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( Huge Changes (3)

Amidst the shocked gaze of the crowd, Qi Lei arrived before Wang Qin and presented the large bouquet of carnations to his mother. He took Wang Qin’s hand and left a kiss on the back of her hand like a gentleman. He then smiled warmly at her. “Happy birthday, Mother!”

Wang Qin was stunned to see what Qi Lei had done. Moments later, she nodded happily and got Qi Lei to stand up. “Xiao Lei, I’m really happy today. Truly happy!”

Whether he was putting up an act or not, Wang Qin was sincerely touched. It was also the first time Qi Lei had given her flowers. It was a meaningful bouquet of carnation. She did not care if he prepared this himself or not so long as he thought about it.

There was a huge gap between Qi Lei and her. He stopped getting closer especially after Gu Lingsha’s incident.

“This is a day for celebration. Why don’t you start the opening dance with Mother, Father? It’s her birthday today, and I’m sure you’d want to share a dance with her, don’t you?”

Qi Lei’s expression darkened slightly when Qi Qiming avoided him, but he relaxed moments later as he quickly put on a smile and looked straight at Qi Qiming.

The crowd was stunned. While some people were looking forward to their dance, most of them were waiting for something else to happen.

Everyone in the circle knew Qi Qiming and Wang Qin hated each other!

Qi Lei’s action was obviously adding fuel to the situation. Qi Qiming would most likely turn away and leave. This had happened many times in public, so it was a very common occurrence!

“Xiao Lei!” Wang Qin frowned and looked at Qi Lei, her eyes uneasy.

“Mother, I’m sure Father is happy to do so. It’s your birthday today and it’s very important for him to perform as a husband.”

Qi Lei took Wang Qin’s hand and guided her to Qi Qiming. As his eyes looked right into Qi Qiming’s quiet and dark ones, Wang Qin could feel the tension in the air.

It was the first time Qi Qiming felt such an overpowering aura from his son.

They looked at each other for a moment before Wang Qin tugged at Qi Lei’s sleeve.

In the end, Qi Qiming caved into the pressure from everyone’s gaze and grabbed her hand.

The two of them headed to the dance floor. When Yang Sheng started clapping, the crowd followed with a scattered and awkward round of applause. Soon after that, people joined the dance floor while Qi Lei just stood far away and looked at his parents with a complicated expression.

The event was getting heated up. Qi Qiming would usually ignore his son, but he just accepted Qi Lei’s suggestion and followed it.

The tension in the air just now faded away with the slow tempo music unraveling in the air. The atmosphere around the hall softened as Qi Lei found himself a seat and sat down to enjoy some wine. He then started looking around for that person he was waiting for…

“Look! Who’s that?”

“What a beautiful lady!”

“She’s even more charming than celebrities I’ve seen on TV. Who is she? I’ve never seen her before!”


Qi Lei raised his head when he heard those comments from the crowd. He glanced over at the dance floor and noticed everyone gradually stopped their movements, including Qi Qiming and Wang Qin. They looked over at the entrance as the crowd backed away and created a path.

An elegant figure came into sight.

She was dressed in a Qinghua china dress and armed with a beautiful face and perfect skin. Under her slick eyebrows were a pair of blue eyes while her hair was tied into a neat bun with a rose-gold hair accessory. She carried the unique elegance of an exotic Caucasian!

How could there be such a beautiful person in this world!?

Everyone was stunned because of this one lady!

As Qi Lei stared at that woman, his glass dropped onto the floor and wine soaked into the floor carpet, yet he was still staring right at that woman!

It was her…

Gu Lingsha…

It really was her!

He knew her beauty was deadly and not many people could ignore her charm. She was still as beautiful as ever even after five years of not seeing her!

His body started quivering. He was afraid that this was not real and that he might wake up from his dream.

Qi Qiming and Wang Qin had stopped dancing while the latter was stunned as she gaped at the woman walking towards her.

Gu Lingsha!

Gu Lingsha!

This woman had not died in that accident, and now she had appeared right before her again. She seemed to be even more beautiful than before with a charm of maturity cast over her. She was totally stunning!

Wang Qin’s chest tightened as she looked at Qi Lei. Seeing that his eyes were glued to Gu Lingsha, she took a deep breath as her mind went blank and her chest flared in pain. She was worried and almost could not contain the anger within her!

She turned towards Qi Qiming coldly and clenched her teeth. “Qi Qiming, you invited her here, didn’t you?”

Qi Qiming let out a cold laugh. Instead of replying Wang Qin, he put on a smile and looked at Gu Lingsha who was advancing.

Gu Lingsha halted her footsteps before Qi Qiming and Wang Qin, her blue eyes shining. “Long time no see, Uncle Qi, Aunt Wang.”

Before Qi Qiming and Wang Qin could reply, a shadow flashed past them. Before anyone noticed it, Qi Lei had rushed over and grabbed Gu Lingsha’s hand. His urgent and hurried voice revealed joy and longing that could not be concealed!

“Shasha! It’s you! It’s really you!”



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