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(Gu Lingshas Return(2)

Xi Xiaye’s clear voice fell as Ji Zitong smiled calmly. “Good thing Manager Ah Mo let Director Xi have some food first. Otherwise, I’d be worried about starving your little baby.”

Ji Zitong had been with Xi Xiaye for a while now. The two of them could not chat idly and they got along quite well. Obviously, she enjoyed Xi Xiaye’s calm and easygoing personality and she liked to chat with her once in a while.

Xi Xiaye’s elegant face flashed with a smile while she caressed her baby bump. “So many already love it before they’re born. I’m really worried that it’ll be spoiled later on!”

Ji Zitong thought about it and could not help but mention her training days, “With Chairman Mu, that won’t happen. When Chairman Mu was an instructor, he really had his ways and all of us cadets would obey him.”

“Instructor?” Xi Xiaye softly muttered. She vaguely recalled Mu Yuchen mentioning to her that Ji Zitong had been a cadet under him and Su Chen’s training. When she thought about it, the smile on her face became even brighter and touching as she said calmly, “Has he ever made things difficult for all of you?”

Ji Zitong shook her head. “Instructor Mu personally taught us. Every word he said would be filled with motivation, yet he spoke very little. Usually, he would do more and talk less. We cadets thought that he should’ve been born an orator.”

When Xi Xiaye heard that comment, she smiled and remembered the way he was just like a teacher, always telling her those things. “With the way he is, everything he says always seems to make sense.”

Ji Zitong pursed her lips and smiled. At this moment, the chauffeur gradually slowed the car down until it stopped steadily.

“Missus, we’ve reached the Qi family residence!” the chauffeur in front informed them and Ji Zitong swiftly got down from the car, Ah Mo and the other two black-suited bodyguards followed from behind.

“Missus, we’re here!”

Before Xi Xiaye could open the door, Ah Mo had already walked over in huge strides and swiftly opened the car door for her with one hand above as he was worried that she would hit her head.

Xi Xiaye slowly got down the car and smiled to him with a gentle nod. Then, she turned and looked up at the residence with her bright and quiet eyes. From afar, she could already hear joyous sounds and music flowing in the air.

“Take the stuff. Let’s go in.”

Then, Ji Zitong began to lead the way and Xi Xiaye followed her. Ah Mo gestured at another bodyguard who quickly brought the gifts along and quietly trailed behind.

The banquet had already begun. Xi Xiaye guessed that she would be a little late. Something came up on Mu Lingshi’s end, so Ah Mo came late. Initially, she wanted to call Ji Zitong and leave, but before she left the house, Mu Yuchen called and said she must wait for Ah Mo, or she should just not go. Xi Xiaye was helpless as she could only wait for Ah Mo to arrive.

Inside the banquet hall, the soothing waltz music was gradually filling every corner. Gu Lingsha’s little episode swiftly faded away and the crowd returned to the dance floor once again.

After Qi Lei and Gu Lingsha sat down, the two of them fell silent for quite a while. Even though he had so many things to say to Gu Lingshi, after seeing the coldness between her brows, Qi Lei could only smile bitterly to himself and swallow all his words. When he wanted to talk to her, he kept noticing her lowered gaze. That distance made him feel an indescribable sadness and bitterness to the point that his chest began to hurt!

What saved him from this predicament was the sound of an announcement from the door.

“Missus Mu of the Glory World Corporation has arrived!”

Usually at such a grand occasion, only the arrival of important guests would be announced. Clearly, Glory World was an important guest for the night!

When he heard the announcement, Qi Lei was subconsciously stunned. He quickly got up and his initially gray eyes sparked with a light. Wang Qin, who stood not too far away from him, was surprised. Her still charming face that was dense with some gloominess relaxed a little as she shot Qi Qiming a disdainful look and followed the crowd’s surprised gaze to look toward the door.

Xi Xiaye’s frail figure immediately entered everyone’s sight.

She was protected by a capable and aloof female bodyguard in a black suit in front while Ah Mo carefully watched over her from behind.

Xi Xiaye had always been more low-profile. Although not many people could recognize her, Ah Mo was no stranger to the upper management. Mu Yuchen’s personal assistant and bodyguard, Ah Mo, was skilled. Even the king of boxing was no match for him, so they were immediately certain of Xi Xiaye’s identity.

She was the Chairman of Glory World Corporation’s wife, the darling of Master Mu’s heart, and the eldest daughter to City Z’s former mayor, Mayor Xi Mushan. All the Xi family scandals were abuzz before this. They heard that because Master Mu wanted to make Xi Xiaye happy, he did not spare taking Yueying down, and after that, Yueying was forced to become a company under the Qi Kai Corporation.

Everyone knew about these things very well because Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were a couple that rarely appeared before the media. Many people had heard of the name Xi Xiaye, but they never had the chance of meeting her in person. Even their wedding was held abroad back then, and the wedding banquet was very strictly planned, so they did not have a chance to get a glimpse of them.

Finally, today they had a chance to meet her in person, so everyone could not help but be excited. They fixed their gazes on the entrance and finally saw how she looked like.

Covered by a black mid-length windbreaker, she wore a soft, light beige evening gown. It was not the kind that cinched at the waist. She wore flats, and her delicate expression revealed an elegant aura. Her skin was fair and flawless while her hair that reached her waist was tied up and casually turned into a neat bun. There were several strands of unruly fringe on her forehead which made her seem quite charming. She gave people a feeling that she was not the kind that attracted many eyeballs or was the center of much attention. Instead, it was a kind of distant calm as she emanated a low profile but outstanding elegant character.

She clearly did not deliberately dress up, yet the aura that came from her was enough. There was no need for too many external accessories. Seeing her, everyone naturally thought about Master Mu. It seemed as if this couple were both low-profile and reserved, and at this moment, the people suddenly felt like—

For some reason, this Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye just felt like they were right for each other!




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