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(Return Of Master Mu (4)

Xi Xiaye glared at Gu Lingsha coldly without saying anything in response as she examined her. She did notice a thick layer of bandage wrapped around her left arm and a slight bruise on her extremely sympathetic face. With her exquisitely beautiful appearance, she did seem coldly delicate, yet there was an odd sign of strength and endurance of suffering between her brows.

She did find Gu Lingsha an exceptionally elegant beauty, yet the aura she exuded made her oddly uncomfortable as if there was something sinister about her. She wondered if she was overthinking it.

“Miss Gu, why would you insist that it was Su Nan who pushed you down the stairs?” Xi Xiaye immediately asked frankly.

When she heard the question, Gu Lingsha suddenly smiled. “Oh, it turns out that you’ve come for this too, Miss Xi? Miss Su’s emotional. I don’t blame her. After all, with Mr. Ruan in the state that he is, she must be quite shaken too. Thankfully, the police arrived in time. Otherwise, I was really worried that she’d break down.”

Xi Xiaye looked down at Gu Lingsha who lay on the sickbed as she said calmly, “But Su Nan said that she didn’t push you and that you fell yourself, Miss Gu. I know Su Nan well. She wouldn’t irrationally push you down the stairs. Could there have been some kind of misunderstanding here?”

A smile flashed in Gu Lingsha’s eyes as she spoke apologetically, “I can understand your worry, Miss Xi. I also express my sympathy for Miss Su Nan’s current situation, but the police saw it themselves too. My hands are tied. If you’ve come for this, then I can only apologize. Uncle Qi will be sending someone to handle this. I almost forgot that Xi Xiaye seems to have some prejudice against me. My current health isn’t great and my head is still heavy. I want to rest for a while, Miss Xi, so I won’t talk to you for long now.”

From the depths of Xi Xiaye’s twinkling eyes, a hint of hostility flashed. She did not expect Gu Lingsha to be so begrudging. So, it seemed like she was getting back at her now, was she?

“Hmm, does that mean you’ve set your mind on the fact that Su Nan pushed you down the stairs?”

“Miss Xi, please watch your words. What do you mean by setting my mind on it? It was there for all to see!” Gu Lingsha frowned and pouted unhappily at Xi Xiaye. “Miss Xi, you should be careful and pick your words carefully, especially for something like this, to avoid creating unnecessary misunderstandings. Don’t you think so?”

She was quite the character! Xi Xiaye scoffed haughtily. “Whether it’s true or not, we’ll know when we check the hospital’s CCTV. I heard that you still had a fever a few days ago, so we can’t be sure if you’ve been having illusions from the high fever, so I think there might even be a misunderstanding here. Besides, you also had a concussion, thus it’s extremely possible that you could have had an unclear conscience sometimes.”

Her headstrong ways did not budge for Gu Lingsha. Xi Xiaye put a hand in her pocket as she stared coldly at her.

Indeed, when Gu Lingsha heard this, her expression darkened slightly. She was about to say something when Xi Xiaye continued, “Ruan Heng and Su Nan did not offend you, Miss Gu, but anyone can make mistakes, so forgive them when possible. I’m sure you know the truth of this incident best. Such a nice family being tormented so terribly has everything to do with you, Miss Gu. Anyone with even a little bit conscience would feel bad—” Xi Xiaye pointed to where her heart was and fixed her gaze on her. “— right here, Miss Gu. Are you someone like that?”

Gu Lingsha’s lowered gaze hid the disdain that flashed in her eyes. She turned away and did not look at Xi Xiaye anymore. Clearly, she was being hostile, so she asked her to leave. “Then, you may go investigate! I don’t need anyone to judge the kind of person I am.”

Xi Xiaye’s apathetic lips curved up slightly. There was a faint ruthlessness on her expression, but she did not say anything anymore. She just shot Gu Lingsha a glance, and then turned to leave the ward.

When she heard the sound of the door close, Gu Lingsha then turned to glare at the door. A sneer curved on her lips.

Already anxious?

She was just getting started!

She took in a deep breath and then held her heavy and hurting head before she finally closed her eyes slowly.

“Director Xi!” When she saw Xi Xiaye walking out, Ji Zitong quickly went up to her from the side.

“Let’s go see how Ruan Heng’s doing,” Xi Xiaye’s expression was a little gloomy as she softly said, and then walked ahead.

Ji Zitong frowned in concern. She looked grimly at the two bodyguards before the three of them silently followed after Xi Xiaye.

However, they had just taken a few steps when there was suddenly the clear sound of footsteps from the front. Xi Xiaye subconsciously looked up and Qi Lei’s handsome and slightly demonic face greeted her sight.

At that moment, he held a bouquet of violets in his hand. They looked very pretty, and she knew they were for Gu Lingsha.

Qi Lei stopped in that instant too. When he saw Xi Xiaye, he was clearly a little shocked.

“Why are you here?” he asked softly.

Xi Xiaye lowered her gaze indifferently and fell silent for a while. She turned to the side and walked past him slowly.

“Don’t you already know? Or you can go ask Gu Lingsha yourself,” she replied, then her frail body continued ahead while Ji Zitong and the rest followed her very quickly.

Qi Lei’s handsome brows raised as he abruptly turned to watch Xi Xiaye as her figure moved further away. After a while, he held a hand to his forehead and sighed with a shrug. Then, he sighed to himself again.

This woman was genuine. Once this incident happened, she became unhappy. Only someone like Mu Yuchen could handle her.

Qi Lei massaged the space between his brows a little helplessly. He thought about it and could only shake his head before he walked towards Gu Lingsha’s ward.

“Lei, you’re here!” When Gu Lingsha saw Qi Lei from her bed, a soft smile rippled on her face.

Qi Lei nodded as he put the bouquet onto the table on the side. Then, he turned to Gu Lingsha, that demonic smile flashing across his face. “How are you feeling? Yang Sheng told me all about it. It’s a good thing you’re okay. Otherwise, I’d be sad again.”

Gu Lingsha smiled plainly. Her clear blue eyes looked at him as she said softly, “It’s nothing. It’s just this hand that’s probably done for. I’m really plagued with misfortunes, aren’t I? Bad mishaps one after another. I can’t even escape it. Don’t you think I’m quite unlucky?”

He could hear helpless sorrow and a plain bleakness in her tone.




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