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(Meeting For The First Time (2)

Apparently, Gu Lingsha did not expect Xi Xiaye’s question. She lowered her head and smiled instead of replying. Xi Xiaye did not say anything else and just glanced at her. Just then, Wang Qin came over and raised her glass, signaling for a toast.

“Director Xi, we have several stakeholders from Qi Kai here. Let’s head over. They’re admirers of you and Chairman Mu. Xiao Lei, accompany Director Xi there.”

Wang Qin did not want her banquet to be ruined by Gu Lingsha. Her sudden appearance took all the spotlight away. Although she did not want to talk about it anymore, she would land in hot soup if she were to make Xi Xiaye unhappy!

This woman had been Mu Yuchen’s fiancèe before, and she shamelessly tried to elope with Qi Feng. She disappeared for five years after the accident, and for some reason, she made her appearance now. Despite sending people to search for her before, there had been no results!

She still acted the same as before. Did she think this was her turf?

Wang Qin’s impression of Gu Lingsha was the worst, especially when she saw her standing beside her own son. It was just annoying to watch!

Qi Lei looked at Wang Qin and glanced slightly at Xi Xiaye who nodded and went along with Wang Qin. That was when he turned to Gu Lingsha and gave his orders to Yang Sheng, “Yang Sheng, bring Shasha somewhere to rest. Shasha, go rest first. You seem tired. I’ll look for you later.”

“Yes, Master Qi!”

Ah Mo squinted at Ji Zitong, who nodded and quickly followed Xi Xiaye, then he looked away.

The banquet was very lively. After Xi Xiaye went to greet some people with Wang Qin and Qi Lei, they exchanged some opinions regarding the South River project. Some of the managers came over for a toast, but Xi Xiaye soon felt tired and a little light-headed.

While she stayed away from alcohol, the fumes of the wine around affected her a little. She took the chance to slip away somewhere to rest when they were busy talking.

“Director Xi, let me get you some water,”Ji Zitong quickly offered when she saw Xi Xiaye was getting tired.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Okay, let’s head back after I’ve rested for a bit. It’s getting late.”

She would feel tired easily ever since she had this little thing in her womb. Life was pretty tough for her. It was only then that she realized the hardships of being a mother.

“Ms. Gu, you can have some drinks first. You don’t have to leave so quickly. Master Qi is still over there. If he doesn’t see you later, he’ll be…”

As Xi Xiaye sat down and took a breather, she heard a familiar voice from the back. She turned around and saw Gu Lingsha sitting on the sofa behind her while Yang Sheng was serving her.

Gu Lingsha nodded with a smile. “It’s fine, Assistant Yang. You can go to work on your tasks. I’ll stay here by myself.”

Her voice was filled with warmth. Yang Sheng quickly replied, “Master Qi instructed me to serve you well. You don’t have to be so considerate.”

Gu Lingsha smiled, but just as she was about to say something, she noticed Xi Xiaye looking at them. Her smile suddenly grew wider as she raised her wine glass and invited her over. “Ms. Xi, are you willing to come over and have a little chat?”

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows as she looked at her calmly. Had she just invited her over?

A faint light flashed past her eyes. Moments later, she pointed at the empty seat beside her, signaling Gu Lingsha to sit there.

Gu Lingsha was stunned for a moment, but then she walked over and sat down opposite Xi Xiaye. Meanwhile, Yang Sheng just stayed aside and observed them quietly.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Ms. Xi.” Gu Lingsha smiled.

Xi Xiaye did not bother playing nice with her and gave a brief reply, “But I don’t feel very fortunate here, Ms. Gu.”

Her retort was much to Gu Lingsha’s surprise. She then smiled and looked at Xi Xiaye sweetly. “Why do you say so?”

Xi Xiaye raised her arm and supported her heavy head as she took a deep breath and said, “Unfortunately, I’m not very good with alcohol, so I’m afraid I can’t speak very long with you.”

“Ms. Xi, you should really take care of your health. You… How long have you been married to Mu Yuchen? I’ve been living abroad in recent years and had no idea what happened here, so…” Gu Lingsha sighed. A peculiar expression flashed in her beautiful eyes as she glanced at Xi Xiaye’s baby bump quietly. Her eyes seemed complicated, but they returned to normal very quickly, so Xi Xiaye was not quite able to capture it.

“It’ll be almost a year soon.”

Gu Lingsha smiled as she got the answer from Xi Xiaye. “I’m really envious. I can see that both of you have lived happily in the past year at least. Don’t you find it odd that I know Yuchen?”

Gu Lingsha’s eyes were big and sparkling as she stared right at Xi Xiaye. For some reason, Xi Xiaye sensed a tinge of hostility from her when she asked the question. Was this her hatred for Mu Yuchen regarding the accident?

Or was it something else?

Xi Xiaye would have loved to ask her about the accident especially when she noticed a depressed expression on her face. She was trying to get more information by looking at her, but all she got was the extremely elegant aura around her.

Xi Xiaye was getting uncomfortable. She could not detect any evil intent from this woman, yet this peaceful conversation made her vigilant. She smiled. “Odd? What’s so odd about that? He told me he had an arranged betrothal before, but fate does its own thing and feelings can never be predicted. I admire him a lot and I’m very glad about our baby too, Ms. Gu.”

Gu Lingsha was stunned by Xi Xiaye’s reply. It was not difficult to sense the coldness in her words.

Given the fact that this woman appeared here today, apart from finding it ridiculous, she felt even a wave of strong, hidden anger inside her.



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