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(I Missed You (3)

After being busy for around half the night, by the time they finished washing up and got into bed to rest, it was already past 1 a.m.

Inside the warm and comfortable bedroom, the sheer bed drapes were put down, and the lights were dimmed, leaving only a dim light from the wall lamp.

Outside, there was still a chilly shower pouring…

Xi Xiaye was obviously fond of the warm hug that she had been separated from for quite a while. Although she could vaguely hear the wind swaying gently outside, at the moment, she just felt filled with warmth.

In the dark, listening to his subtle and gentle breathing, she suddenly softly called out to him, “Mr. Mu?”


Her clear voice had just rung out when the arms around his waist tightened a little more.

“About Nannan…” she probed.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Rest early unless you’re planning to do other things.”

As he said this, his warm body inched in closer. Only God knew the amount of control he needed to tamp the surging warm blood in him down.

This little thing was getting in the way!

How long more did he have to suffer for?

At such times, Mu Yuchen would think that having one little thing was enough for the sake of his future welfare!

Of course, Missus Mu could never know such thoughts. Otherwise, she would definitely say he was…

Indeed, upon hearing Mr. Mu, Xi Xiaye did not continue. She glanced up at his tensed, handsome face, as she pursed her lips and smiled. Without saying anything, she only hugged him tight and gradually fell asleep…

When they woke up the next day, the rain was still pouring outside. Mu Yuchen considerately prepared breakfast before going upstairs to wake her up to wash up.

She had not rested well for quite a few days now, but last night, she slept soundly till the morning.

Xi Xiaye pulled her blanket away a little unwillingly as she was woken up. She half-opened her dazed eyes and looked at Mr. Mu who was preparing her outfit for her by the wardrobe. She did not say anything for a long time.

“Quickly wash up. It’s almost 9 a.m. Have breakfast first and rest for today.”

He brought over clothes for her to change, but when Xi Xiaye took a look, she immediately rolled her eyes. Then, she reflexively looked down at her baby bump, and Master Mu remembered she was…

He quickly chuckled apologetically. “I forgot…”

“I can’t wear these clothes anymore now. Go get a few larger long blouses and a couple of windbreakers for me.”

“Didn’t Grandmother prepare maternity dresses for you?” he asked in puzzlement.

“I don’t look good wearing those. It’s usually okay to just wear those large blouses and windbreakers. Su Nan knitted a few long blouses for me too. They fit very well on me. Besides, I’m not used to wearing those clothes to work.”

Xi Xiaye lifted a hand to fix her beautiful yet messy, long hair. She looked up at him standing by the bedside as she caressed her baby bump, asking softly, “Do you think I’ve become ugly?”

When she said this, Mu Yuchen lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead. With a chuckle, his tone contained a hint of reprimand. “Who said so? You only know how to think of this nonsense. As ugly as you may be, you’d still be prettier than Xi Shi [1]…”

“Are you sure?” Upon hearing that, a smile rippled on her bright and animated face.

Mu Yuchen did not answer and just patted her head. “Quickly get up and wash up. I’ll prepare your clothes for you. Finish your breakfast, then we’ll make a trip back to the Mu residence. At night, we’ll have dinner at the Shen residence. I’ve already informed Grandmother and Grandpa.”

She raised her eyebrows and looked a little shocked at him. Then, she could not help but snicker. “Mr. Mu, I suddenly realize that you have the potential to be a good husband.”

“What do you mean by ‘good husband’?” The man looked at her puzzledly.

She smiled sweetly, got up, and swiftly planted a kiss on his cheek. “I’m praising you right now!”

Before he could react, she already walked towards the bathroom. He watched as she vanished into the bathroom. Then, a faint smile flashed across his lips.

After the breakfast, the husband and wife rested for a while, then Mu Yuchen said he wanted to return to the Mu residence, so Xi Xiaye quickly went upstairs to get her things.

When he saw her bringing a huge bag into the car, he reached out to take it as he asked, “What’s this?”

“Those accessories you brought back for me. I don’t quite like these things, but this set looks like it suits Mother, so I’m bringing it for her. Two days ago, I told her that you bought it just for her, and she was quite thrilled to hear it. Then, she said that she hasn’t been too caring towards you in recent years, so you and she aren’t close…”

A light flashed in his deep eyes. He smiled faintly and looked at her as he dotingly patted her head and said in a deep voice, “Missus you’re so considerate. Actually, you have the potential to be a good wife too.”

“Actually, I think Mother is quite an easy person to talk to. While you weren’t around, she’s been very caring about me.”

When he heard her say that, he suddenly remembered that he did call Zhuang Shurong, asking her to watch over her too.

To tell the truth, he had to admit that ever since he married her, his relationship with his family had become much more harmonious. He would really be as they say in the past, cold and distant. Even if they were his kin, he could not really talk much about his problems, but now it was a little different. Sometimes, he would even talk about business matters with Mu Tangchuan too.

“You’re her daughter-in-law. Of course, she has to be concerned about you. If you both fell into a river, your Mr. Mu wouldn’t need to choose who to save because she would’ve rescued you to shore.”

He smiled calmly and reached out to help her buckle up, then he swiftly started the car.

“Your cold humor doesn’t sound funny at all.” She shot him a look and then reached out to start the radio which was going on about some news in the entertainment circle.

“Can you think of something to solve Su Nan’s matter? I went to look for Gu Lingsha yesterday, but she doesn’t seem to plan on letting go of Su Nan. I know Su Nan well. No matter what it is, she wouldn’t have pushed Gu Lingsha down the stairs.’

Xi Xiaye’s mind was still fixated on this matter.

“Mmm, I’ll handle this matter. You just rest for a few days. Hand over your work next week. In the upcoming months, just rest well. Don’t handle Gu Lingsha because it’s about the past. If it were a coincidence, that’d be better, but if she has other thoughts, then she’d just be coming for me,” Mu Yuchen said with a calm expression.

“Coming for you? Could it be about the car accident five years ago? She looks quite healthy and fine right now. There’s no point to… Right, it sounds like we haven’t heard about any traces of Qi Feng’s tracks. Could he be dead? Does that means that only Gu Lingsha survived?”

She cocked her head at Mu Yuchen in puzzlement.




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