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(Return Of Master Mu (5)

Qi Lei looked at her with his serene eyes as the curve on his lips widened. He pulled a chair out from the side to sit beside her.

“Isn’t it just a fracture? With the medical technology nowadays, it shouldn’t be too hard to heal,” Qi Lei assured as he poured Gu Lingsha a glass of water.

Gu Lingsha did not reject it and lowered her head to take two sips. “Uncle Qi’s just sent someone over too. Lei, you and Uncle Qi… Can’t you just sit down and have a proper talk? Actually, he still cares about you very much. It’s just that he and Aunt Wang are a little tensed. Aunt Wang’s also the kind of stubborn person who won’t give in. Sometimes, I’m quite worried too. It’s not like Uncle Qi’s doing well when things are like this.”

She sighed again. “They’ve been at each other’s throats for decades now. It should be time to stop.”

Upon hearing this, Qi Lei’s gaze darkened and his expression turned blank. “This is between them. Don’t interfere and just recover well. Did Xiaye come looking for you earlier?”

Qi Lei looked at Gu Lingsha coolly. He was not interested in Qi Qiming and Wang Qin’s matters at all. He would only find it the world’s biggest mockery if he talked more about it.

“Xiaye? Xi Xiaye… What a sweet name… Are you very close to her?”

A small smile appeared on Gu Lingsha’s face as she looked at Qi Lei with interest.

Qi Lei squinted and smiled at her as he said in a deep voice, “I guess we’re quite close. Previously, they’ve treated me to a few meals, and I steal food from their house too. It feels like quite a good relationship.” He did not hide his relationship with Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye either.

When Gu Lingsha heard his light-hearted humor, she suddenly smiled sadly. “Looks like you’ve been doing quite well these past few years.”

She suddenly paused and her eyes dimmed. “Sometimes, I really admire you all. At least, you can live a happy life like normal people while I…”

“Shasha, now that you’re back, you can also live a simpler and relaxed life. Since those things are in the past now, let them stay in the past. I’ve roughly understood your matter with Miss Su Nan too. You hurt your hand and you were slightly grazed, so it’s not too huge of a matter. However, Miss Su Nan is still locked up at the police station. This is just a small matter. Mr. Ruan is still in coma right now. Earlier, didn’t Xiaye come looking for you about this too?”

It was rare for Qi Lei to say so many things at a go.

Upon hearing Qi Lei’s words, Gu Lingsha was stunned. She silently looked up in surprise, and there was a light of mixed feelings in her eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Qi Lei asked with raised brows.

Gu Lingsha just laughed and lamented sadly, “Lei, why do I suddenly feel like upon my return this time, you’ve changed so much?”

“Changed so much? In what way? Aren’t I still the same Qi Lei? Still that skinny boy who said he wanted to protect you…” Qi Lei smiled and lifted a hand to fix a strand of hair that had gotten stuck on her face. There was a gentleness in his eyes.

“No, Lei, you’ve changed… If this was before, you’d definitely give that person a lesson without hesitating if you heard someone hurt me. You were impulsive, and because of that, you were scolded by Aunt Wang. I really thank you for protecting me as always, but now, you’ve changed. You’ve become more mature and steady. I’m happy about that.”

As Gu Lingsha said this, she slipped into her memories and her eyes started to become misty. She thought and thought about the past, then suddenly giggled. “I remember back then, I didn’t like you. I thought you were an arrgant bumbeetle. After that, I realized that no matter what, the first person who would protect me was always you while Lingtian would always protect me from the dark. After so many years, there are still so many things I remember very clearly, but those things will only become memories. We’re still around, but Lingtian… He’s gone forever…”

“Okay, Shasha, don’t think about those things anymore. The most important for you to do right now is to heal well. I listened to you and didn’t call to inform Uncle Gu and the rest. Don’t worry. Even if I’ve changed, I’ll still protect you, but, Shasha, have you changed?” Qi Lei said as he helped her fix her blanket.

When Gu Lingsha heard his straightforward question, her movements stiffened, then she smiled wanly. “What do you think?”

Qi Lei shook his head. “Five years is quite a long time, so I can’t tell, but I do hope that you can make it a non-issue. Xi Xiaye’s quite a vulnerable person too. She’s like glass. It’s not easy being pregnant, and Ruan Heng and Su Nan seem to be her best friends. Because of Ruan Heng’s matter, no one’s been doing well either. Is that okay?”

After Qi Lei said this, Gu Lingsha immediately fell silent. She looked up and fixed her gaze on Qi Lei, whispering softly, “Lei, do you like Xi Xiaye?”

Qi Lei was stunned by this question. His handsome face started to blush involuntarily and he could not quite calm down. After a while, he suddenly shook his head and grinned. “How’s that possible?! I wouldn’t fancy such an uninteresting woman. Mu Yuchen has bland taste, and Xi Xiaye is his cup of tea. I still like beautiful and mature women like you. Besides, I am a very moral person. A married woman is a fatal poison that you can’t touch. She and Mu Yuchen are probably like you and Qi Feng. They’re a harmonious couple.”

“A harmonious couple? Do you know about him and Xi Xiaye?” Gu Lingsha probed.

“It’s obvious. Any man can tell that he cares about Xi Xiaye. As for Su Nan’s matter, you…”

“Tell that to Uncle Qi. He’s already sent for someone to help me handle it, so I can rest easy. I’m fine with it as long as Uncle Qi doesn’t look into it.”

When the plane arrived at the private airport in City Z, it was already late at night. Cold winter rain was pouring outside, and with the patter of the rain and the wind sneaking into the night, it was even colder and bleaker.

The cabin door opened followed by the stairs being lowered. Li Si appeared at the entrance of the cabin first to see that the people below had already prepared the car to fetch them.

Li Si opened the huge black umbrella as he leaned to the side. “Master, be careful. It’s still raining outside…”

Before he could finish, Mu Yuchen’s handsome and tall figure had already walked past him and down the stairs without even waiting for Li Si to hold the umbrella out for him.

He walked through the patter of the rain with apathy toward the car.




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