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(Meeting For The First Time (3)

After a moment of silence, Gu Lingsha put on a smile.

“You might be right, but here are my thoughts. How would you know what’s right or wrong if you’ve never experienced it before?” Gu Lingsha’s tone became cold and heavy all of a sudden.

Xi Xiaye returned a smile as well as she rose from her seat and peered down at Gu Lingsha from above as she spoke in a calm tone, “Ms. Gu, it doesn’t matter to me, especially when it comes to matters that happened in the past. We live in the present instead of the past. Isn’t that right?”

Gu Lingsha’s face became tense while she raised her head and looked at Xi Xiaye’s little face. Her grip on her wine glass tightened, but when she was about to say something else, Xi Xiaye had already walked past her.

“He told me about you before. It was full of unhappy memories, so please forgive me. Talking to you would probably be very unhappy for me as well. Let me treat you to some tea and we’ll chat again if the chance arises.”

Ji Zitong went up to Xi Xiaye quickly as she glanced over at Gu Lingsha. She handed Xi Xiaye a glass of water.

Xi Xiaye took a sip and then instructed, “Have the car prepared. It’s getting late.”


Gu Lingsha still could not react after she heard Xi Xiaye’s words. She did not expect her to be so straightforward. It was obvious that Xi Xiaye was pretty headstrong too. Even her presence was overwhelming!

Mu Yuchen, it seemed like you found yourself a powerful woman there…

Gu Lingsha watched Xi Xiaye’s slender figure walking through the crowd. She replied with an elegant smile as people greeted her. Wang Qin even sent her off personally with a big smile. It was such a huge contrast when compared to how she treated Gu Lingsha!

She put on a bitter smile as she lowered her head and took a sip of wine unhappily.

The wind breezed through as she left the Qi residence. It was pretty cold in the winter. Xi Xiaye was walking down the staircase and the car was already waiting nearby. However, she looked around and did not see Ah Mo anywhere, so she quickly asked, “Where’s Ah Mo?”

“He’ll head back later. Get into the car first, Director Xi. It’s cold outside. We’ll send you back to Maple Residence first. Those are Manager Ah Mo’s orders.”

Ji Zitong opened the car door for Xi Xiaye who was startled for a moment, but soon after that, she nodded and sat inside the car.

At the same time, the banquet was still going on.

Ah Mo was standing by a dark corridor as he glanced inside the hall. Specifically, he was observing Gu Lingsha, taking mental notes of everyone who came into contact with her. When Qi Lei arrived, he looked away and faced the flower bed instead.

“How come Xiaye left so early?”

Qi Lei could not find Xi Xiaye anywhere after he spoke for a while with someone from the company. After asking around, he realized Xi Xiaye had already left.

“Missus was not feeling very well. Please understand,” Ah Mo replied quietly with a stony expression.

Qi Lei glanced at him for a while before putting on a smile. “Please thank her for me regarding today.”

Ah Mo nodded. He looked at Gu Lingsha who was sitting on the sofa and chatting with a bunch of guys swarming around her. Qi Lei did not miss Ah Mo’s reaction. “I didn’t know she’d come, but do thank your Master for me too. I’m glad to know that she’s still alive.”

“I’m here just to pass you a message from Master. A lot of things can happen in five years. It’s hard to predict how a person will act, so be careful on your own.”

“What does he mean?” Qi Lei squinted and stared straight at Ah Mo.

Ah Mo did not explain. Instead, he replied, “Master said you’re a smart guy and he wouldn’t need to point it out to you. If you’re really hoping for the collaboration to happen, Master Qi, he hopes you won’t interfere with anything else aside from work. It might be better for you to be a bystander.”

Qi Lei chuckled as he listened to Ah Mo. “That does sound like what Mu Yuchen would say!”

“Now that I’ve delivered the message, I’ll head back now.” Ah Mo left immediately since he had to go to the club to take a look.

Qi Lei did not say anything else and just waved.

Ah Mo slowly walked past the crowd, and his figure soon disappeared outside the door.

Many people saw them together, but they had nothing to hide. After all, Glory World and Qi Kai were business partners, so meeting in secret would raise even more suspicions.

Xi Xinyi had been observing the whole scene throughout the night. She finally voiced out her doubts to Yue Hai beside her. “Uncle, Glory World seems to be very close to Wang Qin. I’m sure Xi Xiaye’s visit today means something. Is Glory World backing Qi Lei?”

Yue Hai averted his gaze from the dance pool to her. “I’m sure you know about the conflict between CEO Qi and Wang Qin. The successor of Qi Kai is still undecided, and think about it, why would Gu Lingsha suddenly come back? She disappeared with Qi Feng for so many years. Isn’t it weird that she’d suddenly appear here? Moreover, from what I know, Wang Qin didn’t like Gu Lingsha. On the day of the accident, Wang Qin forced Qi Lei away and managed to get him out of the mess. Otherwise, Qi Lei would not just let Gu Lingsha leave with Qi Feng as it would contradict his feelings.”

“Then, if this is about Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha, how is this related to Mu Yuchen?”

Xi Xinyi was confused. She had no idea what happened to these families in the past. She only knew that Qi Kai’s First Master had passed away from a car accident five years ago and as a result, Qi Qiming developed hatred towards Mu Yuchen. Other than that, she was unaware of the details.

Yue Hai laughed coldly. “Because Gu Lingsha was once Mu Yuchen’s fiancèe, Gu Qihao was determined to let her marry into the Mu family. Take note that by marrying into the Mu family, Gu Lingsha could easily become the wife of Glory World’s Chairman, but things would be different with the Qi family! Anyone with a brain wouldn’t choose the Qi family. Moreover, Gu Qihao is an extremely calculative person!

“Xinyi, you have to manage your relationships with the Han family well. You don’t have to worry anymore once you have some bargaining chips in hand.”




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