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Xi Xiaye went straight to the office right after her check-up in the morning since the delayed meeting was scheduled today.

The seats inside the meeting room were filled up, and two Vice Presidents were sitting in front while Xi Xiaye went back to her seat as the Planning Director.

However, everyone’s gaze was fixed on her.

She was flipping through the document in her hands as she said, “The report I’ll be showing later is the sales report of each department. I’ve asked Chairman Mu and he’s generally happy with the results. Most jobs were completed by the estimated time, so that’s great. This season is ending, and the end of the year is coming soon. Therefore, we’ll only get busier soon. Chairman Mu intended for everyone to keep this up. He’ll fulfill his promise and share 5% of the company’s profit with the department that exceeds their targets.”

Xi Xiaye’s words were well-received with a big round of applause.

She looked at them with a smile. As she was about to continue, someone closed in on her. She frowned slightly when Ji Zitong arrived beside her.

“Director Xi, something’s happened. Ms. Su Nan has been arrested by the police.”

Xi Xiaye was stunned when she heard the sudden news from Ji Zitong. She spun around and stared at her. “What? Nannan’s arrested by the police?”

Ji Zitong nodded as she spoke with a grim tone, “The police looked for Gu Lingsha to find out more about the accident, and they happened to see Ms. Su Nan and Gu Lingsha in the middle of an argument. Ms. Su Nan pushed Gu Lingsha down the staircase. Gu Lingsha passed out and the police brought her back to the police station.”


Xi Xiaye’s hands trembled and she dropped her pen on the floor. Her face turned pale as she was in shock.

She calmed down moments later. She quickly told Vice President Zhang Lan to take over the meeting before dashing out of the meeting room.

“Prepare the car. I’m going to the police station. Hurry!” Xi Xiaye urged Ji Zitong while walking briskly toward the elevator.

“The car is already prepared, Director Xi.”

Ji Zitong had been working with Xi Xiaye for a while now, so she knew Xi Xiaye well. Especially recently, Xi Xiaye was extremely worried about Ruan Heng and Su Nan. She had specially instructed Ji Zitong to inform her if anything happened to them.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and nodded. “Mmm, help me to contact Ah Mo. Ask him if he can come over. It’d be great if he can come immediately, and tell him that it’s an emergency.”

Although she was worried, she tried her best to stay calm and was still able to make sound decisions.

“Don’t worry, Director Xi. I’ll contact Manager Ah Mo now.” Ji Zitong quickly took her phone out.

Xi Xiaye grabbed her phone as well and gave Mu Lingshi a call. Almost immediately, Mu Lingshi picked up. She could hear her tired voice on the other end, but Xi Xiaye could not hide it. “Lingshi, it’s me.”

“Sister-in-law? What’s wrong?”

Mu Lingshi had just returned home not too long ago. Her mind was on alert when she heard Xi Xiaye’s anxiety-filled voice.

“Ah Shi, can you head to the hospital and look after Ruan Heng for the time being? Something’s happened to Su Nan and she’s in the police station now. I don’t feel assured if there’s no one else there right now, especially with the few elders around. Try to comfort and ease their anxieties.”

“Su Nan was arrested?”

Mu Lingshi was totally awake when she heard the news, she quickly got up with her eyes wide opened, “How could it be? What happened?”

“I can’t really explain it over the phone. I’m heading over to the police station right now. Please help me out.” Xi Xiaye was clearly in a rush.

Mu Lingshi took a deep breath and then agreed. “Alright, I’ll head over right now. Don’t worry, Sis-in-law. By the way, do you want me to ask Father…”

“There’s no need for it first. I’ll see what to do after I find out exactly what happened. I’ve asked Zitong to give Ah Mo a call. He might have an idea on what to do.”

Xi Xiaye’s eyes were filled with worry. Su Nan had not fully recovered from her delivery yet, and she had been really exhausted in the past few days worrying about Ruan Heng. Could she really hang in there?

Why had she suddenly gotten into a fight with Gu Lingsha?

Xi Xiaye knew Su Nan very well. No matter what, she would not have pushed Gu Lingsha down the staircase. There must be something more to this.

Xi Xiaye hung up on the call and went into the elevator. The car was already prepared for her at the ground floor, and they swiftly went to the police station as soon as she got into the car.

Although Mu Yuchen was thousands of miles away, he received the news almost instantly. He had just finished closing a deal with France and was on his way back to the hotel when he received the news.

“Master, something has happened on Missus’s end!” Li Si looked at Mu Yuchen anxiously when he just got off a phone call.

“What happened?”

There were not many things that could pull Master Mu’s attention away from work, but one of them was news about his wife at home. Mu Yuchen closed the document in his hands as his eyes darkened.

“I just received news that Ms. Su Nan was triggered and pushed Gu Lingsha down the staircase. Gu Lingsha is still unconscious at the moment while Ms. Su Nan was brought to the police station. I’m afraid Missus has received the news as well,” Li Si spoke carefully.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened further, and Li Si could feel a chilly aura emitted from him, so he stopped saying anything and remained quiet.

After some time, Mu Yuchen put a hand on his forehead before saying, “Book the flight tickets right away… Forget it. Prepare a private jet. I want to be back as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Master, I’ll get it prepared!” Li Si then took out his phone.

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