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(Confrontation (1)

Su Nan’s expression darkened while she lowered her head in silence.

“Your body is frail and you passed out due to exhaustion. Mu Yuchen talked to the police and they agreed to let you recover here. We’ll deal with the other things later on. Don’t worry about it. Ruan Heng is already in that condition and you definitely cannot crumble now. What would Xiao Chenxi do?” Xi Xiaye expressed her concern.

Su Nan took a deep breath and nodded. “I know. Thank you, Xiaye. I’m fine. It’s really late now and there’s a huge downpour outside. It must’ve been tiring for you to come over. I’ve thought things through during the time I spent inside. I still have to live on. Being weak right now doesn’t help. Don’t worry. It’s time for me to stop being emotional, I know.”

Xi Xiaye patted her hand. “It’s great that you can have that attitude. It’s not the end of the world. Rest up and continue to wait for Ruan Heng to wake up after dealing with your issue. If Gu Lingsha insists on giving us trouble, we’ll pursue the legal path. I’ve told Mu Yuchen to get you the best lawyer, so you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Mmm, I believe in you! I’ll put myself in your hands! It’s cold outside. Being pregnant doesn’t help either. You shouldn’t visit this place so often. It’s filled with germs which are harmful to you. I’m fine here. My parents are here with me! Besides, Lingshi comes and visits me every day. I’ll let you know if something happens. It’s time for you to go back now. Be careful on your way back.”

Su Nan shot Xi Xiaye a glance of gratitude, but at the same time, she was chasing her away, asking her to leave.

Xi Xiaye was really worried about her in the past few days. Her face obviously showed she was exhausted, and Su Nan felt bad for it.

“That’s right, Xiaye. You should head back and not force yourself. I’m here. I’ll be sure to let you know if something happens.” Su Nan’s mother was grateful.

Ji Zitong, who had been keeping quiet this whole time, went up and whispered to Xi Xiaye, “Director Xi, Chairman Mu told me to send you back to Maple Residence. He’ll make the arrangements here.”

“What about him?” Xi Xiaye turned around and noticed Mu Yuchen was not there anymore.

“He had something important to take care of. Let’s go back, Director Xi.”

Xi Xiaye nodded quietly and bade farewell.

The night was getting late, and the rain was not stopping at all.

Inside a suite ward, Gu Lingsha was having her sweet dreams when there was a loud noise when the door was flung open.


She instantly woke up shocked as she looked towards the door.

Two men in black suits were standing beside the door. Shocked, she quickly covered herself with a blanket and shuddered. She tried the suppress her fear and asked coldly, “Who are you guys? How dare you intrude my room?”

The two bodyguards ignored her. Soon after that, another person came in. Before Gu Lingsha could react, he was already right before her.

Ah Mo!

Gu Lingsha recognized him instantly! He had appeared as Xi Xiaye’s bodyguard at Wang Qin’s birthday banquet.

If Ah Mo was here causing a scene, was Mu Yuchen there?

Had Mu Yuchen returned?

Gu Lingsha’s clenched her fists under the blanket, hiding the faint light in her eyes under her eyebrows as she looked at Ah Mo quietly.

Ah Mo was very close to Mu Lingtian before, so Gu Lingsha was no stranger to him. Especially after he became Mu Yuchen’s assistant, Mu Yuchen sent him to deal with Gu Lingsha on many occasions.

To a certain extent, Ah Mo was very unhappy about Gu Lingsha.

“Long time no see, Ms. Gu! Master has put in a lot of effort trying to locate you all over the years. I didn’t expect you to make an appearance on your own.” Ah Mo walked closer and stopped at the end of the bed.

“It’s you!” Gu Lingsha did her best to suppress her fear and put on a calm expression as she looked at Ah Mo with the help of the dim table lamp. “It seems like Mu Yuchen’s returned, huh?”

“Aren’t you basically asking for Master to meet you after you did all those things? Master has seen through all your tricks. I advise you to stop putting up an act.”

Ah Mo did not have a good impression of Gu Lingsha at all. Lingtian would not have died if it was not for her, and Lingshi would not have turned out like this. He tried to be nice to her for Lingtian’s sake, but ever since Lingtian’s accident, he never had any positive thoughts about Gu Lingsha.

Gu Lingsha laughed when she heard Ah Mo. “I can see that you have quite a huge misunderstanding about me. I heard Mu Lingshi was disfigured. I thought you’d hate Mu Yuchen, but I didn’t expect you to be so forgiving.”

Ah Mo stared at Gu Lingshi like he was looking at an idiot. “Ms. Gu, your tricks might prove to be useful on Qi Lei, but if it weren’t for you, Lingtian and Lingshi would’ve still been fine. Don’t you think I should direct my hatred towards you instead?”

Gu Lingsha’s expression was strained as she glanced at Ah Mo’s cold face. After a while, she asked, “Did Mu Yuchen send you here?”

“If you already know, then please follow me. I’m sure you’ve longed to meet him. Master is angered due to your selfish and idiotic behavior, so I hope you can be smart for once. Master hates people threatening him like this,” Ah Mo replied coldly.

Gu Lingsha smiled and leaned back, relaxed. “Oh? Really? What if I say I don’t want to meet him at all?”

“That’s not for you to decide!”

Ah Mo stopped trying to convince her. He signaled the bodyguards and the two swiftly went to the side of Gu Lingsha’s bed. They forcefully pulled her out of the bed. Just as she was about to scream, Ah Mo interrupted, “Feel free to scream if you want the whole world to see what you look like now!”




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