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(Meeting For The First Time (1)

Xi Xiaye could not help but feel that gaze held a faint hint of repellence. However, she very quickly pushed it aside and graciously let Gu Lingsha examine her while her expression remained calm as always.

However, at this moment, Qi Lei’s expression changed when he snapped back to his senses. He looked at Xi Xiaye for quite a while, then he turned and stared at Ah Mo beside her!

Gu Lingsha?

Ah Mo’s grave expression observed the woman beside Qi Lei with a cold and sharp gaze!

Indeed, as the Master had predicted, she had returned!

Mu Yuchen had such meticulous thoughts. Gu Lingsha could not escape his watch the moment she returned to the country. He had guessed that she might return to City Z lately. That was why he made him be more vigilant. Unexpectedly, they really met today!

However, they were not sure what Gu Lingsha’s thoughts were at this point of her return. They still wanted to find some things out from her, but they also know that she might not tell them. Even Mu Yuchen admired this woman’s patience.

Ah Mo did not look pleased as his eyes were fixed on Gu Lingsha. His usual calm demeanor could not conceal the hostility in his eyes.

If it were not for this woman, everything would not have turned out the way it was!

She was alive, but Lingtian was gone!

He would never be revived!

The scar on Lingshi’s face would forever be there, and those dark clouds had clung onto his Master for so many years. Ah Mo had to admit that upon seeing Gu Lingsha right now, his heart was filled with a burning fury.

“This is Xi Xiaye, the Missus of Glory World Corporation. She’s also the Planning Director and Mu Yuchen’s wife,” Qi Lei calmly introduced, yet when he spoke, he only stole a glance at Xi Xiaye. His gaze very quickly fell onto Gu Lingsha, not wanting to miss any shift in Gu Lingsha’s expression. Nonetheless, Gu Lingsha only paused for a while upon hearing this. Her exquisitely beautiful face flashed with a smile as she lowered her gaze slightly and smiled. “Ah, it’s Ms. Xi.”

“Xiaye, she’s… Gu Lingsha… Shasha. I’ve mentioned her to you before.”

Qi Lei averted his gaze from Gu Lingsha and turned to introduce her to Xi Xiaye. His expression was a little odd while his gaze appeared to be dazed.

Gu Lingsha…

When Qi Lei said this, Xi Xiaye was momentarily stunned. She did not immediately react. Instead, her gaze fell quietly on Gu Lingsha’s near-perfect face.

Gu Lingsha?

She was Gu Lingsha?

The source of the many unhappy incidents from the past!

She did not expect her to be such a radiantly beautiful woman. It was no wonder Qi Feng would fall head over heels for her charm. Even someone like Qi Lei was deeply attracted to her too. In fact, based on the beauty of experience and self-awareness that she radiated, Xi Xiaye suddenly felt like this woman was far more than just her extraordinary looks.

A woman like this would probably move any man who saw her.

She did not forget that this woman was once betrothed to Mu Yuchen when they were children.

Xi Xiaye did not say anything. While her clear gaze studied her evidently, she then pushed down the many doubts and sorrow in her heart and elegantly nodded at Gu Lingsha. She calmly greeted, “Hello, Ms. Gu.”

Gu Lingsha forced a smile for some reason and then was a faint sadness in her brows as she lamented, “Hello, Ms. Xi… How unexpected that returning after five years, many things have changed. Although everything remains the same, people have changed.”

When Xi Xiaye saw her with her gaze lowered, she seemed to vaguely feel bleak loneliness from her, yet she did not say anything. Instead, it was Ah Mo beside that stared at her coldly with eyes that flickered with a dim light. His deep voice was icy.

“It;s been a while, Miss Lingsha.”

The sudden and cold voice stunned Gu Lingsha. She quickly looked up to the voice and noticed that Ah Mo was standing beside Xi Xiaye. Instantly, her expression froze.

“Ah Mo… It’s you!” Gu Lingsha exclaimed in a stunned voice. Her beautiful blue eyes were fixed on Ah Mo and she seemed rather surprised.

“Of course, it’s me. I did spend much time looking for you.”

Ah Mo did not hide the fact that they had been looking for the truth about her and Qi Feng all these years, not only for Lingtian and Lingshi, but for Master too. Only Ah Mo would know about all the stress and blame that Master had suffered.

If he had not married Xi Xiaye and became more cheerful, he would really have gotten him a psychologist. When they were abroad, he had already contacted some doctors. Thankfully, his Master had the courage to face it too, so he decided to let go of his life abroad and was determined to return to City Z. Apart from wanting to rid himself of all these unhappy memories, he also wanted to find out the truth.

Xi Xiaye could vaguely feel that Ah Mo was stirred up, so she quickly reached out to hold him by the sleeve and advised softly, “Don’t act emotionally.”

When he heard this, Ah Mo slowly released the clenched fists underneath his sleeves.

“Unexpectedly, you are still the same. You haven’t quite changed at all.” You could not see any reaction from Gu Lingsha. Instead, she looked apologetically at Ah Mo.

“Actually, I should have recognized you earlier. Who would have thought that it’s only been five years and he’s…” Gu Lingsha spoke, and then subconsciously locked her gaze onto Xi Xiaye again. She saw the baby bump hidden underneath her windbreaker, her lowered gaze hiding how she felt. In the end, she smiled. “No one can stand against what time can do… Is he doing alright?”

Gu Lingsha’s tone was a little odd as she asked very matter-of-factly. You could not hear whether it was resentment or guilt in her voice.

She had not appeared for so many years, and now she was suddenly back. After going through such an unfortunate accident, the fact that she could still calmly talk to them made Ah Mo find this highly unnatural. Truly, it was rather odd.

Who could have known what happened back then? Why would Mu Lingtian betray Mu Yuchen and help them escape? In fact, he had been willing to be their driver, evading Mu Yuchen’s chase. And in these five years, what happened to Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng?

All the many questions appeared one by one in Ah Mo’s mind. He had to be more vigilant.

Is he doing alright?

After Xi Xiaye paused for a while, she then understood who Gu Lingsha was asking about.

It was such an intimate yet naturally tone of concern, causing Xi Xiaye to raise her brows upon hearing the question. She calmly said, “Miss Gu, are you talking to me?”




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