There were two massive bodyguards before him! They stood there between Ah Mo and the elevator.

“Where do you think you’re taking Ms. Gu to?” asked one of the bodyguards coldly.

“Move!” ordered Ah Mo as his expression turned cold.

The two bodyguards traded glances at each other before stepping forward.

“Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time! Move!” Ah Mo frowned as he threw a cold glance at the two people before him.

“I’m sorry. You guys can’t take her away unless CEO Qi gives his permission!” the bodyguards replied.

“Really? What if I insist on taking her?” Ah Mo put on a cold grin as he looked at the two of them. They moved in closer and was determined to stop Ah Mo.

Ah Mo’s eyes turned icy as he moved forward swiftly. He swung his arm terrifyingly fast. Before the two of them could react, Ah Mo already had his claws firmly locked onto their shoulders!

They felt an intense and sharp pain coming from their shoulders, and their faces turned pale. Just as they wanted to attack Ah Mo, he punched them first. They yelled and backed off slightly.

“Can we go now?” Ah Mo glanced at them. “Go back and tell CEO Qi that Chairman Mu wants to see her. He can come if he dares to.”

The two bodyguards behind Gu Lingsha moved forward and secured her. As her face darkened, she could only follow Ah Mo.

The heavy rain continued pouring as they arrived at the entrance of the hospital. She only donned a jacket on top of her outfit, so she shuddered as the cold wind blew while the anger within her grew stronger.

However, Ah Mo and the others did not feel a thing. They pushed Gu Lingsha into the car the moment it arrived. He went in and they left.

Gu Lingsha stared at Ah Mo who was sitting in the front passenger seat as she asked, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll understand once we reach there,” Ah Mo replied coldly.

“Didn’t you work for him all these years? What right do you have to treat me like this? If it wasn’t for Mu Lingshi and you chasing together with so many other bodyguards, the tragedy wouldn’t have happened. You’re partly responsible for Lingtian’s death as well!”

Gu Lingsha let out a bitter laugh. “How funny! Each and every one of you are murderers, yet you guys assume the position of victims and blame everything onto me. What have you done for Lingtian all these years after his death? He probably never expected his life to end at the hands of his brothers!”

Ah Mo’s expression turned furious as his expression darkened. He did not say a thing.

“Mu Yuchen is a coward. He always acts all high and mighty, yet he was the main cause of this tragedy. He’s the cruelest one of all.”

Gu Lingsha’s voice sounded bitter and her eyes teared up, but she forced herself to not let the tears fall. She took a deep breath. “You’re not worthy of being Lingtian’s brother, even more so Mu Yuchen’s.”

Gu Lingsha then turned and looked out of the car window.

Ah Mo closed his eyes and calmed down as he suppressed the pain and sorrow deep down within. He suddenly felt sad. He was sad for his Master.

Master had never complained about giving out so much. Was there any time that he would not let Lingtian and Lingshi get the good stuff first?

Master was extremely strict with himself, yet he was very generous with the people close to him. If Zhuang Shurong and Wang Hui had not insisted on him going back, Master thought about staying in the army. The huge Glory World Corporation might have been handed down to Lingtian instead.

Master had always said that the experience in the army life was invaluable. Only Su Chen and the few others understood that what Master really wanted was a simple life. He never had a relaxed day ever since he took over Glory World.

Mu Lingtian had always been a smart person since he was a child. He possessed talents and interest in business and was always involved with Glory World’s business after he graduated from high school.

Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong thought of him as their own son. Sometimes, they treated him even better than their own son. Ah Mo could not imagine it. Could an outsider be more important than his own brother?

She even said that the Master was not worthy of being Mu Lingtian’s brother!

Ah Mo’s heart was in agony for his Master.

Along the way, Ah Mo remained silent no matter what Gu Lingsha said. He harbored a sudden disgust towards her all because this woman had sullied his Master’s pure image.

Roughly forty minutes later, the car came to a stop on the road beside the river.

Ah Mo left the car and opened the door beside Gu Lingsha. As the cold wind and rain gushed in, Gu Lingsha’s body shivered but Ah Mo did not seem to care.

“We’re here. Get down!”

Gu Lingsha shuddered once again as she wrapped her coat tighter around her. She quickly went under Ah Mo’s umbrella as he turned around and moved forward. “Master is in the sheltered booth ahead. Follow me!”




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