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(Cant Run Away From Responsibility)

When Zhuang Shurong said this, her expression was slightly solemn. She silently watched Mu Yuchen’s handsome face and paused for a while. When he did not answer, she continued, “I won’t say too much. I just hope that you will be more vigilant. I’ve never agreed for the two of you to be together. Right from the start, even though your father and I are in high positions, we’re in a very sensitive situation. We can’t give you anything. The only thing we can fight for you is that we hope for you to have a happy marriage.”

“I watched Gu Lingsha grow up too. All these years, I could tell that you didn’t have her on your mind, so I knew. Actually, back then when you agreed to marry her, I’d personally went looking for her, hoping that she could leave you because I could not see a hint of love in your eyes. Ah Chen, I’ll never be afraid to admit the things that I’ve done. I know what kind of person my son is. If you’re still blaming yourself for Lingtian’s incident, then I’m afraid I can’t run away from the responsibility either.”

When Zhuang Shurong finished, Mu Yuchen was stunned for a moment. He suddenly looked up at her, his depth-filled eyes suddenly filled with mixed complications. Then, he looked away and picked up the teapot before pouring some tea for Zhuang Shurong again as he said, “Why did you look for her? Since I’ve nodded and agreed to marry her, I have my own plans too.”

“Because I think that she doesn’t suit you, Ah Chen… Even though everyone should have their own love and no one can imitate anyone else, I still hope that you could be like your father and I. You are the combination of your father and me. I hope that you can be happy too. While Gu Lingsha is extremely shrewd, there’s also the relationship with the Gu family too.”

Zhuang Shurong sighed softly. “Back then, when I went to look for her, I struggled for a long time too, but my father didn’t stop me.”

“I clearly told her that even if she married into the Mu family, I wouldn’t acknowledge her. In fact, I was firm on not having her work at Glory World Corporation. I’ve long noticed Gu Qihao is wildly ambitious. Otherwise, he wouldn’t still let Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng have their unclear relationship while knowing that Gu Lingsha was your fiancèe.”

Even though Zhuang Shurong was not a businesswoman, she was still someone who had hustled in the political scene for many years. Plus, with her position, she held extraordinary vigilance and was very careful doing all things. She could not afford the slightest mistake. This was how as a woman, she could hold such a high position and did not have a single scandal.

She had always been like this. As long as she realized something was odd, she would make a move first and not let it develop into a disaster. Even Mu Yuchen admired how firm and decisive she was in doing things.

“So, Ah Chen, I probably can’t run from the responsibility of Gu Lingsha eloping before her marriage. When I went to look for her, Lingtian found out. You also know even though Lingtian has been calling me mother for all these years, he’s not close to me. I even flung a cup of coffee onto Gu Lingsha’s face, and Lingtian saw it all.”

Upon hearing Zhuang Shurong, a puzzlement flashed in Mu Yuchen’s eyes. He looked calmly at Zhuang Shurong and said in a gruff voice, “What are you trying to say by telling me all of this?”

Zhuang Shurong suddenly smiled. She lowered her head for a sip of tea, suddenly seeming relieved. “Ah Chen, don’t you understand?”

“You’re saying…”

“Lingtian has liked Gu Lingsha for a long time. Tell me. How can I let a woman like her marry into the Mu family? Am I going to let you two brothers fall out with each other? Lingtian is already prejudiced against you, isn’t he? I’ve been trying to guess why as the older brother, you’ve been protecting Lingtian while he… Then, I personally saw Gu Lingsha cry in front of him because of the marriage to you.”

Zhuang Shurong’s tone was filled with certainly as Mu Yuchen’s gaze darkened and he stopped what he doing. “But Lingtian told me that he only saw Gu Lingsha as a sister and that he’d never had any other thoughts. That was why I agreed.”

Zhuang Shurong did not respond this time. She only smiled.

Not long after lunch, the husband and wife went looking for Shen Yue, but they did not go straight to the Shen residence. Instead, they agreed to Shen Yue’s request and went to a golf course near the residence.

Shen Yue and Mu Yuchen decided on playing a few games of golf.

Xi Xiaye had never really played before. Usually, when she came looking for Shen Yue, it would just be to watch him play.

Unexpectedly, now she would watch Shen Yue and Mu Yuchen play rather jovially. Shen Yue was far more meticulous with Mu Yuchen than her as the granddaughter. When she thought about this, Xi Xiaye felt melancholic for some reason, but seeing them happy was worth it.

Xi Xiaye lay on the lounge chair leisurely as she turned to the side to watch the drizzle outside the French windows. Suddenly, the man’s voice came into her ears. When she subconsciously turned to look, he had already walked over and swiftly sat down beside her while Shen Yue was already resting on the other side.

She reached out to take the golf club.

Xi Xiaye looked puzzled at the golf club in hand as she muttered, “I don’t quite know how to play it yet…”

“Didn’t I teach you before? Have you already forgotten all about it?” As he asked her softly, his tall and warm body had already leaned down to take away the golf club from her hand. “You can’t play right now, but I’ll teach you next time.”

She nodded and then handed a glass of warm water to Shen Yue. “Grandpa, have some water.”


Shen Yue drank two sips, and then looked at the couple. “I’ve carefully considered the South River project. Since the two of you recommend Qi Lei, then tell him to prepare the proposal in another two days. I want to meet him personally. If he really is as you say, then it’s possible for us to work with him.”

Upon hearing this, Xi Xiaye was shocked. She quickly looked at Mu Yuchen, knowing that he had recommended Qi Lei to Shen Yue.

“Ah Chen, I’ve taken a look at the materials you sent over. Qi Lei’s background in construction is pretty solid. If Fuhua can maintain a long term working relationship with him, it’s not a bad thing. It’s good to have someone like Qi Lei on our side. You can set aside personal grudges and partner up for the benefit of all. Ah Chen, you did well.”

Shen Yue acknowledged Mu Yuchen with recognition. The more he saw this grandson-in-law of his, the more he was satisfied.

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