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(Return Of Master Mu (1)

The black Phaeton was speeding on the highway with Xi Xiaye worried sick in the back seat.

Ji Zitong had called several times, but Ah Mo did not pick up. She guessed he was probably working on some other important matters. She frowned and put her phone away before turning towards Xi Xiaye. “Director Xi, Manager Ah Mo didn’t pick up my calls. I’m afraid he’s busy at the moment.”

Xi Xiaye’s expression darkened further when she heard Ji Zitong. She then replied, “Don’t worry. We’ll see what’s happening over there first.”

“Okay, don’t worry too much. Ms. Su Nan will be fine.” Ji Zitong was not sure how to comfort her, but she just had to say something when she saw Xi Xiaye’s glumness.

Xi Xiaye just nodded quietly. Then, she took a deep breath and leaned back as she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

It was rush hour in the afternoon, so there was a terrible traffic jam on the way. Feeling depressed and tired, Xi Xiaye almost passed out from all the stress in the past few days. If Sis Wang and Zhuang Shurong had not been there to take care of her health, she would have already collapsed.

She fell asleep as they were on the way to the police station.

Ji Zitong glanced at Xi Xiaye through the rear-view mirror and saw she was sleeping, so she told the chauffeur when they were waiting at a red light, “Park the car aside first. I’m going to put a blanket on Director Xi.”

“Alright,” the chauffeur replied and quickly parked the car.

Ji Zitong grabbed a blanket from the compartment beside her and got out of the car.

The sky was turning dark while the wind around felt a little humid. It seemed like rain was coming.

Ji Zitong quickly opened the door and slid into the passenger seat.

She gently draped the blanket over Xi Xiaye who was sleeping soundly while feeling chilly. As she sensed a slight warmth on her skin, she unconsciously extended her hand.

“Mr. Mu… Mr. Mu…”

Her voice sounded fragile and bitter.

Ji Zitong looked at Xi Xiaye’s hand grabbing onto her hand. When she saw that Xi Xiaye was frowning and was sleeping uneasily, she took a deep breath and just left her hand there. Then, she quietly adjusted the blanket on her.

“We can go now.”

Ji Zitong turned towards Xi Xiaye and just studied her. Xi Xiaye always looked so calm and collected, so it was her first time seeing her like this.

She knew Mu Yuchen and her were madly in love. However, they treated each other courteously. It seemed like they truly missed each other during a time like this.

Ji Zitong was actually envious of Xi Xiaye. At the same time, she was also touched by the genuine bond of love between them.

She had seen Mu Yuchen bend over to help her put on shoes and put on her coat for her. Besides that, she also saw Mu Yuchen carefully picking out fish bones and trying to convince her to eat more, and there were so many more scenarios…

Only people who truly loved each other would be always missing each other, would they not?

Ji Zitong finally took her phone out and gave Mu Yuchen a call. After several moments, he picked up. Mu Yuchen was at a private airport, preparing to board.

“Chairman Mu, I’m Ji Zitong.” Ji Zitong started the conversation when the call got through.

“How is she?” That was Mu Yuchen’s first reply.

“She looks exhausted, we’re on our way to the police station, Ms. Su Nan…”

“I know what happened and I’m on my way back. I’ll be arriving in around ten hours. Why is her phone switched off? Where is she?” Mu Yuchen sounded worried as he asked.

“She was in a meeting just now, so she switched her phone off. We’re in the car at the moment and she fell asleep, but she was calling out your name just now. Please come back soon. It’s been pretty tough on her recently, and I can’t bear to see this.”

Ji Zitong was speaking softly as she was worried that she might wake Xi Xiaye up.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened while his heart stung. “Take care of her. I’ll get back as soon as possible. I’ll handle Su Nan and Ruan Heng’s issues. Don’t let her do anything reckless.”

“Yes, Chairman Mu.”

Mu Yuchen then hung up.

Li Si made Mu Yuchen a cup of tea, and asked quietly when he saw Mu Yuchen resting with his eyes closed, “Master, can we go now?”

Mu Yuchen nodded without opening his eyes. “Give Su Chen a call and ask him where he is.”

“Yes, Master, we’re only arriving in about ten hours. You should take the chance to sleep now. You’ll be able to see Missus when you wake up. You’ve been busy for a long time. Master Mo’s matter is almost done as well. There are probably a lot of things that need to be dealt with when we’re back after this two-month trip. Master, you need to take care of yourself.” Li Si was very concerned.

“No worries. The European market has pretty much stabilized now, so I won’t have to work on it personally too much afterward, and I’ll have more free time to spend with her.”

He had made all these efforts to get things done early in order to free up his time to be with her during this critical time. There were too many things to take care of when he looked at the father handbook. On top of that, he was worried to leave her alone as well.

“Don’t worry, Master. Missus is a strong and smart person. She can take care of herself well.”

“Strong? I really hope so. It doesn’t matter if she’s smart or not. Most importantly…” Mu Yuchen did not finish his sentence. He turned toward the window and looked outside with a peaceful expression.

What he wanted to say was —

What mattered to him was that he could satisfy her heart and keep her heart for himself forever, give birth to their child safely, and spend the rest of their lives in peace…

Could his simple wish be fulfilled?




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