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(Huge Changes (2)

Qi Qinming scoffed in disdain, glancing up with a lukewarm attitude and watching the crowd that was happily chatting away in the lounge. He sneered. “I’m doing a favor for you today. You’d better appreciate this kindness!”

“Did I ask you for this favor? Wasn’t it Lu Xinlan’s funeral today? Qi Qiming, you’re heartless! Even I feel the injustice for Lu Xinlan. She’s dead, and I don’t even see you sending her off as her lover. Only blind women would fancy a bastard like you. I find you more and more disgusting now. I don’t understand how I could stand being your wife for decades.” Wang Qin’s sharp and harsh voice was very soft while her tone was filled with disdain.

Qi Qiming’s gloomy eyes were filled with a hint of disdain and annoyance. He took in Wang Qin’s incensed expression before he turned away coldly and scoffed. “Disgusting? Why didn’t I see you calling me disgusting when you’re lying under me? A woman of empty words!”

Wang Qin quickly calmed herself down and sneered before she said through gritted teeth, “We’re just taking what we need from each other. After all, your service satisfied me, but you don’t seem to be doing too well these past few years. Are you done messing around?”

Indeed, once she blurted this out, Qi Qiming’s expression instantly changed. He glared icily at Wang Qin. “Shameless woman!”

“Don’t make yourself sound so virtuous. Don’t think I don’t know about how many women you have out there. I’ve never seen a man as dirty as you. Just thinking about how you dipped your finger into so many women before coming to me disgusts me! Even beggars are cleaner than you, Qi Qiming!”

Ignoring Qi Qiming’s expression that was so bitter that it was about to explode from fury, Wang Qin left and moved aside.

“Yang Sheng, where’s Xiao Lei? Why don’t I see him yet?”

One of the main reasons Wang Qin had organized this birthday banquet was to present Qi Lei, directly announcing Qi Lei’s identity!

Who was Qi Feng?

He was just an illegitimate son who did not know his place. What did he have to compete with Qi Lei?

He was like a woman, playing many tricks in front of Qi Qiming. Instead, it was Qi Lei who asked for nothing, letting this Qi Feng take advantage. Obviously, Wang Qin could not let that happen. Qi Kai could only belong to her son, Qi Lei. This was the Qi family’s compensation to her!

Yang Sheng was busy receiving guests at the moment. When he heard Wang Qin, he turned around.

“Mrs. Wang!” He bowed respectfully before responding, “Master Qi’s on the way. He says he’s prepared a gift for you. Don’t worry, Mrs. Wang. He’ll be here right away.”

When she heard this, the smile that Wang Qin forced on her face slowly eased as she nodded and said, “That’s nice of Xiao Lei. Have all the invited guests arrived?”

“There’s still Chairman Mu and Director Xi from Glory World. Vice President Yue isn’t here either. CEO Han from the Han Corporation is under the weather, so he had someone send a gift over. He expresses his regret for not being able to make it,” Yang Sheng responded in a low voice.

When Wang Qin heard, her gaze darkened, she knew that Qi Lei had invited Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye from Glory World. She had also sent an invitation to the Han Corporation, so she was quite surprised that Han Yifeng could not make it. Xi Xinyi’s Yueying Culture Media Company had been doing quite well recently and Qi Kai’s internal team had been quite meticulous with preparing with the movie for the new year. It seemed like Yueying would be seizing this chance to make a beautiful comeback, but Yue Hai seemed to be disregarding her more and more these days!

She scoffed. “They are all just as bad as each other! All of them aren’t giving me face like Qi Qiming!”

Yang Sheng was stunned. Obviously, she knew who Wang Qin was referring to. In the office, Yue Hai would always disregard her and make life difficult for her. He was on Qi Qiming’s side. The reason Xi Xinyi’s Yueying could stand up was mostly thanks to his help! However, it was no wonder since the Yue family did have some authority that made it easy for them to do as they wished.

“VP Wang you don’t have to bother yourself with these petty people. No matter what, he’s just a shareholder of Qi Kai. It wouldn’t do us good to provoke him either,” Yang Sheng reminded.

Wang Qin smiled coldly. “I know I still have to tolerate him for now!”

Yang Sheng nodded. He wanted to say something more when there was a commotion from the entrance. The people downstairs were whispering loudly as Wang Qin’s secretary came over and softly informed her, “Mrs. Wang, VP Yue and Manager Xi are here!”

Yue Hai and Xi Xinyi?

A sneer curved on Wang Qin’s lips as she quickly looked up and followed the crowd’s gaze to look over. Indeed, she saw Yue Hai dressed in a perfectly creased suit and Xi Xinyi dressed in a fancy indigo gown walking in from the entrance.

This was the first time Xi Xinyi was making a public appearance since she gave birth. Her figure seemed to have recovered quite well, and she looked rosy and even more love than before. She was quite elegant with the gorgeous body-hugging gown seeming charming on her. Her plain blonde long hair fell over her shoulders, giving her a flirtatious vibe.

She was currently walking over to Wang Qin while clinging onto Yue Hai’s arm, attracting a lot of attention.

“Happy Birthday, VP Wang!”

“May you have more years to come!”

With Yue Hai’s greeting, a smile flashed on Xi Xinyi’s face as she wished her gently too, and even got her secretary to hand a gift over.

Wang Qin had discerning eyes. How could she miss the fake smile from Xi Xinyi and Yue Hai’s gaze of disdain? She sneered on the inside then responded, “Thanks. I thought that CEO Han would be coming with you, Manager Xi. Unexpectedly, he’s under the weather and couldn’t make it, but it’s my honor that you could personally make it.”

When Wang Qin finished, Xi Xinyi’s expression shifted, then it returned to normal. “Of course, I couldn’t miss CEO Wang’s grand birthday. Besides…”

“Besides, a subordinate remembering her superior’s birthday is part of your sincerity, Manager Xi. Manager Xi and VP Yue, the two of you are extremely considerate!”

Before Xi Xinyi could finish, Qi Lei’s plain voice came from behind. The crowd then turned to look doubtfully at the source of the voice. They then realized Qi Lei was walking in with a huge bouquet of carnations.

Unlike his usual playboy image, Qi Lei looked like a modest young man with a gentle image. He wore a tailored silver-gray suit and wore a mid-length black windbreaker. His handsome face broadened with an appropriate smile, making him appear very gentle, and not quite the same as his usual demonic charm. The bouquet of carnations in his arms made his charisma seem even humbler.




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