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(I Missed You (2)

He hugged her even tighter. He was using so much strength that he wished the two of them could merge into one.

“I never knew how it felt like to miss someone in the past, but nothing else could make me experience this pain being away from you.” Mu Yuchen pulled her head towards his chest, his gentle tone of voice sounding happy. “Only you can do that, Xiaye.”

She buried herself in his arms and complained, “Then, why didn’t you come back earlier?”

“I just wanted to get everything done and spend several months with you and welcome our newborn baby, okay?”

He patted her head and left a kiss on her forehead. Then, he glanced at her belly as he smiled and put his hand over it. “This little thing is growing up quickly. It’s only been two months and it’s grown so big.”

Xi Xiaye looked down as well, a smile appearing on her face. “Mmm, it’s growing well. It’s pretty naughty at times too. Sometimes it wakes me up at midnight.”

“I’ll be sure to give it a lesson after it’s born!” He looked at her, and his heart softened when he saw the sweet smile on her face. He could not help but give her a kiss on her lips.

She felt warm and secure as his slightly cold aura closed in. A faint light flashed in her eyes, and she wrapped her arms around him as they continued to embrace each other.

With that little thing between them, his dirty thoughts had to be put on hold at the moment.

Xi Xiaye looked at the man and smiled warmly. “You just got off the plane. Go take a bath and I’ll cook you some noodles. Sis Wang and the others are already asleep. Let’s not wake them up.”

“It’s fine. I’ll do it myself.”

“Go and take a bath. I’ll go and cook for you now… Hurry. You smell…” She pushed him out of the study room.

Mu Yuchen had no choice but to do as she said. He wanted to say that he was not really hungry, but he felt bad declining her kind offer.

He went into the bathroom and took a comforting bath. When he came out of the bedroom in his clean sleeping robe, Xi Xiaye served him a piping hot bowl of instant noodles.

The tempting fragrance reminded Mu Yuchen that he was actually hungry.

Xi Xiaye put the bowl of noodles before him and also got him a glass of water. “Have a try. Let me know if I’ve improved.” She handed him a pair of chopsticks as she looked full of hope.

“It looks pretty good. You don’t really need to cook, you know. So what if you improved or not?”

He smiled and took the chopsticks from her. As usual, he started eating elegantly. Xi Xiaye sat down beside him and just watched him while he ate. “I don’t want to be a woman who can’t cook.”

“Do you want to become a housewife? Unfortunately, I don’t see any potential in you.” He swallowed the noodles and laughed. “Mmm, there’s some improvement.”

Xi Xiaye glared at him and said unhappily, “What does that mean? Don’t look down on me.”

“I’m not looking down on you. It’s just that there’s no need. It’s already taxing enough at work. You’re going to tire yourself out quickly. How are you so skinny already? In a glance, people would think you’re a refugee.”

He put a small piece of a fried egg into her mouth.

Xi Xiaye ate it, but she found it a little oily, so she grabbed a small slice of tomato and put it inside her mouth. She then started picking up his coat and necktie that he had left around earlier. “Things have been really hectic lately. Ruan Heng is still unconscious. The doctor said it all depends on his willpower. Su Nan… She’s in the police station now. It’s all because of your ex-fiancèe…”

Xi Xiaye suddenly stopped what she was doing as her eyes darkened. She glanced at him, looking for help.

Her pitiful eyes successfully softened his heart. He put his chopsticks down and grabbed her shoulder. “It’s only been a while and you’ve become a mess. Xi Xiaye, can you let me be at ease? How did you survive all these years?”

As he thought about how she had endured all of these alone in the past, his heart twisted in anguish. The struggle, the depression, the helplessness… He related to these feelings very well.

She looked at him with a fragile glance as she replied honestly, “I haven’t really experienced this kind of thing before. Su Nan and Ruan Heng always protected me, and now… I used to be independent on my own in the past, but ever since I got married to you, I…”

She did not continue, but she knew very well that she had caught a bad habit ever since she married him, that was, she would be overly reliant on him. She would always think about leaving problems to him since he could fix everything anyway.

Including Su Nan’s issue, she believed that there was nothing he could not do. Her heart was at ease the moment she saw him return. It felt like such a huge contrast from the storm that she was experiencing before.

“Do you think that I’m a burden, Mr. Mu?” she asked anxiously when he looked downwards quietly.

Mu Yuchen raised his head and stared at her face intently. he touched her face as he spoke with his magnetic voice that melted her heart, “Can your brain think of something else? Just what nonsense are you thinking about? You’re married and are becoming a mother soon. Stop asking these questions. I don’t need a capable or smart woman. You’ll always be by my side as you’re my child’s mother. The rest has nothing to do with me. Got it?”

She finally nodded after some time. “Mmm, I won’t ask again.”




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