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( Gu Lingshas Return (1)

In contrast to how worked up Qi Lei was, Gu Lingsha was very calm. She nodded slightly and gave Qi Lei an elegant smile which felt distant. Even her voice had a faint tint of gentleness in it, “Long time no see, Second Master Qi.”

Wang Qin’s expression was getting worse by the second and Qi Lei was stunned as well. He then held both her arms and looked at her intently. Upon feeling that his sense of loss had disappeared, his grip got stronger. “That’s great. It’s great that you’re back, Shasha!”

“Second Master Qi, can you please let me go first?” Gu Lingsha’s smile was strained as she struggled awkwardly.

Qi Qiming came closer at this moment. “How nice of you to come all the way here from City B to celebrate your Aunt Wang’s birthday.”

Qi Qiming glanced at Wang Qin before letting out a chuckle. His darkened expression from before was nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, Wang Qin’s expression was cold like ice.

“I just landed, so I’m glad that I could make it in time. I’ve prepared a gift for Aunt Wang’s birthday. I hope you’ll like it. Aunt Wang, you didn’t change much even after several years. You’re just like how I remembered.”

Gu Lingsha’s smile was sweet and soft like the bloom of a lily, mesmerizing many people, including Qi Lei!

He was still overwhelmed by the joy of seeing her again, and he did not notice Wang Qin’s clenched fists.

Wang Qin knew very well that there was no way Gu Lingsha would be this friendly to her when she had openly expressed her dissatisfaction towards her!

She would never believe it!

Gu Lingsha took a gift box from her assistant beside her and politely handed it to Wang Qin with a sweet smile. “Happy birthday, Aunt Wang! I wish for your good health and happiness!”

Wang Qin stared at Gu Lingsha for some time before forcing a fake smile on her face. “How nice of you, Ms. Gu. I’m touched that you came here all the way from City B. I should’ve sent you an invitation and invite your parents over as well. I really do miss them after so many years.”

Wang Qin deliberately made it obvious that Gu Lingsha was uninvited!

“Mother missed Aunt Wang too. She told me to send you her regards.” Gu Lingsha smiled as if she did not notice Wang Qin’s insult. Qi Lei’s expression darkened as he glanced at Wang Qin, pretending not to notice.

“Alright, Shasha, let me get you a seat somewhere. They still have to attend to other guests. Everyone, please continue!”

Qi Lei left Qi Qiming and Wang Qin aside as he took Gu Lingsha away despite the fact that she was clearly struggling.

Gu Lingsha frowned as Qi Lei was clamping on her hand. She complained quietly, “Lei! Let go of me!”

“No way! Shasha, all these years…”

“Please consider the place we’re at right now! Don’t make a fool of yourself. You’re still as reckless as ever, Lei!” Gu Lingsha sighed helplessly as she patted his shoulder.

Qi Lei then stopped his footsteps and looked into her eyes. He finally let go of her when he saw her frown. “Have a seat.”

He closed his eyes and calmed down a little. He then stared at Gu Lingsha’s beautiful face deeply as if he wanted to imprint her face in the depth of his eyes forever.

Gu Lingsha nodded and sat down obediently while Qi Lei grabbed a glass of wine and handed it to her.

What just happened was fully observed by Xi Xinyi and Yue Hai who were just sitting on the side.

Yue Hai had a very deep impression of Gu Lingsha. He remembered every single detail of what happened back then. With Gu Lingsha’s appearance, did this mean that First Master Qi, Qi Feng, was still alive? Was he going to return?

Yue Hai then remembered how Qi Qiming had been acting lately. He was not giving Wang Qin any breather and did whatever he wanted. It felt like he was paving a path for Qi Feng, and now this woman was rumored to be in love with Qi Feng, coming over here all the way from City B. Was there something behind it?

As Yue Hai was contemplating, Xi Xinyi’s eyes never moved away from Qi Lei and Gu Lingsha. Even she was impressed by Gu Lingsha’s beauty. She always felt that her appearance was a cut above the rest, but now she actually felt inferior when she compared herself to Gu Lingsha!

“Gu Lingsha’s mother was from a British aristocratic family. She inherited her mother’s beauty, and not many people can defy her charm. Her mother, Doris, attracted many men, and in the end, she decided to marry to Gu Qihao, so many men in City B were so jealous of him! Money and ladies, he lacked none of them!” Yue Hai explained when he saw Xi Xinyi’s enchanted expression.

“No wonder the Qi brothers…” Xi Xinyi looked at Gu Lingsha enviously as she sighed.

City Z was getting cold as winter was coming. On the way to the Qi Residence, it was pretty quiet, while the streetlamps seemed slightly brighter than before. A black Bentley steadily passed by the yellow lights with another luxurious black car following behind.

Inside the Bentley in the front passenger seat, Xi Xiaye leaned back as her cold eyes looked outside the car window. Her expression was calm and peaceful, and it felt unreal as the lights flashed past her one by one. It was very quiet inside the car.

Ji Zitong looked at her occasionally and always saw that same peaceful-looking Xi Xiaye who had been maintaining that position for a long while.

“We’re arriving, Director Xi!” Ji Zitong spoke up.

The sudden voice grabbed Xi Xiaye’s attention. She looked in front and saw a well-decorated mansion which appeared very extravagant from far away. It was on par with the Mu residence.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “It’s kind of far to come here from Glory World.”




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