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(I Missed You (1)

Li Si sighed and quickly caught up with an umbrella in his hand. “Be careful, Master. It’s still raining outside!”

“Master!” The bodyguards bowed respectfully.

Mu Yuchen nodded without stopping. His deep voice rumbled in the rain, “Go straight to Maple Residence.”

He then went into the car, and Li Si quickly closed the door. As he was heading towards the front passenger seat, Mu Yuchen rolled down the car window and said, “Li Si, you can head back first. Leave the documents in the car. You can have the day off tomorrow.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Si then left the heavy briefcase right beside Mu Yuchen’s seat.

The car then slowly moved forward in the rain.

It was late at night and the breeze was blowing wildly outside. Inside the study room on the second floor, one could still hear the howl of the wind even though the windows were shut tightly.

Xi Xiaye was sitting on a chair right beside the tall bookshelf. She had fallen asleep with an opened book on her lap.

Wang Hui got a phone call after dinner and she went back to the Mu Residence after that. She mentioned she would come again tomorrow morning. Xi Xiaye overheard Mu Yinan calling her. He seemed to have fallen sick and was suffering at the moment, so she offered to send Wang Hui off and arranged for a chauffeur to send her back.

Xi Xiaye then gave Mu Yuchen a call when she arrived back at Maple Residence, but his phone was switched off, and she could not contact Ah Mo as well. Fortunately, Su Chen called her from abroad during dinner and told her to not worry about Su Nan. He made sure the police were taking good care of her, and he would take care of the rest when he got back.

Relieved, she took a warm bath and washed her sorrows away. Then, she did some prenatal education with the little thing inside her until it settled down. After that, she went to the study room and looked around for something to read.

When he was not around, reading books to help her fall asleep had become a habit of hers. Soon, she returned to being a late sleeper again.

She had no idea when he would return. Despite having asked him twice, she was not able to get a definite answer, thus she stopped asking about it after that.

A car parked outside the entrance of Maple Residence. The rain was getting heavier, so the bodyguard came over and opened the door for Mu Yuchen while holding an umbrella. Mu Yuchen alighted from the car with the briefcase as the bodyguard quickly put the big black umbrella over him. He quietly looked at this villa that was shrouded in mist.

His eyes softened when he noticed that the lights in the study room on the second floor were still on, but then he frowned soon after that. He grabbed a keycard from his pocket and walked towards the door.

Taking the umbrella from the bodyguard after he opened the door, he said, “You guys can go back now. There’s no need to come tomorrow. Missus will be resting for a day. Don’t let anyone come and disturb her.”

“Yes, Master!”

Before waiting for the bodyguard’s reply, Mu Yuchen vanished behind the door.

It was getting close to midnight, and Sis Wang and the other servants were already asleep. It was extremely quiet inside the villa.

Mu Yuchen switched on a dim light before he changed into his slippers and removed his windbreaker as he walked upstairs.

The living room was dark when he got inside. Tiny fragments of light came from the study room. Although he was really in a rush just now, he now felt her unique aura around.

He left his clothes on the sofa and put his briefcase aside before heading into the study room.

The first thing he saw was the petite woman on the chair.

She had become really skinny and looked exhausted. Her long hair was left untidy and messy around her face although the length was not very different than when he left. Her belly had grown larger, but she seemed pretty miserable as a whole.

His heart was in pain as he cursed himself.

How were the idiots taking care of her?

Xi Xiaye could sense the man’s presence when she was still asleep. She thought she was dreaming. As she struggled in her daze, she felt someone run his fingers through her hair. She woke up gradually and opened her eyes as a familiar face appeared right before her. The necktie was extremely familiar. When she raised her head, she saw the man’s elegant face.

Thinking that she was in a dream, she rubbed her eyes and took a closer look at the man again. She finally believed it was a reality when his unique scent wafted all around her.

Her eyes teared up as she started sobbing. The next moment, she started crying and looked at him quietly, sniffling while tears rolled down her cheeks. “Why are you only back now? I’ve been calling and you didn’t pick up…”

Mu Yuchen’s heart broke seeing her like this. He quickly wiped her tears away as he spoke to her with his magnetic voice, “Alright, I’m back now, aren’t I? What’s there to cry about? How are you taking care of yourself? Refugees in Africa aren’t as miserable as you.”

“Isn’t this all your fault?”

Xi Xiaye used his shirt as her handkerchief to wipe her tears, sniffling while she complained. She unconsciously wrapped her arms around him tightly, desperately longing for the warmth and ease from his heart.

“I can see that you had it rough when I wasn’t around… Me too…”

He let out a long sigh and hugged her close. When he ran his fingers through her smooth, long hair, they felt at ease with each other’s presence. Their wandering hearts had found their place to settle down.

She struggled out of his embrace as she looked at him with her starry eyes and whispered intimately, “I missed you…”




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