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Mu Yuchen nodded humbly at Shen Yue’s words. “Okay, I’ll invite him tomorrow.”

“Let’s meet next weekend. Have him to come and play chess with me. Not many youngsters know how to play nowadays!”

Shen Yue took a towel from the waiter and wiped his face before grabbing his walking stick and standing up slowly. Then, he started ambling outside. “Let’s go home. This rain isn’t stopping anytime soon.”

Mu Yuchen helped Xi Xiaye to get up and they followed right behind the elderly man.

The sky turned dark when they returned to the Shen residence. A strong wind was blowing outside, but it was warm inside the house.

The servants were about to prepare dinner, but Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye wanted to make dinner themselves, so the servants left the kitchen to them.

“Mr. Mu, sometimes I think Grandpa would feel lonely here, so I thought why don’t we adopt a child from the orphanage? Having a child to stay with Grandpa could ease his loneliness. My parents are coming back soon, but they’ll be teaching at University A, so they can only spend time with him on the weekends. With Grandpa’s retirement coming up soon, he’ll be staying at home alone, so…”

Xi Xiaye suddenly stopped what she was doing and gave him a look that was asking for permission.

“Have you told Grandpa about this already?” he asked.

She nodded as her eyes sparkled and she gazed downward at her belly. “I also hope our child can experience a fulfilling childhood just like you and Ah Mo. I think it’d be great, unlike me being an only child.”

He laughed and then turned around to look at her. “Do it if you want to. I’ll get people to research orphanages. Then, we’ll head over and take a look if we find anyone suitable.”

He was glad to comply! With just one child of theirs, it would be nice to have a playmate for their child.

He was heartbroken to see her suffer during her pregnancy. He also did not want her attention to be divided too much because he required attention too!

Xi Xiaye was overjoyed to receive his approval, and she nodded her head repeatedly.

He shook his head helplessly.

What an easily satisfied woman!

The dinner was soon laid out. There was nothing extravagant, just some home-cooked dishes.

Shen Yue had a few drinks as he was really pleased. Just as Xi Xiaye was about to remind Mu Yuchen to stop as he needed to drive later, his phone started ringing. Mu Yuchen shot her a knowing glance and she quickly picked up the call.

“Master, Ms. Su Nan passed out in jail and is now on the way to Hospital T. What should we do?” It was Ah Mo’s voice.

Xi Xiaye’s face turned pale instantly. She frowned and all the worries inside her surfaced.

“What’s wrong?” he asked when he noticed something was not right.

Xi Xiaye was not herself as she grabbed his sleeve and said frantically, “What should I do? Ah Mo just called and said Nannan passed out. She’s being sent to Hospital T…”

The two of them rushed straight to the hospital before they could finish dinner. Xi Xiaye called Ji Zitong over to help monitor Ruan Heng’s condition. With him still in an unstable state right now, both the Ruan family and the Su family were a mess.

Su Nan’s father tried to ease things by using his connections, but Gu Lingsha’s side was toying with them. They said to wait for the police’s verdict and wait until Gu Lingsha’s condition became better, yet Su Nan still had to be arrested for the moment.

It was pitch dark outside when they just arrived at Hospital T. A heavy downpour was going on.

Ah Mo and the others went up to them as they just got out of the car.

“Master, Missus!”

“What’s the situation?” Mu Yuchen asked as he walked into the hospital with Xi Xiaye.

“Doctor said she passed out from being overly anxious and exhausted. She cannot take on anymore shock or she’ll definitely crumble,” Ah Mo replied as he brought them into the elevator.

Su Nan had turned extremely skinny in just a few days. She appeared lifeless on the bed, and Xi Xiaye felt a chilling cold when she grabbed her hand.

Su Nan’s mother’s eyes were already red from all the crying.

Mu Yuchen stood aside without saying anything. Moments later, he turned around and left the room while Ah Mo followed him.

Outside Su Nan’s room, Mu Yuchen asked Ah Mo with a serious expression, “What did the doctor say about Ruan Heng’s condition?”

“Still the same. It all depends on his willpower or he might be asleep like this forever. It’s not looking good,” Ah Mo said as he handed an investigation report to Mu Yuchen. “Missus had me conduct an investigation on what happened. Both sides were at fault. It’s hard to conclude Gu Lingsha’s intentions.”

Mu Yuchen flipped through it and his expression darkened. He threw the report onto the bench as a chill filled his tone of voice. “Get Ji Zitong to send your sister-in-law back to Maple Residence. Bring Gu Lingsha here to see me.”

He stormed off along the corridor after he gave his orders, his cold figure leaving Ah Mo shuddering. After working for him for so many years, he knew that his Master was truly furious this time.

“Yes, Master, I’ll get it done right away!” Ah Mo replied and quickly gestured to the bodyguards behind who came up to him. He quietly gave them orders before the two of them nodded and then went away.

Inside Su Nan’s room, she was gradually waking up.

“Nannan, how do you feel?” Xi Xiaye held her hand and asked anxiously.

Su Nan struggled to move her body. She blinked and looked around before asking, “Xiaye? Where am I? Why am I here?” She was suffering from a terrible headache as she formed the words.

“You’re in the hospital. You passed out. The police are still outside,” Xi Xiaye answered with a concerned frown on her face.

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