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(Return Of Master Mu (3)

However, if that Mr. Wen was really related to Qi Qiming, could Gu Lingsha have been a part of all those incidents too?

If that were true, then the reason she returned this time was probably to go against Mu Yuchen!

Xi Xiaye obviously did not forget the things the so-called Mr. Wen had said to her. From those words of his, she could clearly feel that the person held a grudge against Mu Yuchen!

The more Xi Xiaye thought about it, the more her expression turned solemn. Her brows furrowed into a knot. Even when Su Nan called her a few times, she did not snap back to her senses. Su Nan was worried and quickly pinched her hand. When she felt the pain, Xi Xiaye slowly regained her senses.

“Xiaye, what’s wrong?” Su Nan had already wiped her tears away as she looked at Xi Xiaye with wet eyes.

Xi Xiaye shook her head and gently patted Su Nan on the shoulder as she said calmly, “I’m fine. It’s okay. I believe that you didn’t push her. Don’t be too worried either. It’ll be fine. I need to take a look at Ruan Heng at the hospital now, and at the same time, understand the situation. You rest well and wait for my good news, okay?”

Su Nan nodded hard as she gripped both of Xi Xiaye’s hands tightly.

Xi Xiaye slowly got up. She was still concerned as she explained, “Whatever they ask you, before anything’s been confirmed, don’t simply answer them. I’ll wait for the hospital to clarify and get you a lawyer. Remember, before the lawyer gets here, don’t say anything. Got it?”

“Okay, I understand. Don’t worry! I trust you! I’ll wait right here for you to get me out. Xi Xiaye, thank God you’re here… Otherwise… otherwise I… I would’ve broken down by now…” Su Nan looked at Xi Xiaye with gratitude.

Xi Xiaye just smiled calmly. “Okay, don’t think too much about it. I’m leaving now. Wait for my good news.”

After Xi Xiaye left the police station, she rushed straight to the hospital. She even forgot to have lunch, so it was a good thing that Ji Zitong predicted this and called Maple Residence to ask Sis Wang to prepare some plain porridge and send it over. They managed to meet at the plaza that was not too far from the hospital.

With Sis Wang and Ji Zitong watching over her and after considering the little thing in her, Xi Xiaye forced herself to finish two bowls and drink a few sips of flower tea before she felt much more at ease.

Sis Wang handed a clean handkerchief to Xi Xiaye, as she said, “Missus, the Elder Madam came over this morning. She brought some light snacks for you. She’s worried that you’d be too tired in the upcoming days, so she just stayed in Maple Residence. She said she’ll only leave when the Master gets back. That way, it’d be easier to take care of you.”

Xi Xiaye accepted the handkerchief and wiped her hand as she nodded gladly. “Mmm, Grandmother and the rest have been very considerate.”

“Elder Madam’s also worried about explaining things to the Master when he returns if you become thinner instead! So, while we still have time, we have to make sure you’re nourished.” Sis Wang smiled.


She did not even know when he would be returning!

Xi Xiaye suddenly felt weak and sad on the inside. After she thought about it, she then quickly took out her phone. That was when she realized that her phone was still switched off.

Ji Zitong did not tell Xi Xiaye that Mu Yuchen was rushing home tonight either since she thought to herself that it would be a lovely surprise. Xi Xiaye had been quite worrisome these past few days, so an unexpected turnup would do her good. If this went on, the little baby in her would turn out to be a gloomy little baby!

“I’m good. Don’t worry. Go home first. I want to rest for a while. Later, I’ll come to the hospital to take a look again.”

“Alright, Missus go home earlier today. The Elder Madam’s preparing your meal tonight. She told me to tell you. Right, Chief Zhuang will come over too. The calcium tablets that the doctor prescribed for you are still with her.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best,” Xi Xiaye responded before Sis Wang got onto the car and rushed to Maple Residence.

When she watched the shadow of Sis Wang’s car vanish in the sea of vehicles, Xi Xiaye quietly averted her gaze. She was about to look up and ask Ji Zitong for the time when she suddenly felt a coldness splatter on her hand. She subconsciously looked up and realized that the cold and hazy sky had begun to pour.

“Director Xi, it’s raining. Let’s go in.” Ji Zitong considerately held up a black umbrella and walked over, shielding her from the drizzling rain.

Xi Xiaye nodded and slowly got up as Ji Zitong reached out to help her.

As Xi Xiaye walked into the hospital, she asked, “How’re things on Gu Lingsha’s end?”

“I just received news that she’s regained consciousness. The people from the police station seem to have just left. Shall we go over now?” Ji Zitong responded.

“Mmm, let’s go.”

Gu Lingsha’s ward was the VIP ward on the 19th floor. Xi Xiaye and Ji Zitong walked up and stopped not too far away from the door.

Ji Zitong waved to the two black-suited bodyguards behind her. Immediately understanding, they guarded the door.

“Wait for me outside. I’ll call you if there’s anything,” Xi Xiaye said, and then before Ji Zitong could answer, she had already walked in herself.

Inside the ward, Gu Lingsha was lying on the bed all pale. When she heard the sound of footsteps from the door, she subconsciously looked over and saw Xi Xiaye’s figure greet her sight. A faint smile flashed on her lips while she looked with interest at Xi Xiaye.

Without waiting for Xi Xiaye to greet, Gu Lingsha had already spoken up, “We meet again, Miss Xi! Such fate.”

Xi Xiaye stopped near her bed and looked at her with dim eyes and a lukewarm attitude. “I find it quite unfortunate instead.”

When Gu Lingsha heard her response, her dazzling blue eyes flickered a bit, but she smiled graciously. “Unfortunate? It does seem quite unfortunate. The victim’s family was too rash, pushing me down the stairs. My left hand is fractured. The doctor said it might be inconvenient for my mobility after I recover.”

When Xi Xiaye heard Gu Lingsha’s nonchalant tone, her expression darkened. She spoke with a hint of bitterness in her voice as her gaze was fixed on Gu Lingsha, “Miss Gu, are you saying that Su Nan really pushed you down the stairs?”

“Su Nan?”

Gu Lingsha stared at Xi Xiaye in shock as she frowned. “Do you know this Miss Su Nan, Xi Xiaye?”

She hesitated, then suddenly seemed to remember something as she said in surprise, “Oh, I remember now. I heard that you’re good friends with Mr. Ruan and Miss Su, aren’t you?”

As she said that, a faint curve flashed on the corner of her lips. Her gaze with which she looked at Xi Xiaye looked a tad more delighted.




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