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(Huge Changes (1)

Night fell. The rain had been visiting City Z for several days, shrouding it in a depressing vibe.

The breeze was chilly even though the rain had stopped.

Inside the Shen Residence, Xi Xiaye fed Shen Yue some medicine. “Grandpa, you should rest well now. Uncle Lan and I will be helping out at the office. The weather is turning cold and winter is coming soon. While City Z isn’t as cold as the north, you still need to take precautions.”

She then handed him a glass of flower tea.

Shen Yue obviously looked older. She never really realized it before as she seldom visited, but recently, she noticed that he had really been getting old and his hair had turned fully white.

“It’s fine. It happens when people get older. Nonetheless, I think I’m still doing pretty well and can probably still hold on for another ten years. I want to watch my great-grandchild grow up, so you have to take care of yourself properly too. I have the habit of exercising daily. Plus, I did use to be in the military.”

Shen Yue was feeling great. Xi Xiaye had been visiting him frequently, and she would have lunch with him at Fu Hua sometimes. He felt a warmth inside his heart as he felt loved by someone close.

Xi Xiaye chuckled, slipping behind Shen Yue and massaging his shoulders. “You’d better have a long life ahead of you. The Shen Residence will become livelier. If you still feel lonely, you can consider adopting one or two kids from the orphanage and put them under Mu Yuchen and me. Then, Father and Mother will teach them to read and write. The house won’t feel so empty anymore with children around.”

“That is no problem at all if Ah Chen and you give birth to several more children, isn’t it? Isn’t it great to have many children? Your grandma had a frail body, and your mother only had you. Back then, your grandma thought about adopting as well, but I declined because I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to give your mother enough attention.”

“You’re overthinking. Mother’s eyes will recover and she’ll go back to school afterward. With Mu Yuchen and I so busy at work, we might not have much time to be with you, so adopting a child can be an option. The child can become a playmate to my baby then. Isn’t that great?” Xi Xiaye said.

Shen Yue’s eyes went still. A while later, he replied, “Have a talk with Ah Chen about this, and you need to ask for opinions from the Mu family as well. Adopting a child takes a lot of work.”

Actually, Xi Xiaye just imitated Mu Yuchen’s idea. If a little dog could help get Shen Wenna closer to Xi Mushan, a child could bring more laughter to the Shen Residence.

Mu Yuchen only wanted one child, so she had to think about something else.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I’ll talk to them.”

Xi Xiaye rushed back to Maple Residence after Shen Yue fell asleep. It was very late at night when she arrived at home, so she went to bed after a simple shower.

She could not sleep very well and woke up several times throughout the night. When she woke up in the morning, she looked pretty pale and gaunt.

Zhuang Shurong took some time to visit her during the afternoon, clearly worried when she saw Xi Xiaye’s condition. “Do you have anything you’d like to eat? I’ll prepare it for you. Has it been exhausting lately?”

Xi Xiaye shook her head. “It’s alright. I’ve just not been sleeping very well. Mother, I’ve been having leg cramps in the past few days, is that normal?”

“That’s pretty common. I’ve had a similar experience before when I was pregnant with Ah Chen. Your grandmother made me pork ribs soup for some time. Don’t worry. It’ll go away after you’ve had some calcium,” Zhuang Shurong replied in a calm tone.

Zhuang Shurong had been visiting frequently. At first, Xi Xiaye was not really used to it, but she felt oddly warm now that she had gotten used to it. Although Zhuang Shurong seemed cold on the outside, she was a kind person after all.

“Mother, it’s okay if you’re busy. CEO Wang from Qi Kai is having her birthday tonight. Ah Mo and the others will come later.” Xi Xiaye noticed Zhuang Shurong had been checking her watch several times.

“CEO Wang of Qi Kai? Wang Qin?” Zhuang Shurong frowned as she asked.

Xi Xiaye was surprised to see Zhuang Shurong’s expression. “Do you know CEO Wang?”

“Of course, the Mu family and Qi family were in close contact before. I’m sure you know about the conflicts that happened after that. Be careful over there. As for the child adoption, we don’t really mind it, so you’ll have to ask for Ah Chen’s opinion.”


Zhuang Shurong gave Sis Wang a list of things to take note of before leaving. Xi Xiaye was almost done preparing herself when Ah Mo arrived.

The banquet was held at the Qi Residence. It was very lively with neon lights everywhere and the fragrance of wine in the air. Laughter tinkled everywhere, and it was crowded.

The luxuriously-decorated hall was already filled with people. All kinds of food and drinks were served on the table while the soothing waltz music from the live band could be heard throughout the hall. It was a relaxing environment.

Wang Qin wore a long fiery red dress with a faux shawl over her shoulder. She wore heavy makeup and looked very charming, instantly becoming the highlight of the night. Many people fell for her beauty.

Qi Qiming donned a black suit and stood beside her. In contrast to Wang Qin’s elegant smile, his expression was cold, especially his eyes. It was enough for Wang Qin to notice how unwilling he was to stand beside her.

They were enemies after all, so it was expected!

Qi Qiming would not be standing here with her if he were not worried about Qi Kai’s reputation. Of course, Wang Qin was disgruntled about having to stand beside this jerk as well.

Enduring the disgust inside her, Wang Qin still managed to put on a warm smile as she greeted the guests.

“How fake!” Qi Qiming’s cold voice reached her. It had been a long time since they hated each other, so conversations with harsh words were not uncommon.

“I can’t be as fake as you, can I?” Wang Qin replied quietly while still maintaining her smile.




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