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(Return Of Master Mu (2)

It was slightly after noon when the car arrived at the police station. The weather was not as sunny in the morning, and it was turning gloomy.

A long, somber shower was on its way, as mentioned by the weather forecast yesterday.

The chauffeur in front turned back and said quietly after he parked the car, “Ms Ji, we’re here!”

Ji Zitong nodded and then turned over to look at Xi Xiaye who was still sleeping soundly, “Let her continue sleeping. I’ll go inside and take a look at the situation. Stay here.”

“Yes, Ms. Ji.”

Chauffeur Wang was Mu Yuchen’s exclusive chauffeur who had been working for the Mu family for more than twenty years. He was a very loyal subject to Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye, so he was worried when he saw Xi Xiaye’s current condition. “Ms. Ji, should we report this to Elder CEO? This matter might be more complicated than we think. It might be better if we can get better control of the situation.”

Ji Zitong hesitated for a moment, then she glanced at Xi Xiaye. “I’ll take a look at what’s happening inside first. I’m going to ask someone to check on Gu Lingsha’s condition in the hospital.”

She then took her phone out and swiftly called a number. Before leaving the car and heading inside the police station, she gave the receiver a brief explanation on Gu Lingsha’s condition.

However, Xi Xiaye woke up soon after Ji Zitong went inside. Her head felt heavy as she rubbed her eyes groggily. She looked at Chauffeur Wang and asked, “Keep driving. Why did you stop?”

“Missus! You’re awake!”

Chauffeur Wang turned back and took a nervous glance at her. “We’ve arrived. Ms. Ji noticed you fell asleep, so she went inside to check out what’s happening.”


Xi Xiaye looked outside the window and saw the police station. After she quickly straightened herself up, the chauffeur came over and opened the door for her.

It was pretty cold outside. The cold wind blew the moment she stepped out of the car, and she trembled slightly as she wrapped her windbreaker tighter around herself. She shuffled into the police station with a hand on her belly.

Ji Zitong had just finished finding out what happened when Xi Xiaye arrived at the entrance. They followed the police and met Su Nan who appeared exhausted.

They were sitting opposite each other across a table. Life returned to Su Nan’s eyes when she saw Xi Xiaye. She grabbed Xi Xiaye’s hands while her eyes welled up as she said frantically, “Xiaye, I didn’t push her! She fell down on her own. I really didn’t push her. You have to believe me! I didn’t push her!”

Xi Xiaye was in pain to witness Su Nan’s frantic reaction. She tried her best to hold back her tears and maintain a calm appearance. Su Nan and Ruan Heng were in a bad state now, and she could not crumble at this moment.

Xi Xiaye grabbed her cold hands. “Don’t worry, Nannan. I believe you. I’ll find a way to get you out of here.”

“Even the police said they saw me pushing her down the staircase. So what if you believe me? Xiaye, I’m very afraid… With Ruan Heng’s current condition, if something happens to me, can you take care of Xiao Xi for me?” Su Nan had tears in her eyes as she made a solemn request to Xi Xiaye.

“Nannan! Believe in yourself. You’ll be fine. I’ll find a way to get you out of here. Don’t overthink it. Xiao Xi has everyone with her and she’ll be safe, but you, on the other hand…” Xi Xiaye put on a worried expression. “You have to take care of yourself. I’ll get you out of here as soon as possible. I’ve gotten people to take care of Ruan Heng at the moment. Your parents are thinking of a way as well, so don’t worry. It’s not really a big deal.”

Su Nan sniffled and took a deep breath. “Thank you, Xiaye. Thank you. People can really be unlucky at times. Ruan Heng…”

She suddenly grabbed Xi Xiaye’s hands rightly as she begged, “Xiaye, please help me to take care of Ruan Heng! His parents aren’t in very good health. His mother is taking care of Xiao Xi, but I’m worried that she might not be able to cope. My parents are worried about me as well, but please tell them that I’m fine and they don’t have to visit me. They need to take care of themselves first.”

Xi Xiaye nodded and helped Su Nan fix her messy hair. “Mmm, don’t worry, I will. We’re observing Gu Lingsha’s condition. She’s still unconscious at the moment. It’d be great if she said you didn’t do it, but it might be a little bit more troublesome if she insisted that you pushed her. Even if we need to take this to court, I’ll tell Mu Yuchen to get you the best lawyer possible. Don’t worry. You must be exhausted. Take this chance to rest.”

Su Nan covered her face with Xi Xiaye’s hand as she continued crying. Her warm tears felt like they were burning Xi Xiaye’s hands, and her heart suffered with Su Nan.

“How am I supposed to rest? There’s so much to worry about. I’m really in trouble and it’s all because of Gu Lingsha. Just what happened between me and her in our past lives?” Su Nan sniffled.

Xi Xiaye’s face went numb as her eyes darkened.

Gu Lingsha…

Was this really just a coincidence?

For some reason, Xi Xiaye felt uneasy when she thought about Gu Lingsha’s sudden appearance. It was all too odd, and somehow she could feel something was closing in on them, especially after Wang Qin’s birthday banquet.

If Gu Lingsha and Qi Qiming were on friendly terms, would it mean that she knew something more about him?

She found out from Mu Yuchen that Qi Qiming was known as Mr. Wen, but on Wang Qin’s birthday banquet, she had come into contact with Qi Qiming. At that time, she did not feel the same vibe from him compared to the person who claimed to be Mr. Wen and blocked her path inside the tunnel.

Could there be two Mr. Wens? Were they mistaken?




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